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Just imagine...

Formula One
by indiopepe (U1914635) 25 September 2007
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Alonso wins his 3rd DWC with Mclaren.

Then he leaves for Ferrari.

And becomes 2008 DWC

4 years in a row with 3 different cars...wouldn’t that rank over anything anybody has ever done?

would it be enough for most of you to don’t consider Alonso lucky, a cheater, and so on...

I know he can act like a little prat sometimes, but you have to give him the respect he deserves.

Please tell me, I know Lewis leads this championship and it’s not clear where Alonso will go (if he leaves mclaren) next year, but if this series of event happen....would you once and for all give him some credit?

I would like to know it NOW, just in case we have to talk about it in 1 year…

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posted Sep 26, 2007

That would take common sense smiley

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posted Sep 26, 2007

I think Fernando Alonso should never have left Renault for McLaren in the first place. He was happier and didn't have to put up with the stupid taunts of being called a dangerous driver (a quote from Lewis Hamilton after the Eau Rouge incident). I don't think Fernando gets treated fairly in that team as someone said Lewis is Ron's baby and god forbid he should be upset.

Fernando is an incredible driver, I mean he proved that by taking Micheal Schumacher's crown from him twice. It seems to me that Lewis wines alot if things don't go his way. I mean he forced Massa wide in the first corner at Monza and got lifted back onto the track by a craine in Hungary after going off and he has the cheek to call Fernando a Cheat and reckless driver who "was deliberatley forcing him off the road" Yeah OK Lewis.

When this season first started i thought Lewis would be an OK team mate for Alonso then I thought ITV's constant chat about Lewis was going to put me off him for life but by making those ridiculous comments about Fernando at Spa he has without a doubt done that by his own measures.

Although I'm Scottish I will be going Fernando all the way and hope he moves away from Mclaren if he gets the chance as they obviously don't really want him there anyway!!


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comment by phil (U6270570)

posted Sep 26, 2007

If Ron Dennis has any sense, put Alonso o ardening leave for the rest of this season and all of next and pay him to sit at home doing nothing constructive. That should come easily to Alonso. He simply is ot worth the grief. A reasonable driver he may be but the baggage that comes with it makes Dennis' decision to hire him clearly not one of his best. The sooner Mclaren get rid of him one way or the other the better.

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comment by F1adict (U7304133)

posted Sep 26, 2007

Some of these comments saying Alonso should be dropped make me laugh!, a double world champion suffering within a british team with a british driver! and he is the one who should be dropped.

Alonso himself has not brought success to McLaren but it is still up to the driver and for the driver to feedback to the team that helps ensure a winning car - nobody can doubt that Alonso has done this far more than Hamilton.

Raikkonen is also very over-rated as a driver. In his first season with Sauber he was very much on a par with Nick Heidfeld, particularly in qualifying, yet it was Raikkonen who got the McLaren drive!, he was quicker than Coulthard at McLaren but then hasnt every team-mate of his proven faster!

I would love to see Raikkonen and Alonso in Ferrari's next year - a strong pairing with Fernando leading the pair. What a combination against Button and Hamilton - i know where my money would be!

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comment by Xynoxx (U8877892)

posted Sep 27, 2007

"After the way Ferrari stitched up MacLaren they are welcome to Alonso"

Hello?! So you are now suggesting that Ferrari PLANTED the documents? If it's a "stitch-up" as you have maintained, that's what it would have to be.

Somebody steals your stuff, and YOU stitched them up?! Well, here's something to get your synapses jumping. The Italian prosecutors are now working on the possbility of money having been paid for the docs. It ain't over yet...

Montoya on Hamilton. (Groan) More desperate moves to detract from Hamilton's capabilities. A lot of short memories around here. Have you already forgotten about Montoya's own "happy" sojourn?

Alonso's "suffering". Alonso "suffered" because he expected a rookie he could walk over, not someone who would crush him, and lead him in the championship race.

Alonso (and his advisors) should have done their homework before signing with McLaren. He expected prima donna "respect". he didn't get it. His psyche was not strong enough for him to fight back, as a true champion should have. So the poor thing "suffered". And thos emoans about a British team. How many times do people have to be told that F1 is INTERNATIONAL? Alonso was in a French team before. He bitched about Renault too. He actually once said the team was working against him. Or has convenient amnesia set in?

Gawd. How far are some people going to bend to excuse the dummy-thrower?

I believe that many on here simply cannot handle the fact that Hamilton beat him (like Alonso himself). Hence all the contorted excuses.

As for those supposed Hamilton mind games. You will find many commentators saying and writing thst it was ALONSO who started the mind games...and failed. He simply got a does of his own medicine in return. Poor dear.

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posted Sep 27, 2007

Why would an honourable Ferrari team want a driver who knowingly accepted illegal information about a team and threatened his team boss with it?

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posted Sep 28, 2007

Frankly it wouldn't change my opinion of Alonso in the slightest. Because nothing about Alonso would have changed either - still morally corrupt and a selfish non team player.
However it won't happen. Ferrari will not employ him, end of story. And I'm surprised anybody else would want to after the blackmail shenanigans. If I were Alonso, I'd head back to Spain and manage a vineyard......

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posted Oct 1, 2007

Hopefully Alonso will be racing with Scalextric cars haha!

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posted Oct 1, 2007

You would think a double world champion would not need preferential treatment to beat a rookie, or maybe as Lewis said he's not a very honourable person, as proved by his remarks to Ron Dennis regarding the text messages.

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posted Oct 5, 2007

sugoiii I feel you miss understood me.

It is Alonso's deplorable behaviour I wrote about not RD's.

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