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Well done Kimi!!

Formula One
by FormulaOneFan (U1677619) 21 October 2007
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Well done kimi!

He deserves it!!!

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posted Oct 26, 2007

100% right - at last someone has nailed the situation - and spelt it properly too!!!

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posted Oct 26, 2007

Kimi left McLaren after the reliabilty woes of 2005 and bagged the WDC in his first year at Ferrari.Note his comment about being happier at the Prancing Horse....... that should tell us something

Lewis did great things in his rookie year but so did Villeneuve in 96. Jacques the lad won the title the following year. Letīs see how long itīll take Lewis..

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posted Oct 26, 2007

message to ron dennis;he cost you more than you can pay him $100m, get rid!!

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posted Oct 27, 2007

Ron Dennis should turn the page and think about next season. Does he really believe that Hamilton will be respected as a champion by disqualifying other teams on such a thin accuse? This is getting more and more pathetic.

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posted Oct 28, 2007

Why can't Ron Dennis accept he lost this season a lot? Kimi Raikkonen is the right champ. Kimi does deserve this title! Although I'm a Alonso fan and I was really strucked by the bashing on him here. There must something have not be right there. DC complained often in the past as well, Kimi left and he got his well deserved glory. There's something not right with Dennis arguments to make a case about Kimi's title. I'm sad, very sad because I've lost my love for my long term fave team McLaren. What a bugger....(Apologises for the grammar, I'm Dutch....)

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posted Oct 29, 2007

toks_london >> you wrote:
"kimi would have b lown him away......and not thrown away an 18 point lead."

Kimi did blow Hamilton away - like hell did - no problemo dude

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posted Nov 3, 2007

Lewis blew ALL of the doubters away in his debut F1 season. Ferrari and Kimi were LUCKY.

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posted Nov 4, 2007

valiantKingLion >> like hell he blew everyone and everything away, including a 17 point lead - frittered away with only 2 races left - the kid even blew away his Stevenage UK residence and finds himself in Switzerland - just an upstart with no clue on how to win a F1 title - he'd never win one with McLaren - very deceitful kid, this Hamilton - writes a book yet wants no attention - happy to use the media to slag off Alonso, yet wants to media attention - even his die-hard fans now see the 2-faced Hamilton and the deceitful nature of the kid - good riddance to bad rubbish - the UK place he's vacated will be quickly filled by a Polish Plumber or Builder, a lot more useful than Hamilton

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comment by Xynoxx (U8877892)

posted Nov 5, 2007

I wanted Kimi, or Lewis to win. Kimi won, and I'm pleased. Very pleased.

And yes, I second this: throughout this season, Lewis blew the opposition away. He, or his team, screwed up at the end. Kimi is the "tortoise" who held his course, and won.

Dennis should live with it.

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