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NHL new season

by mallas11 (U9720039) 27 September 2007
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seeein asthough elite league hockey aint all that cracking, can we have a comment thread about the nhl please. trades, teams, injury's anything. sound good?

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comment by ychabot (U9807450)

posted Sep 29, 2007

Hi all, from Ottawa- Canada.

It's nice to see strong interest for hockey over in England (we just call it hockey here- I remember the bewildered look of people when I was over there and said I played hockey--eluding to field hockey.. i digress). In contrast we have the same problem with football here-- unless it's the last few legs of the champions league it is very difficult to catch much football, also with the five hours difference, I drive the lady mad waking up at 7:00 a.m. on saturday or sunday to catch some premier league games. Come here between October and June and you will not have a lack of games.. over 1300 are played a season!

11Plommer-That's great that you can get hockey night in Canada! Don Cherry=Classic

mallas11- I would wager on Jonathan Toews to win the Calder trophy- playing for the blackhawks, a very weak team who needs offense and he's got it. Very rarely do defensement win those accolades, along with goalies they develop at a slower pace than forwards.

-Anze Kopitar who will be playing today (Los Angeles)
-Evgeni Melkin (Pittsburgh) who is now centered by Petr Sykora
-Alexander Radulov (Nashville) who is taking over Paul Kariya's ice time

If you want some good sites of info let me know.

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posted Sep 29, 2007

Regarding sophomores, you forget to mention Paul Stastny (Avs) who has somewhat slipped under the radar due to Malkin and Crosby's efforts at Pittsburgh. I'm also intrigued by goaltender Jaroslav Halak at Montreal, since he went 7-0-0 at the Bell Centre last season and yet was atrocious when I saw him last week in pre-season. Personally I'm backing Toews for the Calder as well, will be very interesting to see, as rumoured, if they play him on a line with Patrick Kane (no.1 draft pick this year) and how they get on, although there's bound to be a 'growing-in' period.

And in agreement with others on here, after putting up with 5's late-night coverage of the play-offs back home, Hockey Night in Canada is something else!

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posted Sep 30, 2007

ychabot Id like the information about those sites if you wouldn't mind.

Mallas11, I don't expect Bobby Ryan to make a huge impact this year, but I believe that he will have some impact. I mentioned him purely because he played for my OHL team Owen Sound Attack and I was very impressed with him, he is a good prospect. I was really pleased he got the only Ducks goal (and his first NHL goal) yesterday.

Hockey Night in Canada is fantastic, just wish that I was able to watch it from the UK!

A little bit off topic but does anyone know when the decision regarding John Tavares and the NHL draft will be made?

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comment by ychabot (U9807450)

posted Oct 2, 2007

I recommend:
This is basically the Canadian equivalent of Sky Sports
main competitor of TSN

all great sites

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comment by hmfc91 (U8536979)

posted Oct 2, 2007

i watch edinburgh capitals every week for the last 5 years and i thouroughly enjoy and some games it does get more attendances than 1st and 2nd division football teams however i have noticed that the same people have sat in the same seats for a number of years with a lack of new face appearing. i feel that not enough is being done to advertise ice hockey ,i have asked numerous friends to come and watch and they dont seem to be interested and this has to change

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posted Oct 2, 2007

To Scully86 - you can watch Hockey Night in Canada in the UK, I do it every weekend. It's on NASN Saturday night at midnight showing a game involving a Canadian team from the east coast, usually Toronto, followed by a game involving a western Canadian team. It's then repeated during the daytime on Sunday in case you can't manage to stay up. NASN also used HNIC's coverage for all last seasons Stanley Cup final games.
Saturdays match at the O2 came from the HNIC team, Sundays came from the NHL Versus channel. Absolutely no comparison, the Canadian coverage is far superior to the American version. Hope everyone realised that it was shown on NASN freeview and so subscription wasn't necessary.
CBC.CA is also great for hockey news and clips from the HNIC programmes can be seen. Coach's Corner with Don Cherry is not to be missed!!!

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posted Oct 3, 2007

duuuuude do not insult the don cherry.
and from the first 2 games looks like corey perry is gonna have a pretty gud season, same with cammelari, AND HE WOULD HAVE BEEN A LEAFS PLAYER IF WE DIDNT BUY AKI FRIGGIN BERG

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posted Oct 4, 2007

Anze Kopitar is a hugely impressive player. like Stastny he was also under the radar cos of Sid the Kid and Malkin. Also dont forget Jordan Staal. he played a fantastic supporting role last season. Being a Pittsburgh fan i was hugely impressed with him, and was lucky enough to see them all in action last season. I am though dissapointed they decided not to play Kris Letang this season.

I expect Kopitar to push on and possibly outscore Cammaleri, who by the way is an outstanding player himself.

I must say i dont know what to expect from any of this years draft picks. Im sure we will get a better knowledge in around a months time!

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posted Oct 4, 2007

kopitar isnt the only one improving though, so expect cammelari to push his numbers up, and depending on the lines i think frolow will benifit from kopitar and camalari and maybe just get a 40 goal season. and too true about stastny but hes gonna hav a reli good season, hat trick in his first game.

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posted Oct 8, 2007

Hello from the City of Champions! Oilers new rookies have started off the season well with two wins and another game tonight at a decent time of 5pm! After the debacle of last season, things look good right now. ok

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