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Wenger signs new 3-year contract

Premier League Arsenal
by emiratesgooner (U7841740) 06 September 2007
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Finally Wenger has signed a new contract

The future looks very bright for Arsenal...

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posted Sep 7, 2007

Wenger has no choice but to stay.

It is highly unlikely that he would achieve with another club (any other club - including the likes of Real Madrid) anywhere near what he has at Arsenal - especially given the fact that he's nearly 60.

A noble gesture - but an obvious one.

It really anoys me that ppl like this cris comes to Arssenal board and start pouring negetivity about Wenger.If Wenger would have decided that he wanted to quit the same guy will come and say something opposite.Why dont you go to your mama's basement and playsuper mario brothers on your 1980 samurai- sa usual.

This is ARSENAL message board.

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posted Sep 8, 2007

What a joke, and what a jerk is Keown, he was like Jens Lehmann on testosterone. There are two real giants of English football, Liverpool and Man U(hurts to admit this name).
No London side will ever equal them. They couldn't when Dein was on the Premiership board fixing fixture dates, they won't now. No London side has won the Euro Cup/Championship, Spurs are hanky wavers, Chelsea have no history and Arsenal are the favourites of the London media but are fallers at the last hurdle.
Get real the real heart of English sport is well north of Luton.

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posted Sep 8, 2007

comment by neova2
posted 23 Hours Ago


you're having a laugh.

No i am not. I just say that it is just impossible for Arsenal to become a bigger and more famous club in terms of success and fans than Real Madrid and Manchester United.

Liverpool are so much bigger than Arsenal will ever be and now there is also Chelsea. Keown's statement about Wenger's future tasks for Arsenal are ridiculous and IMPOSSIBLE.

The Real Madrid Club has sold venues for 400m as they sold the old training ground, and built a new one further outside Madrid city center. This generated huge amount of cash into a hedge fond solving Real Madrid's economic needs for ever.

Barcelona have big loans too! You dont ever mention the problem for them to repay their debt?
Their debt are 2/3 of Man Utd and their venues are lower..

Barcelona dont have any rich owner either to help them repay the loans as 80% of the owners are the fans themself, with little or no money.. Where did Man Utd come up with the 60m this summer to buy players? Wouldnt those go to the bank if the situation is "out of control?"

You make them seem like they cant repay the debt. Ofcourse they can. Stupid to think otherwise. Btw I been a suporter of Man Utd since 1986, 11 years old.

I am perfectly aware that Arsenal's young squad will only get better and better each year. But I think Manchester United still have more class in the squad. Liverpool are getting there this year. What a start for them! And I think Chelsea will surpass Arsenal and generate bigger fanbase and bigger venues and bigger success then Arsenal the next 5 years. I do hope ofcourse that Manchester United are the most successful club in that same given period of time. Thinking Arsenal would surpass Liverpool and Manchester United!? Get a grip Keown!

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posted Sep 8, 2007

He has made the right decision at the time.I like his style of signing and developing of young players,he is the best player developer in the World.

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posted Sep 12, 2007

To the naysayers that talk about Arsenal not becoming a big team, I can only tell them that they are blind to what is happening all over the world. Yes, Real Madrid and MU are bigger teams, and Liverpool has made a bigger splash all over the years. Chelski only has a rich fan spending millions, lets see where they end when he gets tired of his toy. But Arsenal is slowly getting its due.

I am Mexican. I am also someone who has to travel 60% of my time all over the globe. When I was young, I became an Arsenal fan because my grandfather, who was from London, supported them. Back then, I had to keep explaining my Arsenal shirt and hearing fools recommend supporting Manchester United because "Arsenal was a small team". Typical bandwagon response.

Nowadays, it's completely different. I see people IN MEXICO running with Arsenal's shirts and calling to football talkshows asking about Henry, Viera, Cesc and our local prodigy Carlos Vela, who was acquired by Arsenal a while back. This wasn't so 10 years ago.

I also notice the same all over I travel. When I went there 10 years ago, no one knew about Arsenal, except that it was a "good English club". Now you see the same thing. People buying the shirts, people who knows the roster better than historical attractive teams like Bayern Munich or so.

Just because Madrid has stood at the top for many years means things won't change. The only thing that matters in the long run is quality of games. If Madrid keeps playing like garbage, in 10-20 years they will have no worldwide fanbase. The same for other teams.

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posted Sep 12, 2007

I wouldn,t exactly describe Abramovich as a philanthropist.

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posted Sep 20, 2007

ahem! Arsenal were the first 'super club' in English football history. In the 1930's under Mr Chapman they dominated the game,in an era far more competitive than today's! The innovations that the club introduced into the game are countless, so less of your ill-informed twaddle!

Bring Back Nelson.

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posted Sep 21, 2007

You Liverpool fans aren't really in the position to be down playing Arsenal and London teams.

Maybe you can tell me when the last time Liverpool won the league? What exactly did Liverpool do in the 90's again? The main part of your history lies in a different century to what of what we're currently in.

Do the kop fans remember what it was like against Arsenal last season? 3-0 at the emirates, knocked out of two cups in the space of 4 days at their own backyard (anfield).

You've spent over 40 million this summer and for what? to finish 2nd/3rd? please... Liverpool used to be a great team, (used to) being the keywords.

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posted Oct 20, 2007

i disagree with coccamocca, arsenal to me in little time would conquer world especially europe in terms of successes and becoming the the biggest and richest club ever

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