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AC Milan crowned World Champions

European Football
by rrjpreis (U3666469) 16 December 2007
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Yokohama, Japan - 16th December 2007

European Champions A.C. Milan won the FIFA Club World 2007 beating in the final the South American Champions Boca Juniors.

A.C. Milan - Boca Juniors 4-2

1-0 * 21' Filippo Inzaghi
1-1 * 22' Rodrigo Palacio
2-1 * 50' Alessandro Nesta
3-1 * 61' Kaka
4-1 * 71' Filippo Inzaghi
4-2 * 85' (O.G.) Massimo Ambrosini

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posted Dec 18, 2007

Its impossible really to say if they are the best team: they have easily the best record in Europe over the last number of years but their league form has been getting gradually worse. One thing I will say about the CL is that too much luck is involved: in a quater or semi final its randomly drawn as to who plays their home league 1st/2nd, and whoever plays at home for the second leg has a huge advantage

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posted Dec 18, 2007

i think Ac milan are a clever team, they use there expeience brilliantly. But i think they had a HUGE advantage last season. the rested all their players in serie A before both manchester United games in the SF. Manchester United had many injuries in defence, and because they were trying to win the premier leauge , their players were not as fresh as milan's. dont get me wrong, milan played very well and deserved to beat man utd..but i do think if milan played manchester united NOW , milan would not beat man utd

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posted Dec 18, 2007

Its wrong to bring in Berlusconi and the Telespazio scandals and mafia payments to prevent the earth stations from being burnt down. And it's co-incidental that the earth sation in Milan was denied planning permission until faces changed. Not relevant and no direct link has been proven [the dead don't talk, RIP my friends].

Also it's wrong to suggest that Milan got players on the cheap. Not relevant.

The question is are they the best ? To that there is no definitive answer. They are good and have had their fair share of luck over the last year or so but that's what makes football so uncertain and interesting.

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posted Dec 18, 2007

Listen Milan fan...I NEVER said ac milan were not the most successfull team..just said that they dont have the best team THIS SEASON

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posted Dec 19, 2007

How can any Inter, Man U etc fan claim Milan is not the best of all time?

I particularly laugh at the Man U/ Liverpool fans - what have they achieved? Man U was completed r*ped in the cham league last year yet their fans are still deluded.

All english teams are rubbish irrespective of what players they buy. Like they say, if you cant crack Serie A or Premiera then play in the Premiership!

Jokers, the lot of you.

PS. Inter to get knocked out (again!!!) in the next round of cham league

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posted Dec 19, 2007

@ onlyinter:

this guy has won a couple of derbies and the scudetto di cartone (plastic scudetto) and looks like the godfather of world football. always eliminated in CL derbies v Milan, used to be the joke of the whole italy's football. even fans of triestina or catania sang " non vincete mai" (you never win)..

now, the champions that don't make a CL final since the times of Pope John XXIII act like the bosses of modern football. we don't even compare to such lightweights: we don't use Inter as a standard of comparison. we're not on the same level, and you x points more on the table can't fill the gap of decades of failures.

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posted Dec 20, 2007

nobody is the best, at one point a couple of years ago barcelona, real madrid (galcacticos), Man united (99), Juvnetus mid-90's, AC milan early 90's and now. all these teams were successful in these periods and CONSIDERED the best, there were enough teams who could chaellenge them on paper and on the pitch. that was the majority opinion, but a opinion that can be justified, instead of saying are milan the best, ask who is better.
in terms of history milan have more trophies (internationally) than any other club. but the emphasis is on now. in my opinion they are the best, because of good attacking football, experience, great coach and players (many teams have these) and success too match.
PS no team has ever been head and shoulders above the rest, however legendary teams are RM in 1950's and Milan in early 90's as wellas Brazil in late 50's to late 60's can be considered exceptions.

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posted Dec 28, 2007


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