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Burger Ban Halved

Rugby world cup South Africa
by J_A_Penguin (U8014532) 13 September 2007
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Great news............??

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posted Sep 13, 2007

PaulTeare is 100% correct by saying that 'tackling a man in the air' is dangerous, but if he actually looks at the Burger video clip then he'll notice that Burger never tackled the player in the first place.

He contested for the ball and when he came down, he had a supposed reckless arm and it is THAT for which he was cited for. If Burger simply *tackled* the guy in mid air, then obviously it would have been dangerous and he would have been punished for that, no doubt.

Now now msredsock, let's not generalise about all Saffies! smiley I've been looking forward to this match for quite some time! May the best team win.

Remember lads, no whinging after the match if your team loses!!! Only constructive sulking will be allowed. winkeye

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posted Sep 13, 2007

i think this takes the cheese if were going to get half the burger

but then we should relish it

chilli sauce please !!!!!

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posted Sep 13, 2007

Tackling in the air is illegal....Scalla did not tackle in the air!!

"A bit touchy these boks"

This is the Rugby World Cup and SA is a passionate rugby nation with passionate supporters and we getting the no lube treatment from the IRB...

How would the average Englishman react to Terry, Lampers or Gerrard getting a ban in the Football World Cup for a competitive challenge..

I'm off to Paris now...if you not there live, then watch it on the box so if we find ourselves in another blog like this next week at least we've all watched the same game and everyone can add valuable contributions...


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posted Sep 13, 2007

Burger is going to be the best player in the RWC 2007. Stop punishing him for his extraodinary energy.

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posted Sep 13, 2007

If Burger was stupid enough to run from behind and jump in the air in an " attempt " to get the ball, then his gross stupidity alone merits a ban. If he had waited one extra second, then the player would have been on the ground and the tackle legal.
The ruling is quite clear and simple - TACKLING PLAYERS IN THE AIR IS ILLEGAL - Is that simple enough for everyone to understand ?

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posted Sep 13, 2007

My team is not England.
The ref, the citing offical, the citing committe on two occasions all say that he did tackle the man illegally.
But we cant criticise the southern hemisphere big 3 can we ? they are infallible in all things and we humble non tri nation players must prostate ourselves before them and grab the crumbs of their table as they pass.

Er no.

We can.

He got it wrong and was caught and punished.

Sorry if that upsets your collective prams, but it call implementation of law.

Still why worry about silly thing like that eh ? until Richie Mccaw or Jon Smit or Larkin is paralysed in a wheel chair after an accidential collision in the air going for the ball.

Night to all off to bed with my teddy bear.


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comment by walgert (U6926229)

posted Sep 14, 2007

Paul ur absolutly right. I am against the reduced 'punishment' its a slap on the wrist and Burger will not take any other approach in playing HIS game. and yes, with a reckless player like Schalk Burger on the field a serious injury is on the cards.

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posted Sep 19, 2007

To lighten the tone perhaps?
The "prostate" is a gland at the base of the male bladder!
To "prostrate" oneself is to place onself in a reverential or submissive manner.

By the way, who in the Northern Hemisphere wouldn't want the Boks to beat Aus and NZ to RWC 2007? Cos I would much rather the Boks than the other 2

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comment by walgert (U6926229)

posted Sep 21, 2007

oh well, everybody is entitled to his opinion..hope you're happy having a halfburger now!

the other half, Schalk, get away too often with that sort of thing, he's reckless thats what he is..his team mate Butch had that tag before, he changed his tackling style and now he's as good as gold. Schalk needed that kick in the backside, 4 weeks was too harsh, 2 is ok with me!!devil

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