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Capello's Captain?

by maxosjp (U7090269) 18 December 2007
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Alot of talk recently about a change of captain once Fabio Capello gets his hands on England, which personally i think is a great idea as John Terry's on pitch behaviour seems to be getting worse by the week (but thats a different story). I personally think Rio Ferdinand should be captain as... (a) he defends like and italian (hard but with a cool head) (b) he is very vocal (c)he's going to be a permanent fixture in the team anyway. Anyone got a suggestion for Capello's captain?

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posted Dec 20, 2007

Well my stomach will definately be "emotional" and very motionable at the time thats for sure.Ill be cleaning the vomit up off the floor for weeks if we`re made to sit through that smirking 5 times tournament flop of a player acting as if hes some sort of "legendary hero" on our tv screens when we want something new under capello.

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posted Dec 20, 2007

Captaincy is a subject which gets too much attention, i'm not Terry's biggest fan but he missed the important qualifying games, whether he would have been playing is irrelevant.People talk rubbish about having a leader a talker, motivator, pride passion Adams,Butcher, Shearer were the best players in their positions,... fact. Their personalities werebonuses but they were first on the team sheet.The current players lack the personality, and maturity to be captain, except Gerrard, however he has played nothing like his best form for england for a longtime form should dictatewho is in the team, not reputation which is what mc claren picked on Cappello wont take any rubbish he likes a big forward like luca toni, v nistelroy ibrahimovic, and 2 defensive midfielders like emerson. if ledley king was fit he would be my choice at centre half with rio, richards is still thr best option at 2 and his attacking attributes would be wasted at cb, A cole is another let down on too muuch money put Joe cole more central as he is the closest we have to a totti, deco or nedved if scholes cant be persuaded Ashton upfront with Rooney, and hargreaves or Noble in defensive positions use the pace and skill and ability to take people on of Bentley, Lennon, Ablongahor and youngout wide

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posted Dec 21, 2007

Booney, they should have presented Beckham with his 100th cap sitting in the front row of the strip club in Las Vegas.Role model my backside.

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comment by rudijay (U6325044)

posted Dec 23, 2007

Players should play if selected and be banned from club matches for refusing. We need the best players playing for England, not a second stream.
Having said that, the poor man-management by McLaren/Erickson has cause these rifts.

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comment by Ohound (U5480169)

posted Dec 26, 2007

Definitely Rio Ferdinand or Gerrard. The whole culture needs to change and removinh the captaincy is a good place to start. Then Robinson needs to go-green and carson instead, then lamps has to go-barry is better, then he has to give Joe Cole a proper chance in the team, good player. Micah Richards should start and neville should be left out. Strikers, agbonlahor, Rooney and Owen

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posted Dec 28, 2007

Carragher is a traitor to his country.

He deserves no plaudits for being a bottler and a turncoat.

Sooner he retires completely the better IMHO.

Try putting the name 'Scholes' before 'Carragher' - and see if you still agree with your own statement.

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comment by MU_FC (U14410795)

posted May 11, 2010

Well Carragher reserved his decision.

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comment by john (U10055153)

posted May 11, 2010

So Far the biggest joke is that unfunny comedian Jamie Carragher being included in the squad. He resigned, said he doesn't care about England and now wants to come back. Unbelievable

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posted May 12, 2010


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