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Capello's new starting XI

International England
by lascebollitas10 (U10544567) 16 December 2007
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We've already had plenty of good debates surrounding our opinion on Signor Capello and whether he is the right man, personally I think he is the right man and yeah an English Manager would have been prefered but do the candidates just didn't cut the mustard in my opinion.

Anyway......I think that the problem before wasn't just McClaren but the the players too and the system we were using and well bassically the whole attitude of 'chummyness' towards the big egos in the squad and the great thing about capello is that he won't have ANY of that going on so for once there are absolutly NO untouchables and this means we (i mean Capello) can now select the best XI for the job and the switch formations (if needs be) without worrying if we will be upseting any of the big name Charlies. What are everyone elses opinions on what our new starting XI should be?? Who do we think will be (or should be) dropped? Do we think Capello will finally realise that Gerrard and Lamps can't play together? Personally I think the Midfield is the place where most changes could be made, perhaps we'll see Hargreaves and Barry play in the centre. What about the Captain, Becks, Terry, Hargreaves maybe??...............

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posted Jan 3, 2008

As for the bench, the same attrubutes must apply; yet in addition these players must have the humility and patience required for the sake of the overall benefit to the team. This means (again) no egos, and an emphasis on persistance and hardwork.

So most likely, it will include Carson and Kirkland. Both have had to endure long spells on the sidelines for thier clubs and country respectively. They will wait again, and Capello will reward their patience.

For defensive cover, King and Campbell (in that priority). Bridge; likewise to the goalkeepers, he has had to endure long waits on the bench at Chelsea. (I do not rate Cole's nor Brown's chances highly.) It remains to be seen whether Terry's hypocrisy will be tolerated; the same applies for his reaction to the very real possibility of him being stripped of the captaincy. An immediate alternative right back is not apparent, but we all know Richard's can and has played there before; he will play there again.

Carrick will get an opurtunity. As will Lampard, but he must be prepared to play second fiddle to Gerrard. He has shown great maturity when being subordinated to the bench before, but I dispute his character under pressure. Beckham will be a faithful (albeit short-term) servant to the Capello regime; this will assumedly be from a substitute position. Bentley is a great player and a priceless resource for the national team's future. and yet his refusal t play for the under-21's will have been noted already. I hope this does have an adverse affect on his future relationship with Capello, yet if it does I think he will display the character (like Beckham did at Madrid) to work his way back into consideration. Joe Cole will get opportunities too; and yet the lack of other options which had given his place security in the past is no longer the case. Consequently, Young will be competing for the left attacking midfield role (and might in fact be preffered to Agholonghor in the future.)

As for the strike-force, Owen's repeated absence through injury will not go down well. however, when he is fit, Capello knows he can be a threat and will use him from the bench (albeit sporadically.) Crouch will always be an option, although almost exclusively as a substitute. Ashton is one to watch for the future; I believe as a potential start. Bent and Defoe have repeatedly shown they are incapable of performing at international level; there will be no future for them under Capello.

And so the bench will most likely be..


With the bracketed players denoting the 7 substitues allowed at non-competitive fixtures.

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posted Jan 3, 2008

this is an errikson/mclaren team and nothing like what capello will do

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posted Jan 9, 2008

richards carragher woodgate warnock/baines
bentley barry scholes young

any thoughts...................................................................

I've now amended my team to be:

richards ferdinand king baines
bentley gerrard barry j.cole
ashton rooney

foster campbell milner lampard hargreaves reo-coker owen agbonlahor

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posted Jan 9, 2008

how can any IDIOT STILL try and claim that fat frank and gerrard can still play together.

beyond belief. utter t*ts. Isnt 5 years enough evidence for you?

ffs. dohsteam

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posted Jan 9, 2008

or maybe Capello can make them work together, after all, that is the sort of thing that good managers are supposed to be able to do.

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comment by fletch (U6236393)

posted Jan 9, 2008

you're right gerrard and lampard has never worked, if sven, who's a very good manager, couldn't make it work then i can't see capello doing any better. lampard is completly inflexible and can't play any position but cm/am. gerrard is more flexible, but isn't disiplined enough and can't keep possession, which is exactly the opposite of the qualities needed to be a defensive mid to balance out lampards supposed attacking runs. it's never worked and never will.

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posted Jan 9, 2008

This thread is so funny. Everyone is speculating that Capello 'will' do this or 'will' do that.

The truth is that you don't know what his tactics and formation will be (probably because he doesn't know it either - yet) laugh.

He probably doesn't know too much about the current English players apart from watching the odd Premiership or England match on TV. He still needs to do a lot of work to find out about the players accross the country before he decides what system to use to make the best use of what he has to work with.

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posted Jan 12, 2008

why is it funny? its fun to speculate.

of course "no-one knows what his team will be". no-one is proffessing to be clair-voyant. its guessing based on prior kowledge; hence an estimate of what we THINK the team will be.

what do you THINK the team wil be?

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posted Jan 13, 2008

I can see Beckham sticking around the squad for a little while, as I believe Cappello respects him after their time at Madrid but will probably be used less and less in competitve matches.

Think its time to accept Lamps and Gerrard can't play together as well, think that Hargreaves and Barry will battle it out for a place in the centre, maybe with Carrick in there as well?

GK wise its got to be Green for me, with Carson and Foster being groomed for the future.

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posted Jan 15, 2008


I agree with you about Beckham. Short term he may still be involved but long term Capello will be looking to Bentley, SWP, Milner and possibly Lennon to fight for that position.

To me Hargreaves has to show a lot more at Man Utd to be considered for a starting place. Have him on the bench sure but Barry has pole position after his performances for England and his continued outstanding form for Villa.

Carrick I'm afraid to me is not good enough. He doesn't convince me for Man Utd or England and I can't understand why they paid 18M for him.

I think it's a crying shame Jimmy Bullard got injured at his peak as he could have really blossomed at international level.

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