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LLOYD HONEYGHAN: Hopkins is a cool customer who will give Calzaghe loads of problems. A younger Hopkins would definitely win. But age may make the difference in this fight.

JOHNNY NELSON: I don't think Hopkins has been quite the same in his last few fights. I think Joe will win but it won't be a pretty fight.

ROBIN REID: Calzaghe's fighting Hopkins at the right time. Hopkins has looked rubbish in his last few fights and Joe shouldn't have too many problems with him. He will win a wide decision.

CLINTON WOODS: I think Calzaghe has the fresher factor.

Amir Khan: Hopkins' best days might be in the past.

i agree with lloyd honeyghan,the hopkins from a few years back would have beaten calzaky easily and its good to see the world knows that hopkins aint at his best.

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posted Apr 12, 2008

Best get the excuses in early. Well done. If Hopkins is too old then he should have retired. He has not done so. Game on.

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comment by U7926788

posted Apr 12, 2008

Maybe if Hopkins hadnt bottled out the fight a few years ago we might have found out!

Honeyghan dresses like a pimp and is fatter than a beach ball these days. He is a laughing stock.

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posted Apr 12, 2008

Lol, a prime Hopkins also turned on his heel and legged it away from Calzaghe.

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posted Apr 12, 2008

no excuses,bhop is nearly 50 and actually he has already been retired you sucker,robin reid was robbed by zaghe but he sez it right,'chump is fightin bhop at the right time' typical brits should speak up and get your fighters to fight here more,where it matters,the USA.haton got knock out, just like your hamed and countles othas, losers
zaghes best wins are lacy and kessler haha
how about tarver would beat them bums with his eyes closed,cant wait for tarver to ko woods

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posted Apr 12, 2008

How is he "nearly 50" if he won't be 50 for another SEVEN years?! You really are a sad little man, aren't you. Anyone who has been on here for any period of time knows that you're not even American anyway. Fool.

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comment by Nick (U4876424)

posted Apr 13, 2008

The only way hopkins can win is by KO calzaghe hand speed is to much for him to last 12. I think both should book into the retirement home after this because both are starting to look like pensioners.

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comment by Kenzo (U1650852)

posted Apr 13, 2008

Father time is not on Hopkins's side, the natural deterioration when one reaches age 40, its impossible to ignore.

But Hopkins definitely has a outside chance, if he uses all his craftiness and employs a very tight defence against Calzaghe; his main chance is to fight an awkard, defensive type of fight and get the pace slowed where he makes it difficult and frustrating for Calzaghe to pick his tight defence, and then fire back.

Calzaghe is an obvious favourite due to the age difference, and really, Hopkins - why is he still fighting at 43, one has to ask? He has secured his own legacy and I personally don't think he definitely needed Calzaghe on his record or had anything to prove to Calzaghe if he hung up his gloves before this matchup, because they should have fought 8-10 years ago for a true matchup.

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posted Apr 13, 2008

I can't believe the double standards evident in this article. It's almost as if he's saying JC's record is better than BH's.

BH's record may not be as impressive as it seems (from the outside) but JC hardly has anything to write home about.

Lacy & Kessler, thats it. Eubank was clearly past it when they fought, and Mitchell and Woodhall... who?

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posted Apr 14, 2008

I'll be watching it, but this is a bit of nothing fight now? Both deep into their autumns, and I don't see how either is the future of the Light-Heavy division.

Watching Tarver powder-puff punch his way past the truly dreadful Woods over the weekend, it's not him either.

And to be honest, Hopkins "legend status" has been afforded to him quite gently really? Probably because despite being Middle champ for 10 years, it was just 'scraps from the masters table' after Jones Jr had finished with the division.
Look at BH's record for the main of that period; the Jones Jr loss of '93, a win over the limited Glen Johnson in '97, and then the (rightly-lauded) victory over Tito four long and extremely tedious later. The De La Hoya walkover easy money; against a man three weights out of his comfort zone.

I've minted it over these so-called superfights this past few months - had decent money on Mayweather btg Hatton, Haye btg Macca and Tarver btg Woods... I'll go for a tenner on a Calzaghe points win, but will definitely cover it with a couple o' quid on the draw...

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