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Championship Bristol City
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What a game.

Palace 1 - City 2....and Palace can count themselves lucky!!

City played out the first 20 mins with a bit of hoofball, no doubt hoping to disrupt Palaces early charge. From then on, it was the best performance of the season....

Two fantastic goals from City, that would grace any goal of the month (or year!) competiton capped a near flawless display...

Before the game I'd have bitten your hand off for a draw, and I'd even have been satisfied with a 1-0 to Palace!!

In fact, if it wasn't for the absolute gift, Palace could have been dead and buried!!

Absolutely shocking defending and a blatant dive (10/10) let Palace back in, and I'm sure most would say Nobles 30 yarder was only what City deserved....

Can we dream? Not yet, 90 minutes to go....

P.S Nobles substitution, shaking the refs hand and strolling off was pure class. Straight out of the 'Warnock' wind up book!!

Warnock could learn a few things from GJ...!!

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posted May 10, 2008

"I promise to buy every Bristol City fan that finds me, a drink. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!"

You looking forward to your free Premier League season ticket for The Valley next season?

Oh wait now...

6million spent in pre-season, and you finished 11th.

We may have been beaten at home, but at least we actually got to the play-offs...

Jog on.

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comment by esthar2 (U3143339)

posted May 10, 2008

Crystal Palace, who are they? Just another London club, as if there aren't already enough of them.

Bristol City. A club from one of the largest, most beautiful cities in the country, one that has been horribly under-represented in football terms for far, far too long.

I know who I want to see promoted.

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comment by ilokid (U8469420)

posted May 10, 2008

It is my fervent hope that Crystal Palace do not gain promotion. Not because of the quality of the football they play, but entirely because of Neil Warnock. I cannot comment of his qualities as a coach, but his abject stupidity, conduct and posturing on the touchline on game days continues to bring his team, and the game, into disrepute.
As such, come on Bristol City!!

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posted May 10, 2008

As a neutral, i was surprised watching that game today. All I had heard beforehand was how well Palace were doing and vice versa with City. I sat down and watched the game.
Bristol City were different class after the first 30 minutes.
I thought your penalty shout was 50-50, but straight away called Fonte's a dive, and the replays haven't changed that view.
Two belting goals. The premiership would be a much better place with a good footballing side like Bristol City in there, and Gary Johnson is a legend.

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posted May 10, 2008

Tigers fan here, well done BCFC, I know it's only half time and anything could happen but hope we can do as well and meet you in the final.

My youngest son is at Bristol Uni - what a lovely city you have!

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comment by zidanee (U5739248)

posted May 11, 2008

City could of won 3-0. We had a blatant Penalty, the guy didn't even get a glance. THE REF was biased - i think he was Warnocks brother, every decision went in CP's way.

If we rightfully got the penalty and both linesmen done their jobs we would of been 3-0 up and in the final.

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posted May 11, 2008

Stop with this McIndoe penalty rubbish.

It was a good tackle and Fonte GOT THE BALL (one of the few things he did do right).

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posted May 11, 2008

warnock & palace fans critisizing the ref , no surprice there .
palace had the benifit of a lot more decisions yesterday than city

nick carle was lucky to stay on the pitch for a two footed lunge in the first half & elliotts yellow card was no more than that , as he was looking at the ball , there after he gave palace everything

city penalty
palace penalty
carey persistantly getting his shirt pulled & palace getting free kicks
adebola persistantly getting pulled up for fouls for minimal contact
derrys foul on carle was worse than carles in the first half & palace got the free kick !
in the build up to the penalty there was a blatent pull to one of our players in the corner at the palace end , no free kick given .

"our full backs kicked your boys off the park" , dont make me laugh , palace were far worse at ashton gate !

in conclusuion the ref has kept palace in the tie

warnock is just try to influence the ref for the second leg

everybody in football outside palace & sheff utd knows warnock is a lunatic or a cheat or both

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posted May 11, 2008

Have to agree with much that has been said. Palace were poor. We gave the ball away too much and didn't work hard enough. Sinclair was lazy and I was really impressed with City. We are still well capable of scoring goals on Tuesday, however, so don't hold your breath!

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