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Steve Bennett needs a weekend off

Premier League
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Here's Craig Howarth's take on referee Steve Bennett.

"I'm just amazed at the fact nobody has mentioned Steve Bennet and his complete and utter disgrace of a performance yesterday! Rob Stiles made one mistake during Chelsea v Liverpool, yes it gave Chelsea a lifeline and he was dragged through the mud and dropped for the next week.

"Bennet missed a clear penalty, in the first half and even though i'm a Newcastle fan I can admit Kilbane was sent off for no reason! And then if you look at his officals; in the first half Owen/Viduka were wrongly called offside, and in the second half there was a debateable decision with Steven Taylor.

"Not only to mention Emile Hesky's violant attack on both Steven Taylor and Steve Harper which should have seen him given a second yellow card!

"But no, because it isn't "a top four team" nobody cares. I would have loved to see the reaction if it was Liverpool not Newcastle yesterday."

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posted Sep 2, 2007

Charlie spot on. I never used to pay attention to this "its different when your a top 4 team" analogy but if we were playing at chelsea yesterday. The FA would have already announced an investigation and Steve Bennett would have already published his apology that he got some decisions wrong. What is sad if the Wigan manager had publically come out and even hinted that he blamed the referee he would be up in front of the FA. Yet a guy that makes so many bad & down right incorrect decisions walks away picks up his pay cheque and turns up the next week making the same poor decisions!

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comment by SH (U1980049)

posted Sep 2, 2007

The treatment of top flight referees by the FA has been disgraceful. Most weeks will now see angry players and managers calling for referees to be suspended. The truth is, not only does this not help the referee, who will want to get back to normal as soon as possible, but it affects all of the Premiership referee's confidence. As long as it makes Mr Hackett look good though.

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posted Sep 2, 2007

Competitive football cannot be played without a referee,whose decisions must be final.To change this is to change the game...

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posted Sep 2, 2007

i do feel pity for newcastle fans, all the more same because i do now agree with the 'top 4' analogy
however the referee makes the decisions and at the end of the day it is final. to err is human, and i'm afraid you are going to have to accept this. don't blame the referee for a poor result, you always get the result you deserve.

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