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Luka Modric Good Signing???

Tottenham Hotspur
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What is going on here?? Tottenham in good signing shocker!! So good to see a Tottenham manager buying early in preparation for next season.
Will this tempt Berbatov to pin his colours to our mast for another season??
Who is going to make way for Modric in our new look 1st Eleven

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posted May 13, 2008

I would like to see as a neutral:

Hutton Woodgate King Bale
Bentley Jenas lennon
Keane Berbatov

if berbatov goes i think santa cruz would be good. Eto'o or Villa would not go to a team not in the champions league. Maybe in a year or two but not now.

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comment by yyeann (U11953692)

posted May 14, 2008

ya. they need some new signings to build up a championship winning team. Modric is definately not one to be included. he will be jus like Bent. same worth, same standards.

Tottenham needs this team..

P. Cech

B.Sagna --- K.Toure --- S.Ramos --- G.Clichy

Ben Arfa -- Fabregas -- Hariss Harun -- Walcott

Robin Van Persie ---- F. Torres

ok. i admit this will be a more realistic team for arsenal considering their reputation and reliable management. World Class players join only world class teams. thats all i can say. Good luck!

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posted May 15, 2008

yeh yyeann thats exactly what we want to do, become a discrase to english football like arsenal or chelsea. for me it would be

I just don't think Eto'o or Villa will want to join us at the moment, but if we can play better than we did this season then CL qualification should be possible at some point in the next few years which will increase our chances of making such signings.

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posted May 17, 2008

My Team Would Be
Hutton Woodgate(c) King Bale

Lennon Modric Jenas Eto'o

Keane Villa/Berbatov If He Stays :D

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posted May 21, 2008

i reckon you've made the signing of the summer in modric, he can take you to the next level. however i reckon you need to get rid of about 10 players, be ruthless and bring in some real quality, players with specific roles, i'd say sell:
Lee young-pyo
Chimbonda (don't reckon his hearts at spurs)

should get quite a lot from that lot to add to the summers budget.

and bring in:
a keeper
a centre back
defensive midfielder
attacking midfielder
a striker least

as for attacking midfielder, i'd love to see diego from werder bremen in the premiership. I think that if Ramos could get the bulk of his buying and selling done before dealing with the berbatov dilemma, the squad trimming and quality additions could persuade him to stay, though to be honest 25 mil would be a fair deal and allow you to get some real talent.

Really reckon spurs are gonna be decent to watch next year, can't wait to see modric, got a quality manager there too, best of luck from a manchester united fan.

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posted Jun 13, 2008

i think your all forgetting the giovanni dos santos you are all putting teams and i have watched him on youtube he has real talent
i think the team should be this

dos santos

champions league with this team = <cake>

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posted Jun 13, 2008

Sorry lewis365, but we won't make the Champion's League with that midfield - since nobody in it will shore it up, let alone track back.

It might work is we score three or four in the first 20-30 minutes and shut up shop after that, but I don't expect that to be the norm by any stretch of the imagination.

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posted Jun 13, 2008

I agree Dos Santos is fantastic on YouTube. He's even better on CM and FM. He might only be 9 stone and 5 foot 6 but the refs will protect talent like that...

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posted Jun 16, 2008

I agree with the sellings proposed by astrollinthesunshine, but what spurs desperately need is a player with a cool head who will stop us going AWOL as soon as we go 1-0 up.

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posted Feb 20, 2011

hell yeah <winkeye>

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