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SORRY GERS AND HOOPS FANS!, ive got a couple of article sgoign on your boards, its just because you lot have the most fans !

theres been a lot of talk recently about who the next england manager will be, but i think alot of people have forgotten that scotland are without a manager as well.

i personally would like to see moyes there, hes done great at everton though i think he ruled himself out today.

so lets say hypothetically, if all the realistic scotland contenders were willing to do it (im not talking mourinho and lippi profile managers!), which one would you take?
some people have mentioned billy davies but i cant see him doing any good for us.

Roy hodgson is a good shout, but hes english, isnt he? aries22

1 - craig levein

2 - louis van gaal
kenny dalglish worries more about his golf handicap. itzastramash

3 - kenny dalglish

4 - david moyes

5 - Mark McGhee

if it is another person please put their name down and i will change it so that they replace the least favourite contender.

oh, and if you think van gaal is a candidate for a nation like scotland then you may as well go for mourinho. alkmaar67

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posted Dec 14, 2007

it has to be Souness, hes at the right age and wont use scotland as a stepping stone for a another club,and knows what its like to play and win for Scotland, yeh fair enough ppl might say he doesnt hav a fantastic CV but hes got a better one than the rest we r talking about. hes a very experienced man!

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posted Dec 14, 2007


I'm surprised you haven't considered George Burley.

Is there anywhere I could vote for him or something?


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posted Dec 14, 2007

im still for joe jordan
who else

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posted Dec 14, 2007

You could try Steve McClaren....he sounds like one of yours, AND he sabotaged England for you.

Surely that counts for something...

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posted Dec 14, 2007

So the English have bit the bullet and opted for another foreign manager....well good luck to them, I think they'll need it. As for Scotland, I fervently hope they resist any temptation to go down the same road, as I think it would be a huge mistake. However, in saying that, I also agree with a previous writer that the appointee must WANT the job and not be using it as a "stepping stone" to other things. Of course, no one can predict the future (despite what Celtic fans think!) and if the new manager is a great success, there would be tremendous pressure and incentives laid on him to move on. Unfortunately, such is life in the world of modern football.

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posted Dec 14, 2007

Billy davies gets my vote. Took preston to two play off places which in my opinion is an achievement. Also brought derby up from the championship which is a huge achievement. Granted he didnt do very well at his first crack at the premiership but lets be honest, its not easy turning a club like derby into a premiership side. Especially when he missed out on players such as nugent, even though he has not really did enough to get into harrys team for whatever reason.

Davies would be a good option i think. I think if we are honest we are not brazil or England so we are never going to be able to attract the likes of Gaal or Mourinho haha Davies has already said that he would fully commit himself for at least 5 years, and it is commitment that we need. I dont think anyone can blame Smith or Mcleish for taking other jobs, either way you have to accept that it happens in football. The most important thing for scotland now is that we build upon the good platform that smith and mcleish have left behind and really have a good crack at the world cup qualifiers! Freeeeeedom!!!!!!

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comment by U10663646

posted Dec 15, 2007

To Cheekymonkey, I agree with you on Billy Davies but going down the route with a foreign manager has failed in the past with the big German. Look how good Scotland played under a Scottish manager on both occasions after the mess they got in with Vogts at the helm.

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posted Dec 16, 2007

To alkmaar67,

"oh, and if you think van gaal is a candidate for a nation like scotland then you may as well go for mourinho."

Yeah well, England, reached the WC Quarters, failed to qualify from a group where the best teams were Croatia, only reached WC Groups, Russia, not in WC, and Israel, not in WC.

Scotland came so close to qualifying (3rd place, 2 points off 2nd) from a group where the best teams were Italy, world champions, France, WC finalists, and Ukraine, WC Quarters. Scotland weren't even in the last WC.

England are not as good as Scotland, no matter how small the country is. Alkmaar67, re-think your comment please............

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posted Dec 17, 2007

OK England aren't as good as Scotland. Yeah Right.

Maybe they haven't had a good time but I think you're mistaking the form book for the class book....on the basis that class is permanent whilst form is only temporary.

Test is, how many of your lot would get in the England squad, or, if there ws such a thing, a GB team?

Not many, I'll wager.

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posted Dec 18, 2007

Yeh, and for what reason? Because England have been the winners of many trophies throughout their history havent they? Half the problem with the English setup is that they think they have a devine right to win things. What good is it having a team of good players on paper if they can play as a team together? Like having a mercedes with no petrol in my opinion.

The Scotland situation is different now in my opinion, so many decent youngsters of quality coming through, many of them playing in europe with rangers and celtic aswell. And also a decent number of scottish getting premiership experience which helps the quality.

I think scottish internatinal football has a bright future!

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