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Croatia without Ancic and Karlovic

Davis Cup
by Caroline Cheese (U1647853) 11 September 2007
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So, Croatia have announced their squad to face Britain at Wimbledon from 21 September - and it doesn't include Mario Ancic or Ivo Karlovic.

That has to be good news for John Lloyd's team doesn't it? Ivan Ljubicic isn't great on grass - although he should be a lot better considering his serve. As for Marin Cilic - who knows? I must admit I was away during Queen's so I missed his run to the last eight - which included a win over Tim Henman. Anyone know his game?

I make Britain marginal favourites...

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posted Sep 11, 2007

Sorry to disagree, Caroline. Do you believe Murray would have played had the tie been close to a GS event, regardless of his desire to see Tim win? It sounds good to say what he is saying now, trying to get back a few brownie points that he has lost along the way with (at least some of) the (English) public's perception of his nationalism and behaviour.

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comment by brookal (U3470316)

posted Sep 11, 2007


Having been to quite a few GB Davis Cup ties over the years including both Andy's home ties in Glasgow and Birmingham (ENGLAND), I will say that Andy will want to play and want to WIN for GB. In my opinion, The whole "anti-english" thing was blown out of all proportion by the "english" press. In Birmingham, he got a great response from the home crowd and I am sure that we will all get behind him, Jamie and Tim.

Have you actually seen Andy play Davis Cup and I mean live not just the TV coverage???

I just hope that we have a better result than the last time we played Davis Cup at Wimbledon... Anybody else going??

I think that we should win the tie as we have a very good player coming back form injury in Andy, one of the best doubles players and current Wimbledon mixed doubles champs in Jamie and one of best grass court tennis players in the last few years in Tim! Walk in the park!!

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comment by kinsang (U3876840)

posted Sep 11, 2007

Even if we beat Croatia, will it just be prelonging the inevitable 'relegation' battles that GB will surely face? Love him or loathe him, at least Henman is near the higher reaches of the game - once he retires, we have a good singles player and a good doubles one, but are we to expect them to win their 3 matches every time? About a decade on since Henman started Davis Cup and still no improvement in terms of depth to the team.

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posted Sep 12, 2007


Ridiculous comment!

Ljubicic has been a consistant performer over the years. You don't reach number 3 in the world if you aren't a quality player. He hasn't had much luck at Wimbledon.

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posted Sep 12, 2007

i've just heard on the radio that goran ivanisevic is invited to the davis cup squad. he is in London at that time and said yes to our chef Goran Prpić. I don't know if he's gonna play, but it would be cool to see him on Wimbeldon court again.

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posted Sep 12, 2007

Ivanisevic for Tim's swansong? That would be too cruel albeit entertaining.

I suspect, though, that it will be the 'van. Tim will go two sets down and 4-5 on his serve, which will go to about 25 deuces before the inevitable in Ljubi Jubilate.

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comment by shivfan (U2435266)

posted Sep 12, 2007

Boring though he is to watch, Ljubicic is still a very good player, better than Murray right now, given that the Briton is not back to full fitness yet. And Martin Cilic is better than any number two that Britian can come up with!

Sorry, but I pick croatia to win this....

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posted Sep 13, 2007

We could take the long view, and go there with cap in hand and say, look, we are prepared to take a beating because we accept we don't belong in the World Group right now. So we won't tire out your players, because we know our place. But could you give us some tips on youth policy?

But they might say "it's about the friendly-but-close rivalry with Serbia". That would lead us to the analogy with England and Scotland, which is no good, because long term we need to build on the relationship between Bogo and Murray.

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comment by andy (U3997541)

posted Sep 14, 2007

Would be nice to win for Henman's sake but GB just do not have the players to remain in the world group of 16.

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comment by F1adict (U7304133)

posted Sep 17, 2007

Even without Ancic and Karlovic, Croatia will be a strong team.

Cilic appears a very promising youngster and the experienced Ljubicic will do a good jon for Croatia.

My money is on Croatia, the passion and patriotism that will be on show alone will overpower what the UK team can show.

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