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I'll miss you Jose

Premier League Chelsea
by Owen P - BBC Sport (U9714939) 20 September 2007
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Jose Mourinho

At the time of a big managerial casualty/mutually agreed exit/carefully planned and controlled departure/sacking (please take your pick), the usual "no one man is bigger than the club" line is trotted out time and time again - and while that is absolutely correct, Jose Mourinho was as close as you are ever going to get to shattering that illusion.

So while we're using well-worn football cliches, I feel genuinely "gutted" to see Jose leave Chelsea. Jose with all his methodology and mind games, is without doubt a genius and getting rid of him is a huge mistake.

Yes he had more money at his disposal than any other manager in world football but as everyone was quick to point out on his arrival (Arsene Wenger and Sir Alex Ferguson to name but two), “money doesn't guarantee you success".

Just look at his predecessor, the universally popular Claudio Ranieri.

I liked Claudio. He was a decent manager, likeable and entertaining and he conducted himself with dignity despite being treated shabbily by owner Roman Abramovich.

But the fact is, he lacked the extra "special" something that separates the good from the great.

Jose didn't - he has it in abundance, and was happy to tell us so.

But he backed up his bravado and I, and Chelsea fans, loved him all the more for it. Sure he sometimes overstepped the mark but show me a top class manager who is popular with his club's fiercest rivals and absent from that list will be winners like Ferguson, Wenger and Benitez.

As a Chelsea fan you had such faith in Mourinho, hardly ever questioning his tactics and selections. Even if you were a little unsure, not even Jose is perfect, ninety-nine percent of the time he was generally proved correct.

To someone who grew up watching Chelsea struggle to have an FA Cup run beyond early January and whose league season tended to end before it had started, it was a wonderful feeling to have unshakeable faith in the man in charge.

Jose swept into Stamford Bridge not giving a stuff who he offended, the bilionnaire owner included. He promised the world but the bare facts are that he delivered.

He delivered a first Premier League title in 50 years; he delivered back-to-back championships. He won the League Cup twice; he won the FA Cup and given time I'm convinced the Champions League would have followed.

Last season, despite the off-field squabbling we won both domestic cup competitions, finished runners-up in the league and missed out on a Champions League final because of a penalty shoot-out.

The greatest shame is that left to his own devices, I have no doubt Mourinho would have continued to deliver but he was not happy with the interference from above.

Avram Grant's arrival as director of football/manager in waiting further undermined his authority and the uneasy truce brokered in the summer fooled no-one.

Roman wanted more style, Jose wanted more backing. Something had to give and that obviously meant bye bye Jose.

But after little more than three years in charge, Jose has managed a lifetime's worth of impact.

He never lost a home League match - if that's not special, I don't know what is. Thanks Jose you will be sorely missed.

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posted Sep 21, 2007

I always believe that its great for the manager to have both responsibilities and full powers on matters of the dressing. I think its very unfortunate that we have lost a great coach (his very few mistakes not with standing)but I totally agree with him.

In the event that your employers do not have the same belief, methods of doing things and/or philosophy, there is no need to pretend that you are comfortable with the situation.

Life is too short to live grumbling. Of the two (Chelsea & Jose), now that they did not have a common ground on how to handle club matters, its him who could leave and for that I respect him for a great & bold man he is

However much as Roman has the cash for which the Blue revolution has taken shape he has to team up with the right people and give them the trust and support.

Just imagine if Jose had been interfering in Roman's methods of conducting business? Would he (Roman) have appreciated that interference?

The stability of any team sometimes can only be guaranteed by employing the right people over a period of time so as to achieve consistence.

Thats one of the reasons a team like Man U has had great success. But look at Chelsea and the number of Managers we have had in the last 15 years; Vialli Gullit, Ranieri, Jose & now Grant plus a few others before them but in the near past.

Letting go of managers after a short spell is not healthy for a club that would like to leave an ever lasting mark in the history of world soccer.

I pray that Grant builds on the success Jose has achieved though I think he has an uphill task of getting that dressing room in order

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comment by jjbltn (U7713093)

posted Sep 21, 2007

The greediness of Roman Abramovich, can been seen through his wealth. This notion of nagging on the Manager/ Jose Mourinho to win the Champion league twice, and play the flary game that those kids from arsenal play is just ridiculous. He never anderstands that it takes time for a team to build up and become a "brend" as they call it. The like of SAF 21 years at ManU, with the won trophies, Arsene WENGER..., Mourinho has won 6trophies in 3 years this would statistically lead to the following analysis: in 21 years/ he would probably win: if 6 trophies are won in 3years, so how many would they be won in 21 years? So, the probability would be,6 X 21/3 = 121/3=40 trophies!!! But the ominous momantum has been stopped dramatically by a greedy, fat cat brainless owner who knows only one thing:"MY MONEY MUST BUY ANYTHING I WANT ". The money from russian oil gained EASILY with the late B ORIS YELTSIN's help fraudulously make him think that he can win/or rule over the world because he's got money. Jose Mourinho was not willing to be part of the dark business with RA, that's why he was pushed.This is why they negotiated to pay him out to stop him revealing the secrets of the club to the press, something many clubs do not do. I have never heard anything like that before!! Which secrets are they talking about??? We will now undoubtedly see the influx of Russian players into the PL. Jose Mourinho was a players man, he bought many africans what was not one of RA's choices/or will. He'd love to see JM buy more Russians than players from other countries... let's wait and see.. time will tell... Real Madrid is the biggest footbal club in the world, but took long time before the got there..

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posted Sep 21, 2007

Jose brought glamour and competition to the english premiership and nobody can take that away. He put African players on europe's most priced league, I thought that he broke the so-called racial barriers and was comfortable with the players on and off the pitch and gave the press a run for their money.
One thing for sure was that the stanford bridge board was not able to tame this young man and one thing have to go and thats Jose.
As a true blue am really taken aback by this development and hope that Grant will win the coveted trophy this season to satisfy Roman, if not he might be fired and then Roman will be the owner and coach.
In fifty years there was no premiership title and this guy delivered it back to back, got other silverware, but it was not enough. lets see the magic man and hope that lots of water will not pass under the bridge.

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posted Sep 21, 2007

JM is a Genius who has Football mastery and skills @ his Fingertips.....Time will tell if Chealsa was Right to have parted with a Guy...who set Targets and Exceeded..

John Bolaji

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posted Sep 22, 2007

Chelsea have blundered big style.

He won the champions league at porto, and would undoubtedly won it at chelsea if the owners had left him 100% in charge and not interfered which probably explains the teams recent displays.

The team did not need ballack or shevchenko, who for me are also rans, part of mourinhos skills was that he took good players and gelled them into a team that was special.

I expect to see a chelsea collapse now similar to porto did when mourinho left there with his players not performing as well without their true boss.

Jose good luck wherever you end up and I hope you find another club soon, turn them into a superpower, then dump Romans chelsea out of champions league 1st round!

Roman you have made a big mistake and I suspect the vast majority of fans knows so.

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posted Sep 22, 2007

I was never a football fan and Jose made me interested in EPL. For the last 3 years Im supporting Chelsea and watched almost all the matches. I love Jose. Im sure he will make even bigger. I wish him and his family all the best. May GOD bless him. We love you Jose. Im no more supporting Chelsea even though I like most of their players. Roman simply dont understand what football is all about. Request him to take a leaf out of ManU and Arsenal book and learn how they treat their managers even if the results are not going their way. I agree you spend money, but so did clubs like ManU. You cant buy success, just look Real Madrid when they had all the stars recently. If you really wanna see Chelsea at top give manager all the freedom. Will miss Jose.Pls come back to EPL.GOD bless you and ur family.

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comment by oladeji (U9723076)

posted Sep 24, 2007

No doubt JM is just the best... for chelsea FC if there is anything AM can do to bring him back let him do it

Lagos State, Nigeria

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posted Sep 25, 2007

jose mourinho is the best couch in the world despite the fact that i am a man utd fan by looking at his record with his past three season with chelsea.He played 120 league games he had 85 victories 25draw 10 lost this is an unbelievable record that he had. The most amazing aspect is that he never lost a home game.that is what makes him the best.

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posted Sep 26, 2007

i fell in love with chelsea not because of the prospects of becominig a great club but the passion and love i saw in the team which was established by the special one ,Jose Mourinho you will always have a special place in my heart forever

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comment by Rvvm (U1654380)

posted Sep 26, 2007


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