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Brazilian GP - McLaren's Decision to Appeal

by Archean (U1736974) 22 October 2007
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I believe KR won the title fairly and squarely, as he and Massa had the best package for whole of the race, perhaps they had the best package for last half of the season, as they amassed more points in the later half.

As McLaren announced that they are going to appeal against the decision of letting BMW/Williams get away about ‘fuel irregularities’ it seems pretty much out of desperation.

First, I believe they themselves were lucky when FIA wisely decided not to punish the driver, rather the team about that tire fiasco during the practice session.

Secondly, the only other precedent regarding the ‘fuel irregularities’ offense, has been in 90s, when the FIA decided to punish teams not the drivers, hence again making a wise choice in my view, because otherwise the drivers’ championship could become a farce.

In my view it would be better for McLaren to accept the verdict, and move on, they have a fantastic pairing of drivers in LH and FA (whether he stays or not …… is another question), and also they have an extremely quick and competitive car, therefore, they can always come back and fight ever strongly with the rivals next year.

Lastly, I think it’s high time to reconsider the drivers’ championship point system, and the winner should get ‘reasonably’ more points than the runners up/others. Perhaps may be 12, and it’s high time F1 take a leaf out of A1, and award a bonus point for fastest lap of the race, that will add a bit of spice and increase interest in the sport as well.

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posted Oct 24, 2007

Exactly the same thing could have been said about Alonso having a team-mate like Massa.

He won it with a team-mate like Fisichella.

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posted Oct 24, 2007

Hamilton will learn never to look a gift horse in the bum. Ferrari have learned the trick too. They got their constructors in Court and will only be fitting if McClaren got the Drivers in Court. I always wanted dreamed of starring in F1. It looks like instead of trying to become a driver, I should study Law instead. Cambridge and Oxford will soon become the breeding grounds for future F1 stars.

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posted Oct 24, 2007

Next season will be "Open Season" for Fuel irregularities....and there wouldn't be a thing the FIA/F1 authorities will be able to do about it. Ron Denis is not stupid, he knows what he is doing. Talk of entrapment. Next season when the going gets tough, do the fuel thing to get you out of a jam.

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posted Oct 24, 2007

There is a lot of fuss for nothing.
Kimmy won it fair and square with a good car, a good driver and a good team.
Mclaren should blame the BOSS for all the bad luck. He should have put a lid on it long ago.
Lewis is a good driver. Had quite a nice season, but only has himself to blame for not getting the championship. I assume he knew from the start that a fourth place "behind" Fernando was enough for the championship. Why did he have to trow away his luck and try to fight Fernando for position at the start. OK ... OK I know he is a rookie and as a lot to learn. With all the hipe one would think he knew better.
You know what??? I think that part of the blame for Lewis screwup has to go to the british press for all the pressure they put on a 22 years old rookie (he's a rookie after all .... even if he is british).

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posted Oct 24, 2007

Ok, fair point - I agree never let the truth or facts get in the way of a good story

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posted Oct 24, 2007

"in which he reacted to being blown away by Lewis Hamilton this season."

Being blown away meaning scoring the same number of points and the same number of wins I presume.

I think, if you read through these pages, you'll discover that Alonso beat Hamilton 10 times throughout the season while Hamilton beat Alonso 7 times. Check for yourself.

btw Don't forget that Lewis was gifted pole in Hungary and not punished in Japan (which was only half a race anyway). That's 20 easy points. Even so since Hungary Alonso scored 2 more points than Hamilton. If you don't count the "free" ones Lewis was outscored 36 points to 19.
Not that it makes much difference. Kimi did even better.

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posted Oct 26, 2007

if Alonso wasn´t Lewis´team-mate, he won´t have had such a competitive car. Alonso´s claim of helping the team are justified.

Remember the McLaren of last year. Can you remember how many races it won?....Zero.

All this talk of Hamilton winning next year are laughable.

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posted Oct 26, 2007

you got that right. Alonso tghe outsider blown away by Mr McLaren...with the same number of points.

Ron Dennis has reaped the reward of treating Kimi shabbily. Kimi moves on and voila, he bags his first WDC:

Let´s see if McLaren can prvide Hamilton with a competitive car next year.

I´m British too but find myself nauseated by the Hamilton apologists in the media.

Vettel has done well too.

Let LH develop the 08 car himself and win the WDC then the hype will be justified.

For those people watching F! from the mid 90s, do you remember the hype round a certain young man from Scotland who had 2 teams squabble over him as the next big thing to hit F1?

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comment by Archean (U1736974)

posted Oct 28, 2007

Very fairly put toks_london. I think if FA goes next year, as the pundits been predicting for many months now, I do not see McLaren improving their car as quickly as they've been doing this year. Hence, unless Lewis himself can help the team do that, and been relatively a very inexperienced driver himself, it would be interesting to see how he manage that. I guess at the end of next season we'll be in a better position to know how good LH really is ......

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comment by grumpy (U1364075)

posted Nov 2, 2007

How did Ron Dennis treat Kimi `shabbily' exactly? True, Raikkonen didn't have much luck while he was at McLaren, but that wasn't anything to do with the way he was treated. As for the development of the car, I think Pedro DelaRosa deserves a little bit of credit too...

I do take the point about the tabloid press's obsession with Hamilton though - we had it with Coulthard (although by his own admission his mistake was to leave Williams for McLaren as early as he did) and then with Button. I do think that Lewis will fulfill his promise though (he seems to be aware of his own weaknesses as well as his strengths) but in terms of this year's title - it's Kimi's and it's done.

Maybe the reason why McLaren are appealing is the hope of getting a little extra prize money to put towards the 49 million they own the FIA smiley

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