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Sixth defeat of a fully fit Federer

Masters Series
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Roger Federer has been beaten by Radek Stepanek who clearly exposed the weaknesses of Fed's backhand with an attacking game helped by a booming serve.

Congratulations for Tetra_t...for predicting correctly yesterday in this forum about this encounter.

Fed worshippers will be in trouble finding an excuse this time because none of them has been talking about GF lately.

It is the SIXTH defeat by six different players in SEVEN tournaments for Federer this season.
This also credits all the analysts who clearly previewed the end of unilateral dominance of Federer since last year as all the guys know he is no longer unbeatable.

With this technically very limited backhand,it is obvious that Federer will not win the FO this year again because there are better clay-courters like Ferrer,Almagro,Davidenko and Nalbandian who will cause him all sorts of trouble on the surface.

Maybe it would be better for Federer to start thinking now about defending his title in Wimbledon which will be very difficult.
I expect many more defeats for Federer to come this season as winning a serious title this year (Master Series or GS)looks so laborious for him.

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posted May 10, 2008

Federer just lost it's as simple as that and he lost in two tie breaks to Stepanek and i wouldn't take anything from it, only that he lost in two tie breaks.

Federer has been a great player as we all no, and hes been really lucky over the past few years, ive seen him about to lose in so many matches over the last few years and he got of it, hes luck this has run out this year, in the close games or in the tie breaks hes just lost.

If people watched the US open final last year and the wimbledon final, u would of seen how he just about won both of the finals the luck was with him.

In the US open final last year Djokovic was so unlucky in that final he had Federer in trouble in ever set and if the luck went hes way he would of won, and if u remember in the wimbledon final against Nadal, Federer looked finished in the 5th set until he broke Nadal and again the luck was with him.

Federer to me is the best player, but hes also had the best luck ive ever seen, ive seen him in so many matches were he loooked beaten and u couldn't believe how he wiggled hes way out of it.

This is the first time in past few years that Federer has lost so many matches early on, but i wouldn't take anything from it at all, u can't be this machine forever in every tournament.

And remember we still have 3 grand slams left and that's how we will no if the Federer years are coming to an end, so in the French open if Federer reached the final that would be a sign that hes not gone and if hes win it hes a legend to people again, if Federer doesn't reach the wimbledon final for me that would be the real sign that hes not the same Federer, if he didn't reach the one final were hes almost guranteed that's when u no the game is up.

Do u all remember Aggasi and everybody said it's over for him and hes finished and he came back and went on to play until hes mid 30's and he was a great player. So never count out a young guy like Federer hes just having a dodgy few months in hes perfection career, all sports stars go threw a dodgy moment.

All sports stars have these moments in there careers when people say there finished because they lose more then expected, Tiger Woods a few years ago didn't win a major for about 2 years and we all now hes back to hes best, and Agassi as i just mentioned was another example, and football players are the same Ronaldinio a few years ago was the best player and now hes dissapered for now, and everybody says hes finished he will be back.

And remember before Federer won wimbledon in 2003 he had a really up and down record in matches, he never did much before 2003, when he won wimbledon in 2003 he just won everything after that, and don't be surpised after hes dodgy start to the year he comes back and gos on again to dominate for the next few years.

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posted May 10, 2008

This is one of them Champion moments in there career, u no when they look down and out and people question them, and they come back again. We are in that moment now and the question is can he be a Champion and come back, and i no he will, hes only a young guy it's not like hes in hes 30's fighting against age, hes just had a few dodgy weeks and months in a perfect past 5 years.

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comment by jpjames (U6661240)

posted May 10, 2008

No majors for Feds this year. Shame i thought he could get six Wimbledons to break the record. I bet he don't even make the final this year

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comment by Dot (U8403236)

posted May 10, 2008

We so-called Fed worhsippers never have to find excuses when our man loses: we all make mistakes and this is perhaps his time. Sampras won his last GS at the age of 31 so King Roger still has some way to go. I will not even mention the GF but do wonder if stephan errational has ever suffered from so debilitating an illness and has he ever won a Grand Slam? Sour grapes come to mind. I am now, and always will be, a devoted Federfan whatever the future may hold.

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comment by U8604890

posted May 10, 2008

will see if federer is losing his touch if he fails to win wimbledon. but personaly, i want him to win the french and break the wimbledon record

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posted May 10, 2008

What if Federer can go for some practice with Gasquet to improve his backhand techniques?
It looked yesterday like a beginner's.
I think that will help him.
His numerous fans yesterday in Rome couldnt prevent themselves from booing some of his completely misfired backhand shots.

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posted May 10, 2008

there is no need to call yourself stephanirrational, it is self-evident.

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posted May 10, 2008

Just two years ago Fed lost a total of 5 matches in the ENTIRE year - and mostly to Rafa. His form has definitely slipped and he can't blame yesterday's loss on mono or anythign else as he played very well. In fact, he's played his best tennis this week by far.

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posted May 10, 2008

He is still the man to beat for everyone on the Tour. The bottom line is the period of utter dominance is over, but he was never going to continue the way he has done over the last few years. I am still sure he will break the most Slams record and the longest overall stay at number 1. The only one in doubt is the French, as Wimbledon has to be the focus for Roger Federer this year for 6 in a row.

We are one Grand Slam into the year so all this talk of Nadal and Federer struggling is premature. The French for Nadal and Wimbledon for Federer will be more important this year than they will ever be. So lets look on the bright side, these losses mean is its going to be a exciting summer!

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posted May 11, 2008

What the heck is going on with all these players having to retire injured? Stepanek beats Federer to play Nole and pulls out after the first set injured!!!!

Rodicks plays Wawrinka and pulls out as well. This never happened before. Maybe it's a relief that Federer got beaten so he's fully fit for Hamburg!

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