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Is McClaren right to get rid of Robinson?

Euro 2008 England
by Jonathan Stevenson (U1987325) 21 November 2007
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Finally, Paul Robinson's luck has run out – and in spectacular fashion.

BBC Sport understands the error-prone Tottenham keeper has paid for a series of high-profile mistakes with his England place.

Not only that, but Steve McClaren is believed to have handed him the indignity of not even being on the bench for the manager's most important game in charge of the national side.

Robinson, like about 90,000 other people inside Wembley on Wednesday, will be consigned to a watching brief as England attempt to take advantage of Russia's crucial slip-up in Israel and qualify for Euro 2008.

It will be the first qualifier Robinson has missed since McClaren took over from Sven-Goran Eriksson after last summer's World Cup.

So, is McClaren right to clinically dispatch a man who has previously been his most trusted glovesman?

Robinson has suffered a lean time this season, of that there is no doubt.

He has conceded 24 goals in 20 games and has made a catalogue of mistakes in the process.

- Remember when he got caught out by a cross that led to Germany’s equaliser in the friendly at Wembley?
- Remember when he dropped Gareth Barry's corner for Martin Laursen to score when Spurs drew 4-4 with Aston Villa?
- Remember when he spilled Steven Gerrard's free-kick at Anfield for Liverpool's first goal in a 2-2 draw?
- Remember when he pushed Alexei Berezutsky's shot into the path of Roman Pavluchenko for Russia's winner in Moscow?

The fact that Robinson is not at the top of his game is not in doubt. But is now the right time to dump him below the relatively untried Scott Carson and the veteran David James in the pecking order?

The timing of McClaren's decision is what is most surprising.

For my money, McClaren has got this decision wrong

He had the chance to drop Robinson for the double-header against Estonia and Russia last month, but he turned the opportunity down.

Even after Robinson's blunders against Villa and Liverpool, with the country baying for blood, McClaren continued to back his number one.

When asked before the Estonia game if he could entrust Robinson with England's qualification for Euro 2008 and his own job, McClaren gave the following answer.

"You have to have belief, faith and trust in your players and with this squad the history of them says they perform well," said McClaren. "Yeah, I trust Paul. I wouldn't play him otherwise."

Bear in mind Robinson has conceded just one goal in four games since his Kremlin calamity, and just a month later McClaren has lost all faith in the former Leeds custodian.

Has McClaren made the right decision and should he be praised for having the guts to relegate Robinson to the stands?

Or should the England manager have stuck by the man who has guarded England's net for every single minute so far of their fight to reach Austria and Switzerland and conceded just four goals in 11 games?

For my money, McClaren has got this one wrong. Quite simply, I don't think either Carson or James are better than Robinson and it feels as though he has been dropped for the sake of it.

But let us know your thoughts.

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posted Nov 21, 2007



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posted Nov 21, 2007

Personally I would've started with Green 3 games ago. However, before kick off tonight I reckon about 95% of people were happy with the decision to drop Robinson. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, the fact is that despite obvious management failings over the last 8 years (ish) the common denominator with the "Golden Generation's" failure is a number of players. It is no coincidence that the most over-rated players in the Premier League are English - are this generation of players really any better (or worse) than those of 86 onwards? I don't really think so.........

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posted Nov 21, 2007

If McClaren ever blames the pitch in the interview. I will most proberly cry.
It was down to poor tactics.
It's like the World Cup over again, one striker on his own being fed balls that he can't commit to or do anything with.
Hopefully this will give everyone a slap round the face and realise we need help.

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comment by doug316 (U8097695)

posted Nov 21, 2007

only twopeople played positively after the equaliser, beckham and crouch, unfortunately beckham needs the ball to be passed to him otherwise hes way to deep to produce killer crosses, akin to the one that set up crouch, who was absolutely knackered and just couldnt go on after 70 minutes, a real shame that the rest of the lads didnt care about killing the game, because croatia did. thanks for the memories macca

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posted Nov 21, 2007

macca i hear burnley are looking for a new manager....

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posted Nov 21, 2007

Doug... Really? Your thanking him?

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posted Nov 21, 2007

a can such persons as Bush and McLaren make it to the top of thier profession when they are from the outset so obviuosly incompetent. Bull takes you to the top and keeps you there fcr a while too...

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posted Nov 21, 2007

A disaster for English football tonight,in my opinion the FA have got what they deserve..Mclaren should never have been appointed manager in the first place!And the decision to drop Robbo (who has an outstanding record in the qualifiers),was the icing on the cake for a shambolic qualifying campaign

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posted Nov 22, 2007

Hindsight is a fine thing but.... My previous post said this was a mistake and risky, James has played in these matches before. I know he's only 1 player but it could have made a difference.
Saying all that though we were bobbins, Absolutely stunk, embarrassing to watch etc. Im more annoyed with the players who bottled it than the manager.

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posted Nov 22, 2007

chrisparkerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr is that my friend Chirspakerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr?

And why weren't you in the office?

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