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Olympic preparations on course

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British swimming star David Davies won an Olympic bronze medal at the 2004 Games in Athens.

Over the coming months on 606, David will be providing an insight into his preparations for the Bejing Games later this year.

After a few months in Australia, Iíve returned to the UK ready for Olympic year.

Back in November I took the long flight out to Australia for a two-month training camp on the Gold coast, Queensland.

British swimming has used the Gold coast for long winter camps every year since the last Olympics.

And the majority of the British team head down there to train together in top class facilities with the luxury of a bit of sun on their backs while enduring the miles being swam in the pool.

This year I decided to stay out for a longer period and remain out there over the Christmas period.

Iíd never trained on Christmas day before but in preparation for Beijing I want to do everything I can this year to help get the best performance.

Training went really well while I was out there, although getting up on Christmas morning was a bit strange and having Christmas in the sun was very surreal - it didnít feel Christmassy at all.

My family came out to spend Christmas with me however, and we had a great time doing Christmas Ozzie style with a BBQ and afternoon on the beach for a light swim.

We still pulled some crackers and had a few mince pies to keep up with normal traditions.

In between all the tough training I spent time on the beach doing a bit of body boarding and I also tried a bit of jet skiing which was amazing.

Outdoor activities in Oz are everywhere especially around the beaches so it was good to get out and about at weekends to take my mind off swimming.

At home I normally try to watch the Bluebirds (Cardiff City) at weekends so keeping up with their progress was hard in Australia as they are 10 hours in front and donít show much football.

My dad would text me the result so Iíd wake up on the Sunday morning knowing how they'd got on then Iíd read the match report on the internet.

They were slumping down the table when I first arrived in Oz but they seemed to have rallied together and are doing much better now. Iíll definitely go down and watch them when Iím back home in Barry.

The swimming world is fairly quiet at the moment. Everyone is just knuckling down with some tough winter work in preparation for next year.

The European short course championships in Hungary saw some fast swimming in 25m pool, but everyone has obviously got their minds on Beijing in August.

There was a breaking story while I was in Australia that Grant Hackett has asthma.

He is a fantastic natural athlete so I would guess it doesnít hinder him to much, heís done well so far in his career anyway.

He is loved over there and rightly so as he's a real Aussieís man. He will be the favourite again for his third Olympic Gold in 1500m in Beijing - heís the man to beat.

Now that Iím back I feel in a very good state of fitness and will be looking to build on the good work done on the Gold coast to move forward.

I have the European Championships in Eindhoven in March, which will be a good challenge before ultimately the Olympics come round in August.

Itís all happening so fast and itís going to be an amazing year to be part of.

Iíll hopefully be updating my diary before the European champs, thanks for reading.

Take care,


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posted Jan 18, 2008

Thanks for that mate. Not being a swimming man you'll have to excuse my all too obvious ignorance, but it was great to hear from an athlete using the 606 boards for talking directly to people. Good luck with this year, especially of course the big one in China. <OK>

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posted Jan 20, 2008

Hi David, thank you for contributing on the boards.
A few questions if i may?
I notice that you have already acheived the olympic A std for the 1500m free, do you expect any other Brits to acheive that standard, there are 5 others with the B std already? You say Grant Hackett has asthma? Unreal to think that the way he swims, totally awesome, but do you think that the poorer air quality in Beijing will hinder him in any way while he's staying there. I know the air will be ok in the cube, but he still has to spend sometime outdoors?
I think i have this right, and with 18men and 21 women so far able to go to to Beijing on times, with many more set to miss out having acheived the A atandard, and us having acheived full qualification in the relays by virtue of Melbournes results,do you think that we can expect to see a better medal haul than of recent games? I feel that we should have been doing slightly better,thats not taking anything away from anyones acheivements, more the fact that there are more and more countries producing good swimmers now.
Finally good luck with your preperations, and i look forward to seeing you take on Hackett in the final.

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posted Jan 23, 2008

Just a quick question regarding training.

Does it matter what temperature the water is that you train in? <ok>

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posted Jan 27, 2008

Don't think he is coming back <erm>

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