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A legend in the making

by Mark A (U5611457) 24 March 2008
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Is there anything 13-year-old diver Tom Daley cannot do?

Be U-18 diving champion at the age of 10....Tick.
Win BBC's Young Sports Personality of the Year.....Another tick.
Become GB's second youngest ever male Olympian....One more tick (in August).
Gold in Beijing or even London in 2012....Ticks on hold.

Another big tick in the meantime time though. He's just been crowned European Champion after winning the 10m platform title in Holland, with no less than four maximum marks of 10 along the way.

Ask him to build an Olympic sized swimming pool out of matchsticks and I dare say he'd be standing in front of his construction within a couple of days, grinning from ear to ear revealing he finished a day ahead of schedule allowing time to finish his Maths homework.

Further success will depend on how he deals with the pressures of the biggest sporting stage in the world, and, in the coming years, how his changing and growing body will adapt to the rigours of pounding the water again, again and again. You try jumping off a board from a height of over two double decker buses on top of each other - without a splash.

You only need to hear Tom's team-mate and mentor Leon Taylor talk about his own illustrious career to hear about the physical suffering a diver has to endure. The aches and breaks will inevitably come.

But speaking to Tom, you feel he's got it all under control. You'd think you were in the company of an old pro - calm, charming, self-effacing and beautifully modest.

So who knows what's in store for this phenomenal talent?

With the help of his supportive family and continued guidance from Taylor et al at British Swimming, the future seems a pretty special place for Daley. And most important of all, he's loving every minute of this amazing journey.

Do you think he's capable of producing greatness for years to come?

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posted Mar 25, 2008

Who knows but what a fabulous story - good luck to the young man.

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posted Mar 25, 2008

congrats to tom he is exactly what this country needs.

He is a good example to other children what you can achieve through hard work and determination.

NOW send him to the Olympics

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posted Mar 25, 2008

'He is a good example to other children what you can achieve through hard work and determination.'

And an awful lot of talent!

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posted Mar 25, 2008

Do you think when hes having a kick about with a football with his mates he wins a lot of penalty's with his flawless dives in the box?

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posted Jul 24, 2008

Good luck to Tom in the Kerching (money over ethics) Olympics but the media should take the pressure of him with their expectations

This will be an amazing learning experience for him

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posted Jul 24, 2008

I wish Tom all the very best when he competes at the Olympics.
I only hope that the Media can keep their heads on straight, and think of him as a young man with a great talent, and not as someone to attack if he does not live up to
THEIR expectations.

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posted Aug 1, 2008

Good luck tom and all the best.
and enjoy the experience.

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posted Aug 11, 2008

I'm a little fan of Daley fron China

There r so many people becoming Daley's fans in China espacially after seeing the 10-second close-up shot of him on the Olympics opening .

So many media from world wide are chasing Daley now, he has recieved too much attention. You can see his news from any website in China, and the number of his fans here are keeping increasing.

come on Dale ! we Chinese fans will always love you!

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posted Aug 12, 2008

I think that Tom Daley has a special talent which has been nurtured by those around him. His talent should be celebrated and his achievements praised. However, the media and Tom's mentors should be very selective about the hype surrounding him. He is very young for all this attention and should be protected from it much more than he is.
The media in Britain would do well to remember that there is a great deal more talent amongst young people who are also taking part as Olympians for this country. They may be in sports which do not enjoy the same popularity as swimming and diving but they are representing their country just the same. Surely this is the opportunity to publicise the problems that some competitors have in gaining access to facilities for training. Some competitors reach a point where they can no longer finance the travel or local facilities close and there is nowhere to train within travelling distance.
Young Tom is fortunate in having a premier facility on his doorstep with the coaching to match. Celebrate this young man's talent but put it into the perspective of reality. There are many more youngsters out there who could achieve just as much given the same opportunity. Isn't it time that Britain provided its people with sporting facilities to support the talent which is out there? Tom Daley is an example of what can be achieved if the provision is there and within reach.
Do your best Tom; aim for a P.B. Remember that the competition is against yourself not the other competitors. Your best friend is your highest scoring competitor because he will spur you on to higher achievements and a higher score. Do not lose sight of the real aim in the sport - enjoyment - that's why you do it.

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