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Lewis Hamilton (Unofficial) F1Champion 2007

Formula One
by Hammerette (U8611025) 30 September 2007
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Wow. 2 races of the F1 season to go and British rookie Hamilton is almost the new F1 champion. True mathematically Alonso could overhaul him but the one thing that Hamilton has is his consistency so I expect to see Lewis finish the races. Only twice has he dropped out of the top 3 whereas the others have faltered at times with crashes and car trouble.

With treacherous conditions in Japan where cars skidded all over the place, Hamilton managed to hold his nerve and just head for the chequered flag whereas Alonso was unfortunate to crash out.

For Hamilton to win in his first season would be a phenomenal achievement. There were question marks from former drivers who questioned whether it was the right thing to do putting a youngster like Lewis into the McLaren driver's seat and he has proved them wrong again and again.

The mind games and tactics from Alonso and Hamilton this year will ensure us we will have a great rivalry in these years to come. But I'm sorry Alonso but your time is over mi amigo. Step aside while the rookie takes your place.

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posted Oct 22, 2007

here... shutup

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posted Oct 24, 2007

another english plastic driver.
james hunt nigel mansell,say no more!
do the talking in the world championship!

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posted Oct 24, 2007

How better to ‘endure’ than with humour? One of the four main characteristics, cheerfulness in the face of adversity is made possible only by humour, which although apparently superfluous to effectiveness is actually fundamental to the way we operate. A sense of humour allows us to come to terms with demanding situations, whether it be the physical hardship or the fear and uncertainty of our times. We have our own particular humour; no matter how grim the situation we manage to see the funny side. If a teammate is injured we’ll immediately give help and assistance, but we’ll also be inclined to offer gentle ridicule rather than sympathy! This sort of humour can seem incomprehensible to an outsider but to us it is second nature; we’d expect nothing else! Our unique humour allows us not only to endure hardship, but actually to enjoy enduring!



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posted Oct 26, 2007

Id expect nothing less from someone whos favourite player is Dado Prso lol.

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posted Oct 26, 2007

oh yes 'dantheman' is a very confused person alright.
hes the kind of guy who sings the english national anthem,yet boos a player from his own national team because of his reigion,or witch club he plays for!

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posted Oct 27, 2007

here lazy, the ENG national anthem is the same as the NI national anthem actually <doh>

and i never booed Lennon and didnt like it when he stopped playing internationally cuz of death threats.

'MON THE GERS' tho!!! :-D

and mourinho, Dado Prso was an amazing player! truly gifted individual!!! :-D


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posted Oct 29, 2007

go to admire your LOYALTY.
its a pity the current manager at ibrox wasnt cut from the same cloth as yourself and alex mcleish

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posted Oct 30, 2007

...a nice red silky cloth

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posted Oct 31, 2007

There’s this campaign, “If you’re having sex tonight, make sure you get consent.” What sort of society is this if we have to remind people not to rape? “I’m going out tonight, few pints, some rape.” “You can’t rape. It’s illegal. Saw it on telly.” “What?! You mean you’re not allowed to rape?”

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posted Nov 2, 2007

My dad always used to say, "Fight fire with fire." Probably why he was sacked from the fire brigade.

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