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Ronaldo may consider Spanish move

Manchester United
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With the Champions League final just a few days away, this morning's papers will make interesting reading for Sir Alex Ferguson.

You can't move for the reports after Man Utd star Cristiano Ronaldo gave an interview to a Spanish TV station in which he seemed to suggest he would be willing to consider his future at Old Trafford.

"I'm very happy here but let's see after the Champions League final what happens," Ronaldo told Spanish TV at United's training ground.

"I feel at home here. I've been here five years but the future, we'll see."

He added: "I've said a million times I'd like to play in Spain but dreaming is one thing, reality is another. I don't know."

Could Man Utd afford to turn down the kind of astronomical fee they could command for a player widely regarded as the best in the world? Would the money be able to buy a player (or even players) who could contribute 41 goals in a season?

And has Ronaldo thrown a spanner in the works for his club's Champions League preparations with the timing of his comments?

Let us know your thoughts.

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posted May 17, 2008

Hi Christi, Remember that Dave Beck and Nista Roy made that mistake of going to spain. They were at the top of English Football when they left for Spain, and now you rarely hear of their performance because they could not even get a first choice place in their team. Dave had to leave for LA Galaxy though, which is still worst for him. So think about it before you fall in to the same trap. Remember you are still young and have a lot to give to Man U Fans and owners. Stay at home boy.

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posted May 18, 2008

What are you talking about Van Nistelrooy and Beckham never played?

They both started every week and Van Nistelrooy is in better form now then he was for Man Utd!

The only reason you dont hear about their performances is because the Spanish League isnt as publicised over here.

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comment by gary (U11992040)

posted May 18, 2008

In my opinion, this is just a lot of hot air. Ronaldo seems to be interested in Spain, perhaps he just wants to have a new experience, but I believe he and his agents realize that right now, Man U. is the best choice for him since he is at the most competitive league and he is already hugely successful. Perhaps a few years down the line, when the Spanish teams become dominant again and his cycle in Man U. truly seems over he'll make the switch. Perhaps the culture and so on has something to do with this interest.

HOWEVER, I see a lot of people talking about the climate. As far as I know, Ronaldo is from Madeira which is a semi-tropical island, but Madrid is not tropical or anything near it. The climate typical of the Costa del sol corresponds to only southern Spain (perhaps 15% of the country). I was in Madrid over the winter a few years ago and all one can see from the sky was a snowed out country...during my stay the temperatures were usually from 2-5 C...What happens is Central Spain experiences extremes in temperature so in the summer (when most tourists are there), Central Spain is much warmer than England, but during the winter, Spain is quite cold. Let's not even start with Northern Spain which is even more rainy and miserable than England.

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posted May 18, 2008

If he was sold he could well attract around the £50 million mark. This would free up transfer funds and give Anderson a more solid first team place. I don't know but maybe Sir Alex is playing the long game? Perhaps this is just a repeat of Beckham to Real Madrid and Ronaldo coming up to fill his boots?

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posted May 18, 2008

Ronaldo is just leaving the door open and doesn't want to ruin any chances of him moving in the future. As a united fan I'd be gutted to see him go, I feel his is the most gifted playeer in the world. but in all honesty, I don't expect him to still be wearing a red shirt in 3 years time. Sir Alex will get him singing off the our hyme sheet, if not, (as with many others before) see you later Ronaldo... nobody's bigger than the club

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posted May 19, 2008

What a complete load of garbage sensationalist journalism this article is! I for one would appreciate it if my licence fee went to better use than to pay wages for this type of lazy & inaccurate journalism.

1) "I'm very happy here but let's see after the Champions League final what happens," Ronaldo told Spanish TV at United's training ground.

Ronaldo didn’t say that at all. Not once.
Evra said the following about his contract renewal here:,19528,11095_3573403,00.html

"I have one year left on my contract but I am just concentrating on the final. I have an agent and Manchester United know my situation. A meeting is coming, but for now I'm concentrating on winning the Champions League. After that let's see what happens. It would be hard to leave this club, but in football you never know."
Anyone else see the similarity between this, and what Ronaldo’s supposed to have said according to this article?

2) Here’s the interview with Ronaldo:,19528,11095_3572328,00.html

Watch the video on the top right to hear exactly what he says.
It goes like this:

CR – “I’m very happy here, I want to stay here in Manchester United but the future no-one knows, only God knows.”
Journo – “Can you reassure United fans that you’ll be here next season at least, can you guarantee that?”
CR – “I want that, I want that but we’ll see.”
Journo – “So are you saying “we’ll see” is it that there might be a possibility of you playing for Real Madrid next season?”
CR – “I didn’t say nothing!! I’ve told you, the future no-one knows. I’m happy here at the club, I’m happy in Manchester, I want to stay here with the club, but, you never know.”

It just sounds to me like the lad’s got his head screwed on, says he wants to stay but that in football you just never know.
There’s not a hint of him saying that he wants to go. It sounds more like he’s just fed up of being asked the same inane questions that he’s already answered 1000 times by lazy journalists, so has decided to just not bother answering anymore. He knows the bottom feeders that pose as journalists will interpret his comments how they like, and write it up anyway they like, regardless of what he actually says so he may as well not say anything.
He clearly states that he’s very happy, that he wants to stay in the city and with the club, but that he can’t tell what will happen in the future as no-one knows what it will bring.

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posted May 19, 2008

RED RYAN etc...
too true!!!

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posted Jun 26, 2008


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posted Jun 27, 2008

Well, I for one am looking forward to the game on Sunday where we should see a really interesting clash of styles - although the actual game may not be too interesting, it will be interesting to see how it pans out - it is the "'Mourinho' Chelsea versus Man Utd" of Europe...

I for one will sleep until late August after that, and if Ronaldo is gone when i wake up, then good luck to him in whatever he chooses to do. I would welcome him back if he realised teh error of his ways...

It's not like he has screwed us over (apart from perhaps when he signed a five year contract) - if the guy wants to move to a place where he can communicate, then that's how he feels. Not speaking the language is a real burden, which money can't really compensate fully for. Well, i say that, but he gets a lot of money...
It's "so long, and thanks for helping us to the European cup we have been so desperately wanting since 1999"
Life goes on

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