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Chambers to launch appeal

by JamesYNWA (U11074017) 16 May 2008
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Looks like he is going to take on the impossible.

Hope he fails in his attempt, does not deserve to compete at the highest level again

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comment by Ceedeer (U3873782)

posted Jun 5, 2008

I think that Chambers is an ebarassment to athletics in general and British Athletics in particlar. His attempt to overturn the BOA bye-law is disgusting. He did not put his hand up and admit his wrongdoing - he was caught! The mea culpa has come too late.

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comment by kapero (U10471502)

posted Jun 5, 2008

The purpose of the law, bans and punishment for the breaking of rules is aimed at deterring someone from doing it again. The purpose of jail is to help rehabilitate offenders so that when they are released they can perform positively as a member of society.
This doesnt happen quite as much as we would like it to, but when it does, the person involved is usually applauded for seeing the error of their ways and changing.

It seems Dwain is not being considered in the same way. He is a cheat, go to hell. No consideration for him once being a young talented and dedicated athlete with potential to win medals for Great Britain over the Blue Ribband distance, who was pressured by coaches and hangers on into making mistakes.

He worked very hard(still does), applied himself to an intense sport and came within reaching distance of the top. A summit that unfortunately could only be reached by the addition of stimulants.

It is easy for the righteous commentators on here to damn him. A majority of people that probably have not one ounce of the application and drive of Chambers. In a society plagued by youth crime, knives, and recreational drug use, we turn on an athlete who made a mistake, has admitted a mistake and trys his heart out to atone for it.

Shame on you all.

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posted Jun 5, 2008

Dwain has been invited to run in a Meet in Germany ,a schrewd promoter clearly thinks he will attract bigger gate with Chamber's running. (July?August) ??

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posted Jun 5, 2008

He served his ban and deserves his chance. look at it this way hes our best chance of winning a medal and you can guarantee that every other country the athletes are going to be on drugs especialy the chinese and the USA. so its not going to make a difference anyways if hes took drugs years ago because the rest of the field are going to be on them anyways.

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posted Jun 5, 2008

HUMAN RIGHTS!!! What about everyone elses human right not to be cheated by someone like him? He can go out and get another job can't he?

If Teachers or Doctors cross a certain line they will not be employed in that line of work again! Why not an athlete who has knowingly deceived everyone?

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posted Jun 6, 2008

Im usually hardline in stamping cheating but after hearing what india get away with and other nations, oour guys took the rap and agreed to help make things harder, he deserves to at least goto the trials

What has this got to do with the Olympic Games and DC?

You will see that they will now pass a rule that in future, will make this a moot point.

As to this situation, at the beginning of the Olympic Games, an athlete stands and takes the Oath for all athletes and nations. It not only talks about the laws, but it also talks about the spirit.

Not only did DC break the rules of Athletics, but he violated the spirit of sportsmanship. He cheated to obtain an unfair advantage, and he cheated his own teammates.

I don't suspect he'll do it again, however the consequences of his actions exclude him from this competition. It does not stop him from making a living at the sport. He just does not get to do it during a 2 week period in August.

In a couple of years he will be a distant memory, and hopefully an example to fair play.

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posted Jul 1, 2008

Dwain Chambers was banned for life from ever competing in the Olympics. That's the price you pay for taking drugs. The Olympics are the most prestigious competition in the world, Chambers should have considered how upset he would have been when he took drugs.

Yes, he's 'served his time' from his two year ban from Athletics, but a lifetime Olympic ban should serve as a deterrent for other young athletes thinking of enhancing their performance illegally.

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posted Jul 1, 2008

Mr Fox no doubt is in favour of the Death penalty, thank goodness it has been abolished because at least one innocent man was hanged. Athletes are not expected to be intellectual giants,snd none of us is in perfect we all have frailties. Chambers put his hands up and acknowledge he was in the wrong, he deserves a second chance.

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posted Jul 14, 2008

I've changed my mind aboutt Chambers, he knowningly took an illegal substance to improve his performance,. He should not go to the Olympics he has no idea of the ethos of the Olympics. he will not be chosen !!

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comment by Dave (U7038664)

posted Jul 19, 2008

19.7.08: DC has recently proved he is the best sprinter in UK & this country wants the best to be representing us at the Olympics. People like Colin Moynihan, (BOC Chairman)a non-athlete Cox at the Olympics, failed politician, should not preach to an excellent sportsman, giving his all for his country. Dwain has served his two year sentence in accordance with the international IOA rules, reformed & should be entitled (like any other ex-criminal in this country) to practice his chosen profession. There should be one set of international executive laws in athletics, & every participating countries by-laws should be compliant with the higher level laws, as in normal international/natural justice. Otherwise athletes are not competing on level playing fields. If an elite group like Colin Moynihan's UK BOC wants to change those rules, it should first lobby UKA, then the International IOA to have the rule changed, if agreed, (the accepted practice). Not take it out on one of their superb reformed athletes, because he knows the BOC law is simply not fair & would not get international approval. Lobby for an international mandatory IOA law that makes all athletes, from all countries take drug tests at least twice a year during important events.

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