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Spain at Euro 2008

Euro 2008 Spain
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Luis Aragones' Spain are one of 16 teams that will be competing in Euro 2008.

This is where you can talk about all things Spain in the build-up to and during this summer's European Championship.

From the squad make-up to who must start each game, the latest injury problems and how far you expect them to go in the tournament, this is your forum.

Get involved in Spain's participation at Euro 2008.

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posted Jun 10, 2008

Luis Aragones has now to prove once and for all whether is the real thinking couch spain has ever needed or is just another pseudo-couch that based in some former and vague earned fame is there to hot the spanish bench. Personally he doesn't come out convincing me either yet. As for whether or not Raul should have been called, i think Raul's best times have definitely stood behind, so on that point i would be agree with the so-called wise man of hortaleza.
Spain as one of its integrants has recently rightly stated has to go step by step in order to think reaching out further steps at the tournament. There is a lot of pressure coming out from the media and from that known not so lucky spanish football history that if it's heeded can counterproductively weight upon the best performance of the spanish players, so the most they be isolated from that pressure the best they will certainly do at the tournament, nervous will be shaken off and once this happens they shall show their best football, stuff i'm totally certain they own and in not scarse amount.

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posted Jun 10, 2008

Spain is another one of my favourite teams. I hope that they defeat Russia. The other victories will come.

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posted Jun 10, 2008


Santillana was the best player of Spain! <ok>

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posted Jun 10, 2008

I wanna congratulate myself for the great match Spain my beloved team has just carried out, Capdevilla, Iniesta and Villa have made the gol of the tournament, what a play peeps!!!. Hope very much so they may contine throughout this brilliant line, so aupa Spain glory still can come through!.

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posted Jun 18, 2008

Despite the fact that Casilla has a wealth of experience and is an amazing goalkeeper and team player, he can do little as a captain when stuck in the goal. He can't really move from the goal. This is why i think Raul is needed. He has scored 18 goals this season, he is the overall goal scorer for Spain with 44 goals and this was probably his last chance he could play at a top level for his country. He commands great respect and influence over the team, which arguably undermines Aragones and discourages him from selecting him. He may be 31, but this season he has been fantastic. Really hope Spain win, but have my doubts.
Vamos Espana!! Ensena a todo el mundo lo que vales!!!

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posted Jun 22, 2008

Actually, it's sort of silly to even base one's perception of a country on its football fans. After all, even though hooligans and skins are a small football minority of fans, they are mentally the bottom of the barrel in their respective countries.

1. The Spanish language is “very physical”...
Terms like "negrito" did once have derogatory meanings, particularly in Spanish colonies (so one should be a little careful in Spanish-American countries). However such terms in Spains have positive meanings now.

...If you want to insult somebody
You refer to their mother's sexual habits.

2. Of course, the first point does not excuse the monkey noises...

One problem is that Spain has been one of THE most generous countries in terms of welcoming immigrants, which has created some backlash. The so-called "the immigrants are taking our jobs" is a legitimate concern of some of the underclass, but is also used by racists as a cover.

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comment by zieler (U7751464)

posted Jul 4, 2008

i feel stupid now :-D
Ah well

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posted Jul 4, 2008

Theres a few people who called it wrong......I was one too

Having said that there was a mountain of evidence pointing to another choke...

Ultimately I thought Spain were terrific-defo the best team so Im pleased they won.....even though 6-1 was a skinny price all things considered

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posted Jul 21, 2008


<wizard> <magic> <star> <laugh> <surfer>

Aragones and Güiza had signed for Fenerbahçe SK İstanbul! <ok>

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