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The death of the three o'clock kick-off?

Premier League
by Jonathan Stevenson (U1987325) 05 September 2007
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The Premier League have revealed that just one game will take place at the traditional 1500 BST time on Saturday 6 October.

Because of Uefa Cup games and television schedules, most of the other games are taking place on the Sunday.

Football Supporters' Federation chairman Malcolm Clarke has voiced his concerns about the matter.

But what do you think? Should more games be played at the traditional time or is this just something fans should accept in 2007?

Let us know your thoughts.

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posted Sep 6, 2007

Could Mr Sutcliffe explain why it will be a 'dark weekend for football supporters'? Personally, I won't let a shorter Match of The Day get me down too much.

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posted Sep 6, 2007

I thought the article was misleading also, i mean if my team were playing on Thursday UEFA Cup night, then i would not want them to be playing on a Saturday! Although i remember that last season there was questions asked about Chelsea always seeming to have that extra days rest more than anyone after European action in midweek.

I know this sounds completely off the point also but I would love for Man U to play 3pm Saturday K.O. more often because everytime we play on SKY we seem to play s***!!! or get beat. . .

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comment by U2951129

posted Sep 6, 2007

We as a nation aren't as obsessed with football as the media portrays, we do have lives and other pastimes.

Speak for yourself! whistle

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comment by woddy (U1549662)

posted Sep 6, 2007

IT's very sad reading, some of the comments from the "armchair customers" on here , who seem to think they are on par with real football fans, who and here's a crazy idea actually go to football matches.

But i guess this is expected from the Sky generation customer (i refuse to call them fans) who probably think football was only invented in 1992........but don't worry as long as they buy their "SKy Super fan season tickets" and never have to do thoses silly things like sing football songs / banter with the away support, go to away games or any games in fact.

In fact i wont be suprised if fans will be turned away from grounds in future so the seats can be used for advertising space...........

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posted Sep 6, 2007

Yeah but why have UEFA games on a Thursday? It's ridiculous.

I understand they don't want it to be too too over shadowed by the Champions League but there are plently of channels that show football so if all our European games were on a wednesday night (for example) then there could be sky, setanta, itv, and 5 all showing a game or two.

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posted Sep 6, 2007

.. it is also to do with television rights and money and who has agreed to show what match when
.. we could always get the subbuteo out with a few beers on a saturday @3 oclock instead !!

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posted Sep 6, 2007

If any doubts remained - and the situation has long been clear to me - this is the proof...

The TV tail is wagging the football dog!

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posted Sep 6, 2007

This blight on English football has been complained about for ages, by the ordinary fans. It has already gone on too long - by far.

Greed and personal aggrandizement have ensured that more and more pointless games are scheduled, purely to fill coffers and increase the stature of unimportant underlings in the game of football - i.e numerous superfluous officials and administrators.

Pointless 'Internationals' and 'Friendlies' fill the schedules - to the great detriment of the various domestic Clubs. Most fans prefer their own Club side to any International team, save, perhaps, at World Cup time. Far, FAR, too many 'international' games are scheduled.

The fan screams out for the return of the 3pm Saturday kick-off and those of us of any age feel a distinct and palpable uneasiness, when 'our' team isn't walking onto the pitch come 3pm on Saturday.

Millions have been programmed to expect this and it should be returned to the old ways. What chance, of course, when fuddy duddies and greedy money grabbers control the schedule!


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posted Sep 6, 2007

Like Sunday trading and the 24 hour consumer culture.

Football ... a product, to reap profits for the profiteers and to further exploit the already exploited.

Breeze-block, plastic seated, soul-less and over-priced.

Welcome to the McDonaldisation of our beloved working-class sport.

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posted Sep 6, 2007

Traditional Saturday football has been kidknapped.

The kidknappers are the FA and Sky who are in it for the money.

I can remember when I was a nipper, my non-league team playing on a Saturday, and a couple of miles away hearing the roar of the crowd.

That's when football was football, not the business and commercial prostitute it is today.

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