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Your favourite quotes from Melbourne

Australian Open
by Caroline Cheese (U1647853) 14 January 2008
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As usual, we'll be collating all the best and quirkiest quotes from the Australian Open this year.

Are there any you think we've missed? Let us know here and we'll be sure to add in the best.

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posted Jan 16, 2008

Djokovic08 - sorry for the "imbecile" comment, but your grasp of rugby seemed somewhat lacking. No crap team gets to the final of a world cup.

I appreciate that you want to make some anti-Brit comments, but couldn't you take them to a state-sponsered website in your country where people still buy that sh*t?

The English football team, like Scotland's Andy Murray, are talented but are not quite at the top (in Murray's case I'm tempted to add "yet").

The problem is with the media, who overhype our sportspeople. The casual fan (watches Wimbledon and no other tennis in the year, for example) reads up about how great our players are before being shocked by reality. The real fans know the deal. I've had to politely explain to non-tennis fans that Henman was actually quite good, even though he wasn't great, despite never winning Wimbledon. They didn't even think to mention the other slams (other?!)!

So maybe the daftest comments are from journalists like Overend, who was gushing about Murray just before he bombed out!

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posted Jan 16, 2008

chav, what is your favourite quote from Melbourne...?

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posted Jan 16, 2008


Sorry man! I wasnt trying to make anti-British sentiments. I was just saying what I thought of a lot of people's mindsets are. I know the media are mostly to blame for this, I mean, England are definitely top eight in football, top three or four at rugby. Personally, I dont mind over-hype to a certain extent, it's great to see, or hear, how passionate some fans are about their country, it's rather uplifting actaully! But what I dont really have time for is those same people who embrace such sentiment, but when aspirations have not been attained, or indeed exceeded, many feel the need to criticise with both barrels loaded! Sure, Murray's result on Monday was poor, but it doesnt change the fact that Britain have an outstanding prospect, and someone who is indeed at the top of his sport.

As for Henman, I feel he was unlucky to be playing tennis at a time where his game (serve & volley) was being largely dominated by players with a more all-round expertise. Still a good player, and certainly doesnt warrant all of those nearly-man comments!!

I look forward to seeing how Murray fares in the future against the likes of Nadal and Djokovic. I'll admit I love tennis, and follow it for the best part of the year, so 2008 should make great viewing.

England's national team is a grey area at the minute, with some of the most talented players in the world, even look at the youth set-up, guys like Agbonlahor coming through. Capello should be the man who brings in good, short-term goals to help get the team back on track. I'm anything but anti-British my friend, maybe I let some of this morning's headlines (especially the tabloids) cloud my judgement!

PS Im looking forward to the post-match interview with Roddick smiley!

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posted Jan 16, 2008

Whats funny is the song Ivanovic sings is a song by Maroon 5, now correct me if im wrong but didn't Sharapova date the lead singer from that band? What a small world!

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posted Jan 16, 2008

Well there's a quote right there:

"Dead frog"

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posted Jan 16, 2008

I could name a few funny quotes I have heard from the commentators so far.
They come out with some classics when play is boring or its a one sided match laugh

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posted Jan 18, 2008

so much of the commentary so far- on the roddick match-

'well they have an overhaul planned here at melbourne park'
'The question is WHAT do they have to do here?'
'Well, new courts, improved facilities, resurfacing, more courts etc'

and ANYTHING andy roddick said in his hysterical hissy fit

'Stay in school kids, orhterwise you might have to become an umpire like this idiot.'


'shall i send you a fax or an email? would you get the message faster that way?'re and idiot....'

i laughed so hard....

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comment by tjwm202 (U1115196)

posted Jan 18, 2008

"Stay in school kids; you'll end up being an umpire"
Andy Roddick

A Rod V P Kohlschreiber

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posted Jan 18, 2008

Nadal humbly blaming his below par performance on Ferrer, hilarious..
"So thank you, David Ferrer" !!

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posted Jan 19, 2008

Federer after beating Fabrice Sontoro in a Australian magazine about life at number one: "I like being number one very much, but it is sometimes like eating the same peanut butter and pickled onion sandwich every breakfast period. Except Nadal there is no one to challenge me for my number one spot. Except Djokovic, Murray, and maybe Ferrer. And they are all extremly far off the pace!" The Fed Express not being too arrogant in this strange comment in Tessies, an Australian magazine.

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