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Europe vs NBA

by Peter (U8626539) 10 October 2007
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Most basketball fans from European countries with a strong basketball tradition follow their leagues and the European league ahead of the NBA. I am writing this article to invite British fan to have a look at European basketball games.

Yesterday in the first game of Europe NBA Live in Spain, Memphis Grizzlies lost to Unicaja Malaga (from the Spanish league ACB, widely considered the second best after the NBA) The other game in recent years that confronted and NBA and ACB teams was won by Barcelona against the Sixers last year.

European players (in this I include South-Americans, since most of them play since their teens in Europe) are every year leaving the top European leagues to go to the NBA. This was first a matter of pride to their countries of origin. But now it is becoming a problem and it is only the recognition and fabricated aura of invincibility that make the players wanting to go to the NBA.
Despite the great lost of talent that European clubs are suffering; in recent times it has been shown that the level of competition in the NBA is not better than that in the European competitions and are now more often than not losing games against European competition.
I like to give a few points, so you can comment on them:

1. Why did Jasikevicius failed where lesser players like Tony Parker, Leandrinho Barbosa and Calderon succeeded? NBA prefers the uni-dimensional player that can do one thing well, that talented players than know the game inside out. A bad thing for J.C. Navarro, I guess.
2. It is outrageous that great European players that we all know are great are not considered great by US and UK basketball fans until they prove themselves in the NBA. This is despite been Olympic or World Champions. It is like me saying that AI or Wade are mediocre due to their very unflattering games against top European teams.
3. Most people could predict at least 12 of the 16 play-off teams in the NBA. When playoff comes you find unsurprisingly that most teams do not know how to compete, and funny enough many of those that now are either loaded with Europeans (Spurs, Jazz, Cavs) or the Pistons (who actually play the most European style in the NBA) 82 games regular season kills the show since the games are not nearly as hardly fought as in Europe were almost every game is vital to both teams.

That’s all please comment if you will on the article… Thanks

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comment by Azza (U9852837)

posted Oct 19, 2007

I think what englishpower is trying to say is that, one of the only ways Britain can take more interest in the sport is to embrace European basketball as it's closer to home. British basketball is taught and played the European style so we need to take notice and get involved more if we are going to progress.

On the same note it's wrong to blame or ridicule the NBA as in terms of quality and entertainment then it's the best arena to gauge the sport. It has evolved now into a more entertaining sport as opposed to the more technically and tactical European style of play. I've played against Russian, Polish and Italian internationals and they're excellent when executing they're jump shots, running they're p&r's and organising Zonal defenses, but there really isn't a lot of creativity which is what I think Europe lacks.

As a spectator and player I appreciate good technical basketball but I'd would rather watch Lebron go for an alley oop dunk or Kidd make a between the legs pass, any day.

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posted Oct 22, 2007

US college ball has a great atmosphere which the NBA lacks.

Steve Nash is MVP two straight years; the Europeans and those of other countries like Nowitzki, Tony Parker, Ginobilli are the best players in the NBA, so if San Antonio had a good showing versus the Greek teams, look at their team as a whole.

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comment by kambge (U7529559)

posted Oct 27, 2007

Greece 101

USA 95

proves european sides can produce top quality sides, greece spain and italy are great examples, and lets not forget other emerging nations, lithuania are looking good, france have always been good. However the european level has always considered to be second to the NBA, and rightfully so, we need to introduce top level basketball to europe as well, in order to increase its popularity.

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posted Oct 30, 2007

when you talk about popularity.. its up to TV channels to pay the money & show the NBA, it was getting very popular back in the late 80's & 90's CH4, I recall used to show the NBA finals,
Celtics v lakers rivalry & I when the bulls were on the march in the 90's, I even got into it myself, bought a back board & rim, put in my garden & me & my mates used to have lots of fun...
its now rotting away rusted & dead.. just like the terrestrial TV coverage over here!!

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posted Oct 30, 2007

boxing4real.. yeah it took a 'Canadian to bring the sport to u dumb yanks! & your not going to dominate the game anymore. who won the world championships?? I guess that why you stick to your own league (NBA) don't want the world to show you up at your own game(invented by a canadian)!laughlaugh

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posted Nov 1, 2007

"comment by thyra7

proves european sides can produce top quality sides, greece spain and italy are great examples, and lets not forget other emerging nations, lithuania are looking good,"

For the record, it is not clear what you are stating in saying developing nations;

Lithuania won the European Championship in '03: What is amazing, they also won it before WWII, twice in '37 and '39. So they are clearly not a merging power. I think, they probably have the best basketball per capita. They also have a number of Olympic medals.

With the NBA there is a parallel with the EPL; lots of stars; but in national competitions? Often faltering.

Basketball was a great professional sport at one time in America; it will still rake in plenty but I believe has lost a lot.

And don't laugh too much at the game Naismith developed as being a Canadian because I believe it was developed in the USA and he lived in the USA as when he invented it and afterwords as well. Anyone can research this.

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posted Nov 5, 2007

NBA is like a great girlfriend... she can do loads of tricks in bed, put a smile on your face and keep you entertained for hours.

European Basketball is like a good wife.. not so entertaining, but effective, efficient and hard-working trying to do all the housework and go to work as well. She does not have time to mess about with fancy dunks and under the legs passes... and that's what makes her less entertaining.

Just like every man, I think the true basketball fan needs both in order to be psychologically balanced.

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posted Nov 5, 2007

grr to NBA!

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posted Nov 9, 2007

I can't stand NBA.. it's designed to have one or 2 players lead the team and play pitiful defense. NCAA on the other hand is far more exciting. I think European basketball mirrors American Collegiate basketball.. team play with differing styles

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posted Jan 4, 2008

İbrahim Kutluay (Fenerbahçe) is now a player of PAOK-Greece. He escaped from Turkish military duty (service)!

grr to İbrahim Kutluay

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