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Romania at Euro 2008

Euro 2008 Romania
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Victor Piturca's Romania are one of 16 teams that will be competing in Euro 2008.

This is where you can talk about all things Romania in the build-up to and during this summer's European Championship.

From the squad make-up to who must start each game, the latest injury problems and how far you expect them to go in the tournament, this is your forum.

Get involved in Romania's participation at Euro 2008.

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posted May 6, 2008

thats embarassing. Romania are in it and england arent't



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posted May 7, 2008


Actually i really wanted them to qualify cos it gives me a big laugh when they get knocked out Tee Hee biggrin

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posted May 28, 2008

italyno1fan: La grammatica inglese non era mai un punto di forza per voi!! Lets hope Romania sends you back to la terra di medra with a big fat CULO!!! Romania and Holland to qualify. France and Italy a CASA!

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posted May 31, 2008

I think Romania have a good a shot as any, and WILL make it through the group stages. I hope Stefan Radu makes a spectacular entry into International play ok

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posted May 31, 2008


Actually, what is more embarrassing is that Russia are there and England aren't. You know why? Because Russia were in England's group. Romania beat Netherlands to get there, so they deserved to qualify. England couldn't beat Macedonia, so don't justify their weakness by comparing them to the No. 12 in the world.

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posted Jun 7, 2008

Romania may surprise this time.
They are no more satisfied with a simple qualification at the final stage and, as they finished ahead of Netherlands, they should be taken into account in first place if one of the favourites (France or Italy) stumbles.
If Romania manage to get a draw with France is a good start, get a draw with Italy and beat Holland. It sounds quite realistic like that.
If the manage to get through this Group of Death (hard luck innit?) would be marvellous.
Romania is the kind of team that shine at moments, is not very constant but can prove very solid sometimes. Hope they'll be this year's revelation, yeah, like Greece, why not, as you mentioned earlier.

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posted Jun 8, 2008

FACT: between 1936 and 1999 Romania couldn't beat Hungary! yikes

Head to head:

Romania-Hungary:1-2 (1936)
Romania-Hungary:1-1 (1939)
Romania-Hungary:0-2 (1940)
Hungary-Romania:7-2 (1945)
Romania-Hungary:0-3 (1947)
Hungary-Romania:9-0 (1948)
Romania-Hungary:1-5 (1948)
Hungary-Romania:2-1 (1952)
Romania-Hungary:1-5 (1954)
Romania-Hungary:1-2 (1958)
Romania-Hungary:1-1 (1972)
Romania-Hungary:2-2 (1972)
Hungary-Romania:2-1 (1972)
Romania-Hungary:0-1 (1981)
Romania-Hungary:0-0 (1981)
Hungary-Romania:1-1 (1998)
Romania-Hungary:2-0 (1999) smiley
Romania-Hungary:2-0 (2001)
Hungary-Romania:0-2 (2001)
Romania-Hungary:3-0 (2004)

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posted Jun 16, 2008

Hi all,

I think no one should be sooo surprised that Romania will finish ahead of Italy and France in this 'group of death'. It is true, both It and Fr have great pedigree and great players, but the fact is, the Romanians have a much better coach smiley The team is the best organised team at this tournament, the team plays tactically almost perfectly. After two games (against It and Fr), tell me in all honesty what team can be by any means sure they will win against the Romanians? See what I mean. Yes, the team is not a stellar one (only Mutu, Chivu and the GK are first class players), but it should be clear by now to anyone who watches football that the team displays a highly positive attitude and discipline and won't grant victory to anybody.

I'm writing before the game against the Netherlands on 17.06, and I'm a bit upset by the kind of comments people make here: 'if the Netherlands lets Ro beat them, bla, bla...', 'if Ned scores more than 3 goals...' etc. Give me a break. One is soo naive to think like that! Fact 1: Ro finshed *before* the Dutch in the qualifiers, when they weren't able to score the Romanians one bloody goal!!; Fact 2: Romania actually *won* against the Ned 1-0 in the last official game, not long ago - so, why not beat them again?!! Fact 3: the coach factor, again: Mr. Piturca (or should I write *Dr.* Piturca) is not new in the European soccer: in fact, he's a born champ, as he won the European Cup in 1986 (now Champions League), and who is soo naive to believe that this highly intelligent guy will lose so badly...The guy knows the Dutch like his own pockets and though Robben & co have played wonderfully he'll prepare tactical traps accordingly.

And I have news for the other teams: I don't know about the Ro players, but Mr Piturca is here to *win* the tournament!

Best wishes to everybody. I'll post here again before the final.

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