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Rugby world cup England
by ArsenalFCFan07 (U7936138) 10 September 2007
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England skipper Phil Vickery has been cited after appearing to trip USA centre Paul Emerick during their World Cup match in Lens on Saturday.

Vickery now faces a disciplinary hearing and could be banned for England's crunch Pool A game against South Africa in Paris on Friday.
The 31-year-old insists that he did not deliberately try to trip Emerick.

"It was unfortunate," said Vickery after England's 28-10 win.

"But there was certainly no malice from my part."

The incident went unnoticed by South African referee
Jonathan Kaplan, but Vickery has now been reported by the match citing commissioner Steven Heines.

Emerick, who has also been cited for a dangerous tackle on England fly-half Olly Barkley late on in the match, tried to play down the incident with Vickery after the encounter.

"The referee was behind the play and maybe he will look back on it and say 'maybe I missed a call there'," Emerick told BBC Sport.

"But hands go one way and legs go another, that is just the way the game goes. I am sure it was a reaction, rather than pre-meditated."

England fly-half Jonny Wilkinson is already a major doubt for Friday's crunch game with an ankle ligament injury and the loss of skipper Vickery would be another major blow to coach Brian Ashton.

If Vickery is banned then Brian Ashton is likely to turn to Bath prop Matt Stevens to fill the tight-head berth.

The England management have been informed of the citing and the disciplinary hearing is expected to take place within the next
48 hours.

An England statement said: "Captain Phil Vickery will attend the hearing with the squad's legal representative Richard Smith and a further comment will be made after the hearing is concluded."

Vickery, speaking on Saturday, outlined his version of events.

"I was back-tracking like a good prop forward, always looking for a corner flag, and unfortunately I tapped him," he added.

"I thought the game was played in a good spirit and I am glad there was no damage done to him or myself."

What are your views on this incident?

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comment by Oliver (U4607573)

posted Sep 11, 2007

Inga - Amazing. You can find a 500 word c + p on Martin Johnson's disciplinary record in the blink of an eye, but you can't quite manage to type the word 'Yarpie' into Google. That explains a lot.

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posted Sep 11, 2007

biggest irony of all time: schalk burger being cited for dangerous play AGAINST the samoans.

the whole s.a. team should have been awarded medals for bravery after that match.

oh, and good riddance to the ''only player to have played in 5 world cups'' - brian lima.
his attempted beheading of pretorius should have been a criminal offence, not just a sporting one - in fact has he even been cited for it?

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posted Sep 11, 2007

Tompi: Its all about balance. Egg chasers are not looking for a trip around their ankles, they are looking at the opponents upper body position, cos thats the bit they tackle with. Proper footballers are looking for tackles round the ankles and legs, they are balanced for it, so its less dangerous. despite that, look at some of the horrible injuries that footballers get in their feet and ankles when a tackle goes wrong. and its generally not a 20 stone prop doing it. (and yeah, Im a fan of all the games, both codes of egg chasing and proper football).

For mine, Vickery should be banned for a game (I find the idea that his punishment should be increased cos he hasnt coughed to it to be ludicrous. or should every player that claims a try when he knows he knocked on be banned too?)

for the spear tackle, its difficult. the ref saw it, and i dont agree with the football route of undermining referee's.but it was the more dangerous: Vickery's offence could have been career threatening. the spear could be life threatening. just shows that the whole "on report" thing could be imported from RL after this RWC is done (personally, i think a ref shopuld be able to yellow card and place an incident on report)

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posted Sep 11, 2007

A lot of people on this thread have been hammering the refereeing.
But you can't blame the referee in a game which has such a dog's breakfast of a rules book. So much is down to interpretation, and if every rule were applied the game would never move from stationary.
The crooked feed is a case in point. The ref could blow up every time, but you would undoubtedly have possession changing hands, and a loss of continuity. The same with the lineout. Its not straight as often as not, any number of infringement offences, etc. In legalistically applying the law, the ref has no chance.
The only thing he can do is police it in such a way as to embody the spirit of the game and let it flow. Losing sides are bound to get fussy in that case.

As for Vickery and Burger, I think the citing process is fatally flawed. Sure, Vickery did wrong, but the game is over, no one was hurt, and I've seen a lot worse over the years treated as part and parcel of the game. And there are offences all over the park going on during the course of a match. Samoa v SA was horrendous - Lima's tackle for example.
Now a big game is about to be spoiled by the loss of two top class players, because of incidents that are over and done with, and hurt no one. It's too inconsistent and subjective. Either cite everyone or no one.

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comment by murph73 (U5416614)

posted Sep 11, 2007

"but if you look at it again i thought vickery slipped and his right leg twisted under him."

Yes, Your Honour, I was walking along the street, minding me own business when, would you believe it,...

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posted Sep 11, 2007

Vickery out, Freshwater in

Perry Freshwater > Matt Stevens

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posted Sep 11, 2007

Johnboy - "on report" thing could be imported from RL after this RWC is done

Agree 100%. The current system is a farce.

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posted Sep 11, 2007

Interesting in New Zealand the media has upgraded the tripping to kicking someone.
Not surprising also, they have already started rubbishing England as a team, maybe we arenít a good side, but at least wait until New Zealand actually plays a team that actually can compete before rubbishing others

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posted Sep 11, 2007

Vickery is picked for Friday so does BA know more than us, as the citing hearing hasn't taken place yet.

If the choice is both Vickery and Berger missing the game then I will go for that, as I am sure South Africa will miss Berger more than England will miss Vickery.

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posted Sep 11, 2007

Cleverimalwaysright. What are you talking about? England as thugs? You talk rubbish, they haven't got any 'enforcers' at all and I wouldn't say they have any players who actually intimidate the opposition like they used to e.g. Martin Johnson! They should be a lot more physical for the size of them, especially at the break down. Then maybe we can get some fast ball and let our backs have some fun.Oh wait Catt and Noon weren't dropped, so scrap that last comment.

What do people think of the team? I think it was a good decision to drop Dallagio, but why would they replace him with Corry? Would have thought Moody with his pace and aggression would have been a good choice. Am really suprised that Catt and Noon kept their places. Catt will get run through all evening long and Noon will not offer that much in attack. At least we've got Robinson back at fb and I predict Lewsey with interchange with him a lot. Just worried with Corry and Catt.

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