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Robbed by a Handball

FA Cup West Bromwich Albion
by SalopBaggie (U3099468) 05 April 2008
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Heartbreaking, to dominate Portsmouth then lose to a goal coming from handball from Baros.

Still its Portmouth year to be dominated by Man U then by a Championship side and still win what more can be said

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posted Apr 7, 2008

We are gracious as I've said go on and enjoy it, if you love winning by cheating I am sure you can live with your self, I am not a sour grapes man, just pointing out the obvious which you can't accept. Yes you won, well done, I just didn't think you did yourselves justice, I think it is you my friend that is bitter and twisted because you had to cheat to win, Mr Dodgy. I can live with myself, and my great team, and say at least we turned and played.

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posted Apr 7, 2008


Enjoy it while can, because it ain't gonna last long!

Wuff Wuff!

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posted Apr 7, 2008

Yes, you did. As said above - fair play to WBA - they outplayed us for much of the match, but they couldn't score and didn't give DJ too much trouble.

Erm - why would I be "bitter & twisted", seeing as how we're in the final? I just get narked about sour grapes, is all (and you sound pretty sour to me). All this 'Prem team' stuff makes it sound as if you don't want to be one.

Never thought I'd see the day that a Baggie & Man U fan had a love-in about the injustices of the world!

Yes - we will enjoy it - dodgy or not, we've got a Wembley final, without spending gazillions kepping the glory-chasers happy.

Wuff off.

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posted Apr 7, 2008

Oh dear some baggies and Man Utd children throwing their toys out of the pram again, never mind when you grow older life's little injustices become a little easier to take.

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posted Apr 8, 2008

Brave KANU.

You saved your team.

You deserve an applause.

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posted Apr 9, 2008

" comment by dewirees (U11483451)

posted 3 Days Ago

Portsmouth won because of luck?

No, Pompey won because they scored more goals than the other team. If West Brom had scored more goals than Pompey then they would have won. Lots of possession and passing is very pretty, but the rules of the game do not award marks for artistic merit.

Portsmouth scored more goals than West Brom. If Kevin Phillips and friends feel aggrieved about having lost, I would recommend to them that next time they try to score more goals than the opposing team. This would help with winning the match."


love this!! have a read baggies

us pomponians love to be hated!! :-)
play up pompey, fa cup final and 6th in the prem, whooop

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posted Apr 10, 2008

Very simply, Pompey were overrun in midfield throughout the first half, but absorbed the resultant pressure, got a goal against the run of play (with a handball in the buildup, but probably the least obvious handball of the season, and no wonder the referee didn't spot it) and clung on with the help of the crossbar at the other end.

Fortuitous? Yes. Undeserved? Not totally. And if James' fumble in the first half had led to a goal, you have a totally different game, one in which Pompey would have had to have played with more style - and with one attacking option gone and his replacement cup-tied, I'm not at all convinced they'd have been able to.

Still, out of the two sides in the final, I'd prefer Pompey to win it.

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posted Apr 10, 2008

Good, objective views.

Whiners of the world (we wuz robbed etc.), hang your heads in shame!

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posted Sep 17, 2008

sore losers...all i can say! :-)

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