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Valderrama boycott over appearance money ?

European Tour
by crookedken (U9033432) 28 October 2007
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NO cash other than generous prize money so many many players are going to skip the season ending 'highlight' and either play in Singapore instead or just take the week off.

George O'Grady has yet to explain why he has released players from what used to be a prestige event.

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posted Oct 29, 2007

Missing in action:


As I understand the situation this week, at least as it applies to Els and Westwood, playing contracts were signed to play a tournament whose dates were subsequently revised.

In the bigger picture, and not having seen this year's "Prize Fund" yet but looking at last year's, perhaps the format of this Tournament might be revised to make it more elite.

Isn't the Top 60 money-winners too many?

Sentiment is great but is there really a place for former winners here?

Perhaps the top thirty, plus tour winners, might be an answer to better concentrate the prize money to create, say, a Euro 1M first prize?

I think that, whichever way one looks at it, the European Tour will never have unquestioned loyalty from those to whom we are not the home Tour.

But, we can be the best European Tour that we can be and there's a sense that O'Grady wants to have the best of all worlds but doesn't have the clout and falls between two or three stools.

Finchem, for instance, runs the PGA Tour like a despot, his way (or at least Tiger's) or the highway, hence occasional friction with the likes of Els, Goosen, Campbell, etc.) O'Grady needs to create more elite events to secure more loyalty and pre-eminence.

Allowing primo events to clash with those of another tour as this week is just suicidal.

Meanwhile, good luck to Chopra and Freddie as they get going again in a few minutes.

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posted Oct 29, 2007

More important for Chopra as Jacobson will surely win one day

On a list of best players never to play in Ryder Cup Jacobson must be in top 2 or 3

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posted Oct 29, 2007

Well, Chopra did it. Pity Freddie couldn't have got one of those past winners' invites for Valderama.

There could not have been a bad winner as each of the three in the shake-up adds a lot to the Tour.

More hard work ahead for Greg Owen this week in Orlando.

Martin Laird should have clinched his card for 2008.

And: Where will Rhys Davies play next year?

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posted Oct 29, 2007

Well done chopra - he's won about $5 million on pgatour and is made for life -far cry from a few years ago when he couldn't even afford a hotel room at a tournament.

He used to have a website -will see if it still exists

Owen was 12 under when he had a treble yesterday

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posted Oct 29, 2007


I see that Canizares is entered for PGA Tour Qualifying.

Who do you see as the additions and subtractions from the European Tour to the PGA Tour for 2008?

I am guessing Clarke and Howell and Westwood will primarily be in Europe. Perhaps Anders Hansen has well? Whither Greg Owen? Rhys Davies?

But Casey has said he's playing in America. Anyone else coming over for Q-School that you know of? Kjeldsen has tried in the past, Lafeber too.

Am guessing the likes of Poulter, Karlsson and Stenson will be double-dipping, plus of course Donald, Harrington and Garcia.

What do you know?

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posted Oct 29, 2007

And another thing:

The BBC has interpreted crookedken's Jacobson comment to mean Peter Jacobsen - who has actually played in at least two RC's. And in 1995 represented a fair-sized share of the "soft underbelly" of Lanny Wadkins' team. Not least when he and Faxon gave away a hole (by PJ picking his ball up) to Gilford and Seve that they could, and perhaps should, have won.

But agree with ck about Freddie . . . .

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posted Oct 29, 2007

Casey and Fasth have full cards if they want them

Karlsson is a special temporary member (what a ridiculous title)

Anders Hansen would have to go through 10 rounds of qualifying as he will be outside top 150

Levet will lose all rights -pity as he lives I think in USA

Westwood will be allowed unrestricted sponsor invites -doesn't mean he either wants them or sponsors want him of course

Clarke has failed to play 15 events on pgatour yet feels able to play in Morocco Singapore etc so presumably he's finished for good on pgatour

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posted Oct 29, 2007

That's my understanding on Casey & Fasth, but I would've thought Karlsson has lost his spec temp membership by not playing 15 events, and may be back to the 2005 Michael Campbell status.

Westwood too, and Clarke and Howell. DC & DH not in any majors either; they've got a long way to come back.

And Owen and Johnson will be in the same boat as Hansen (and Levet) if they don't make the Top 150 after this week.

(Gronberg desperately unlucky to miss the cut on Fri/Saturday - needs one this week.)


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comment by U10215987

posted Nov 1, 2007

sponsors invites aren't too clever - rafferty come on.

i think els and westwood are out of order to expect the ET to alter the schedule to suit them.

rose to win tournament and OOM.

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posted Nov 3, 2007

3 majors, unlike tennis are in the USA, this is unfortunate, but its set in history. So as we all know thats where the money is, great players go there to compete in the 3 majors, and the not so great hope to make thier fortune there. The LPGA rules the world to the point the ladies european tour is like a qualifying school, the mens version may go down the same road if it's not careful..if it wants the order of merit to accually mean something, it cant go on money.One plays 30 tournaments and finishes 3rd, One plays 12 tournaments and finshes 4th...who is better ? Why not reward points for big tournament finishes with strong fields etc and point winner is order of merit winner. Who wins most money was always flawed anyway, Els wins a select field tounament and jumps to the top, what a joke, glad he wont win it now it shows what a joke it has become

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