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"Your Game has probably done more in two years than a lot of organisations have done in 20 years."

Those were the words of community leader Terence Wallen after his visit to number 11 Downing Street on Wednesday where he exchanged some light-hearted banter with Gordon Brown about supporting their respective teams.

Terence runs a project which supports people with HIV/AIDS in Birmingham and he, like many others involved in Your Game, has found that through football and music he has been able to reach those who usually shy away.

That's the point of Your Game really. Using sport and music to deliver important messages to people who might not otherwise hear them and to give them opportunities in areas they care about.

It's nothing new. Politicians are wise enough to know that most people hold sports stars in higher regard than themselves. They know that more people are interested in Thierry Henry than Tessa Jowell.

But when speaking to people like Wallen and Zaynab Ahmed, who runs a Muslim football team in Liverpool, you realise that no matter how passionate they are, they haven't really had a nationwide voice before.

Your Game, says Ahmed, has given them that voice, not just to government ministers but to organisations like the BBC, who Wallen says have ignored the kind of people he works with. He thinks the BBC hasn't really cared until now.

The pair acknowledge that the opportunities Your Game has given the people they work with, far outweighs scoring the winning goal in a tournament.

But even playing in an organised fixture is something some of the groups who took part in Your Game had never done before.

Wallen and Ahmed are now off to Africa to learn more at a global conference in Namibia but they are also going to spread their message and help organise a Your Game festival in a local township.

Your Game will be back next year, bigger and better, but do you think it is a good idea? Were you involved or would you like Your Game to visit your area?

Do you agree with Wallen and Ahmed that it is a powerful message or are you sceptical about how much impact it really has?

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