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European Football Wales
by waeffe (U8047225) 17 October 2007
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Okay, just watched the first half of San Marino Vs Wales.

There has been talk of the meaning of putting on the Welsh shirt....I noticed only one....ONE, player singing before KO!!!!
Considering the effervescent way some of the teams in the rugby world cup have sung (thinking of Portugal and Argentina), this representation of our nation is disgraceful.

Maybe the 'players' should go back to infants school. Not to learn the basics of their sport, but to learn how to sing from their hearts and souls?

All in all, a dire, desperate change after being awed by rugby for the past several weeks.

Well, full time. Nothing much improved. Some comment about supporters making the effort to attend (if many of us had the cash then we might do the great thing there reallY).

Ooh, final whistle thank goodness, glad SM scored, almost wanted a win for them.

One word....PASSION. At least the lads from our rugby team showed that!!!
The guys in the studio and scared of saying something that may offend their 'mates'. Can't blame them really I supose?

Shame, shame....only four years till the next 'real' world cup (oval shaped). Kinda puts into perspective the results we had in France eh? Not so bad in comparison.

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posted Oct 18, 2007

I have been a wales fna coming from a welsh family and born in england,i think the time has come for some fresh ideas and sadly this means it is time for toshack to go.

bellamy should be kept as capt as if you watch he is the only player really to have ran his legs off

i noticed that jackett said no to the millwall

we should have coleman and jackeet as manager

bring back savage in the middle and stop picking low divison players

start looking at the premier teams and pick the res lads i.e evans at mancity and cottril at wigan

what do u think?

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posted Oct 18, 2007

I have thought the world of bellamy till now...Welsh suppoters went all the way to Cyprus to watch the wales team give a dire performance. lose badly and not play with any pride. So to get 500 traveling away fans at san marino is incredible, and bellamy should be greatfull they turned up to support the team.

i heared the start of the first half on the radio and before the kickoff the fans were singing. The performace was poor against san marino and welsh fans desrevd to be completely angry at the players for this. Bellamy owes an apolagy for saying what he did about the welsh fans. He is supposed to be the captain of our NATIONAL football team!!!

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posted Oct 19, 2007

i watched the game and in fairness you could hear the fans singing 'we're shite and we know we are!' and 'do you really give a feck?'!! (had to change spelling in order to post!)

while both of these points could be true it's still hard to take as a welshman hearing that from fellow welshmen!! who knows what else was said to individual players as well.

fair enough, they have been dire in the last 2 games but abusing the players is not the way to go. i defended toshack the other day for publicly having a go at the players but now i must say that although his points were valid, all it's done is encourage people to jump aboard the 'slagging off bandwagon!'

yes we drastically need to improve but at the end of the day, some players have turned their backs on the nation so lets stick with the players we've got and see how far tosh can take them. think he needs better assistants with him as well and maybe bring in 1 or 2 of the under 21's.

constructive criticism is fine, abusing players is not!!

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posted Oct 19, 2007

completely agree about the national anthems, having been at the argentina r.s.a rugby match last sunday, it wasnt only the teams that were belting the anthem out, but many of the argentine support sitting around us had stream of tears running down their faces during them as weel. thats national pride for you!

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comment by bigcoop (U3799011)

posted Oct 19, 2007

Vince Alm, Cardiff City supporters club spokesman, said Bellamy should have been more professional in his views.

He told BBC's 5live: "I take his point that we should support the team.

"But to come out and say we were vicious, I think he should be a lot more professional, keep his mouth shut and his views to himself."

Is the irony lost on just me??

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posted Oct 20, 2007

I was at the San Marino game and although disappointed with their performance, feel that we must give our full support to the players.Many are young and have great potential.Some of the chants and comments about players were ridiculous and would obviously have effected the spirit of the team on the night.What is the point of going to games if we do not get behind the team ? We have always backed them and given great support regardless of results. We must keep this spirit going and support our Welsh team.

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posted Oct 22, 2007


I too am a qualified coach, and I agree with what you say regarding coaching.

However I wasn't comparing the home nations to countries of vastly different culture, leisure time passtimes, and financial wealth. I was comparing them with each other.

And questioning how certain people percieve success and failure.

The original comment I was responding to was from a Scottish fan who was criticizing Northern Ireland for their poor show in the European Championship qualifiers.

The comment was way off the mark, as the Northern Ireland Team and coaching staff should be very proud of themselves and what they have achieved. The fact that they still have a mathematical chance of qualification with 2 games remaining shows great progress.

In the last 2 years N.Ireland have beaten England, Spain and Sweden at home and travelled to Denmark and Sweden and drawn.

All I was asking for was a bit of perspective and credit for some of the teams without vast resources.

The same goes for Scotland who regardless of what happens in their last game should be proud of their teams efforts.

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posted Oct 22, 2007

i agree, the game against Rep Ireland should be at Ninian. The atmosphere would be top drawer and only the 'real' supporters will be there. None of those fakers who turned up against Italy when we beat them 2-1.

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posted Oct 24, 2007

I don't think that the FAW will be able to move the game to Ninian Park. Many people,myself included, bought block tickets at the start of the qualifying campaign. For instance,i purchased my tickets for the Upper Tier,which is less expensive than the Middle Tier and the same price as the Lower Tier. So if the game was moved to Ninian,the FAW would have to refund money to the people that bought block tickets for the Middle Tier as it would not be fair on them to have paid more money than anybody to watch the game and yet be sitting next to someone who only paid 15 quid for their ticket.

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