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Berbatov savages his agent!!

Premier League Tottenham Hotspur
by Marauder (U10783199) 07 January 2008
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So good to finally hear what is coming out of the great man instead off being fearful of what the red top rags would have us believe:

Finally, we can put this piece to bed and concentrate getting to WEMBLEEEEYYYY, WEEEMBLEEEY!!!!

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posted Jan 7, 2008

If Berbatov is so keen on staying at Spurs why doesn't he show his enthuiasm on the pitch. On Saturday he walked about and fell about while Robbie Keane worked his socks off unfortunately with little reward.

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posted Jan 7, 2008

ohhhh - and he is gonna do that just to appease the media and tools like you

get a life

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comment by Stev (U6790938)

posted Jan 7, 2008

And then theres one who comes on here just to flame everyone else who cares to comment on a subject just because he doesnt like what they are saying. Who needs the "life"?.

Speculation isnt the same as saying you know what someone else is thinking. Tool.

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posted Jan 7, 2008

I have the horrible feeling that, as with the sacking of big MJ, the press feel that they're getting enough fuel to keep this story running until it becomes fact. I really, really want Berba to stay, he's the best striker we've had since Klinsmann/ Sheringham (first time around) up front and works well with pretty much anyone (even Darren Bent - why can't the rumours follow him!?), but just can't see it happening. As for not fitting in at Man U - we wish, the Sheringham analogy would work well here too.

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posted Jan 7, 2008

but then there are the so-called Spurs fans comments - some I take with a pinch of salt but a few are from people I respect - or should say 'did' - you want Spurs to do better and to win things, yet you would happily see the best player we have had since Ginola leave - well done!!

Good point, the same was said about Henry, but there are obviously differences.

The sale of Berb would cements Spurs' place as a middle table team....

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comment by Tony (U5859346)

posted Jan 7, 2008

SPURS Wembley only way is on a tour . READING Next week to Beat then Manchester United not a cat in Hells chance

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comment by Dchosky (U8532550)

posted Jan 7, 2008

Believe Berbatov and you will be dissapointed when he dumps your sorry spud ass.

He is a lazy, greedy, selfish over hyped player as far as I'm concerned....sadface

he wants to leave but he's hiding behind the curtains....

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posted Jan 7, 2008

I hope he stays - sees out his contract then comes to the Emirates on a Bosman.

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posted Jan 8, 2008

Whatever man, this fool knows he aint worth more than Rooney! he scored less goals and isnt even half as good as him, it would be a great injustice seeing this sell-out at united, we dont have problems scoring goals! at most he's worth an exchange with darren fletcher! spurs can keep him, id rather have anelka!

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posted Jan 9, 2008

Hello all
“But the Bulgarian said: "It's getting absurd and I'm fed up of seeing my name in the papers all the time.
"I wish the press would leave me alone. I just want to play my game."
He added: "It's obvious that the speculation will continue to the end. But the worst thing is that I see 'my' quotes which I've never said and it's something that makes me feel bad."

I write a little bit late on the theme as usual….But anyway.

Well done, Mitko. Pls, stick to these words! Your words. Concentrate on the game of football (hope you cansmiley) no matter of the negatives and all the talking. Good decision to stay now – I personally think for an established player the January transfer window is very tricky period. It is more difficult to adapt quickly and you end up on the “losing side” often. Focus on winning. And hold on till the end of this transfer window (about the media and all the talking). But then will come summer and everything (the talks and the pressure) will start again. But that’s lifesmiley

The quote by Tottenham_Enforcer “So good to finally hear what is coming out of the great man instead off being fearful of what the red top rags would have us believe”.

I don’t think he was fearful. Sometimes you are just too busy with your job – doing it well and you don’t have time for any speculation. You think it is going to end but all the “rubbish” keeps going on and going on and then you just “fed up”. Remember he’s Bulgarian! (This is absolutely positive statement! Actually applies for everybody, everywhere)….

I fully support the comment by LordTottingham “This ongoing hounding of Berbatov is making the Media look like idiots working for the big 4. Stirring it up and unsettling a player. Dirty tricks!

It reminds me of the goons when they had Reyas, Henry and Viera. They were hounded for years and those players grew very unsettled then eventually left. No wonder Wenger signs unknowns and sells them aged 25! He can do without the hassle of the press hounding on about contract talks - and who can blame him? It really has to stop now.”

Absolutely right. And that’s why in order to “survive” in these tricky situations and constant pressure Berbatov /and any other player/ needs to have the right / the best “advisors” – people, managers, agents, etc.- who definitely want the best for the player. And then he will be “protected” somehow to all this pressure and just talking speculation. With the wrong people around him /I can’t comment on his agent because I don’t know the facts/ Dimitar Berbatov can ruin his future or not develop fully his talent and win trophies like he wants.

It is a bit odd though (don’t judge me, please! Thank you.) as I supported Arsenal for years /especially Arsene Wenger/ but also I do think Berbatov is a very talented player and can achieve a lot and also it is a pleasure to watch him playing well. When he doesn’t make any faces, but just play.

For tonight’s game I just wish it is going to be a good game. But my writing was about the subject : “Berbatov annoyed by transfer talk. The striker has admitted that transfer speculation over his future at White Hart Lane is starting to affect him. “

Let’s us wait and see what Dimitar Berbatov will do on the pitch and off the pitch /I mean about the transfers/. Hope he stick to his words.

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