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Hammer Scotland

by U8128027 03 February 2008
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Scotland were not as bad as everyone says they were today. They played well in patches and played some brilliant phases about 20 minutes in.
Scotland played like a hammer, a bit blunt in attack and minimal finesse. France on the other hand were sharp and slick enough to take their chances, they were very astute with their passing and were razor sharp and cut up the scotland defence.

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posted Feb 4, 2008

Sad about the wooden spoon or sad to see Hadden go?

The simple fact is that with one of the best Scotland squads in recent times, we are still struggling to play inventive rugby and make significant headway into/behind the opposition's defence. Our decision making is very poor, something that France capitalised on. Now there is a team that can play "what you see in front of you" rugby.

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posted Feb 4, 2008

Murrayfield was buzzing before the game - but that buzz became an embarassed mumbling. 3 questions:
1. How hard can it be to get a pipe band to play the anthem right - we've only been doing it for 19 odd years I suppose!! The band leader must have felt like a right chump standing there in his big shaggy bunnet listening to the crowd carry on regardless. It would be good to hear his excuse.
2. The half time 'entertainment' - what was that all about!?!?!
3. The tannoy - loved the addition of the pumping heart video ref music as the french were trying to convert a try that had already been awarded.
SRU - the worde P*** up in a brewery spring to mind.

Apparently there was also a rugby match - but I seem to have some post traumatic stress thing blocking it from my mind!

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posted Feb 4, 2008

Yeah I find myself agreeing with a lot that's been said.

Maybe the coaches aren't up to it - or maybe it's the players - or maybe it's because we are a small nation in terms of people playing rugby against a nation like France.

I do also agree with the Scotsman's coverage saying that Ref Roland had a shocker - that's true as well. I didn't realise he's half french.

I couldn't believe the Henderson thing. We might as well just start playing touch. Wilkinson's swinging arm was much worse - and I can't remember the italian player that smashed his forearm into geordan Murphy's jaw - but that was 10 times worse - and I don't hear ANY noise about that.

Lets blame the SRU for the infrastructure of rugby in scotland. Do you remember the initiative a few months ago saying we are going to increase the amount of players in scotland (by 11,000 was it?). Well little chance of that as well.

Oh and I canny get a calcutta cup ticket - ok I haven't been to every game over the last few years (at least 60% though) - usually due to playing commitments, but as a genuine fan of rugby I feel a little hard done by.

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posted Feb 4, 2008

oh oh oh

And when I play rugby for my club - if i enter a ruck fall over the top of the ball and prevent the opponents from getting near it - very often, or in fact every time the referee gives a penalty.

Obviously there is a slight variation in the rules in France - where it seems you can hit the ruck lie over the top of the ball, even fiddle about with it a bit if you care to do so without this being deemed an illegality.

Luckily for them (half french referee)Alain Rolande was aware of this law and decided to play by French rules on Sunday.

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comment by Blutto (U3258864)

posted Feb 4, 2008

The coach is not responsible for the players dropping the ball, or refereeing errors.

He is responsible for selection and tactics.

Hadden picked Parks despite shocking club form and should not be surprised that he was dreadful. Whatismore, he steadfastly refuses to put his body on the line and for a Scottish rugby player that is totally unacceptable. He does not deserve to wear the jersey.

The ommision of Paterson and Hogg was another self inflicted wound, as is the persistence with playing Kerr, a prop who could be outscrummaged by my mother.

Hadden had better start picking players who are in form. There seem to be plenty in the A team.

13.De Luca
12.Henderson (He will probably be banned though)


18.Strokosch (White moves to 5)

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posted Feb 4, 2008

The coach IS responsible for players dropping the ball, teams that are well drilled by their coaches drop the ball less. As Gary Player said 'the more I practice the luckier I get'.

White is too big and slow to hack it, he is getting on my nerves. He's not even the best player in the back row let alone the team. The locks and back row boys are much better than him. Bench him, start Strokotsch and make Patterson the captain.

De Luca 24 and Cairns 22 play well for Edinburgh, might be worth bringing Cairns in for the future if Henderson is out. A strong Edinburgh presence in the backs, might give Scotland the fluency and creativity they need, with the Lamonts and possibly Henderson out.

Otherwise I agree with your team, Blutto. The number 10 situation shows no sign of getting better until more young players get a regular starting berth for the districts.

But I am optimistic...

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posted Feb 4, 2008

Very negative thinking Blutto... I think Kerr could be outscrummaged by your granny!
If this match wasn't evidence that Parks can't cut it against decent opposition and that Hadden is incapable of selecting a winning team, I don't know what is.

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posted Feb 4, 2008

Every time I hear Haddens voice I want to jump of Salisbury Craggs. He is about as inspirational as a soggy fish supper on a wet Wednesday in Bathgate.

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comment by hawick (U3319534)

posted Feb 4, 2008

He's got to look at current form, not just rely on players from the World Cup. That said, Scott Murray has invaluable experience and I'd bring him back for this match, in from the cold, (he won't be picked though) he can mess up an opposition lineout like few others.

It's not actually that hard to throw into a lineout, (I did it for years) though watching Ford on Saturday you wouldn't know it, so he'd be first out the door.

It is such a basic skill!

Back row should be easy, Hogg White and Barclay could become a fine unit.

Time to admit it Frank, you got no.10 wrong. Paterson should have been given the jersey a year ago and would now be established. A year (and a WC) wasted, but better late than never.

De Luca can become a plus, Southwell in at full back and when fit Lamont (Sean variety) to come back.

Rory looks a bit unco-ordinated at this level to me.

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posted Feb 4, 2008

I am still very melancholy about Sunday. The one starting back that impressed me ws beleive it or not, Nikki Walker. Why did the other backs not impress, after all, they are reasonably good? I'll tell you why - Parks. Backs which are not given the ball and are controlled by an inept 10 will not shine, simple as that. We have the best squad we've had in a while and I am starting to wonded if Hadden is the best man man to utilise the talent.

I have said this before and will say it again: It is imperitive to stick with De Luca and Barclay.

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