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Worlds call-up stunned Ohuruogu

by Andrew Benson (U1647787) 08 August 2007
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Christine Ohuruogu says she was "surprised" to be called up into the British team for the World Championships in Osaka this month.

The 400m runner finished a one-year ban for missing drugs tests on Monday, a day before the team was announced.

"I have to admit I was surprised I'd been called up to the squad," she said.

"I didn't know what the selectors were wanted. I had the qualifying mark from 2006 but it's always good to get the required time on the eve of an event."

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comment by dett80 (U1647749)

posted Aug 8, 2007

Rio is a bigger name than Christine so is the circumstances of the missed test were the same the media would still make more of his because it would sell more. But the situations weren't the same. Wasn't the test that Rio missed pre-arranged? He knew he had to take the drug test yet still didn't turn up. CO didn't know when the testers would turn up. This to me makes Rio's missed test more suspicious, although CO was naive/stupid for not updating her location, when she would have known that she'd missed two test already. Whatever, there was a British triathlete and a judo guy who both missed three test around the same time and only received a 3 month ban and therefore no Olympic ban. Same offence but different punishment. So you can also see why she might have felt hard done by.

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posted Aug 8, 2007

Hey nextgeorgebest

I think the difference with rio and christine O is the way the test are carried out and the positions of the sports.

christine O is/was not a full time athlete unlike footballers who are professionals and as such are always expected at trainings and matches unless they have a valid reason not to be.
the testing system in uk athletics(AS i UNDERSTAND IT)required that she would give full notice in advance of where she would be at specific times of the day i.e when sHE would train when she would be at home when she might be working e.t.c e.t.c and then the testers can turn up to these places at any of the specified times and expect her to be there. which on three occasions for whatever reason she was not.

Rio Ferdinand however was a full time professional footballer and is expected to be at all Man Utd training sessions or matches unless he advises the club that he wont be.

testers only turn up at training or matches and will have lists from the clubs as to which of the footballers will be present at each match/ training session. The professionalism of the sport and salaries earnt dictate that unless there is a very siginificant reason all the footballers expected to be at a training session or match will be there.

Rio was in fact was at the training ground on the day the testers arrived and knew of their prescence however out of absent mindedness/big headed ignorance(most likely IMHO).

The other difference is that rio knew the testers were there therefore blatantly disregarded their prescence and in theory eveaded them by going home.
christine O however was never given the chance to openly evade the test as the testers turned up without any warning as they have the right to do but for whatever reason she didnt happen to be there (I cant be sure but I dont think she was even informed of the previous mis-tests)so she happened to not be where she said she would be on three occasions but if you are juggling training with work or university studies like christine was it is much easier to not always be where you said you would be.

however idiotic this is she never actually went out of her way to evade the test.

I personally believe she was just a little foolish and absent minded and didnt take it seriously enough but she was never a full time professional athlete so can you really expect the same kind of professionalism??

by the way she is also less fortunate than rio as she served a one year ban to rios 8 month ban and currently she will never be able to compete in the olympics which would be like banning rio from ever playing in the world cup.

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posted Aug 8, 2007

Rio didn't get suspended for a year either, 3 months wasn't it? On those figures Christine O should have had a 9 month ban, so whose hard done by now? Of course she should be picked, everyone's saying we have no talent yet half of you dont think she should be picked, how hypacritical. She is world class and has beaten the worlds no1 in the commonwealth final.
Remember, she hasn't been found guilty of a doping offence, only missing tests.No proof was ever found of her having taken drugs nor will it as she is clean. Just hope she doesn't forget to run at the worlds. Good luck CO

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posted Aug 8, 2007

Rio was told there was a test and walked out.

Thats a big difference to Christine. Christine told UKA months in advance her schedule and forgot to tell them when things changed.

IIRC two of her missed tests was because she drove to training found a schools sports day using the athletics track she was training on and then drove to some where else. This was the two Junes tests that she missed.

Christine simply forgot to phone UKA and tell them training location was changed. She immediately upon being told of the situation took a voluntary out of competition test to prove that there was no drugs in her system.

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posted Aug 9, 2007

you married to her then lol

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comment by shivfan (U2435266)

posted Aug 11, 2007

She's served her time, and done her punishment....

It's good that she's back.

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posted Aug 13, 2007

Here here mikesiva, I am totally behind Christe and cant wait to see her race in Osaka, Ill be shouting my head off in support as she runs.
And as for a nationality switch, is it any wonder when you look on 606 and find all of the nasty and ignorant comments being made about her.

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posted Aug 23, 2007

She immediately upon being told of the situation took a voluntary out of competition test to prove that there was no drugs in her system.

This sums it up..... Christine is clean.....Kenteris etc --- Rio didnt do anyhting of the sort - so you doubters shut up about them.She should have known better and been more organised...but we all learn from our mistakes and hopefully she and the other 180 athlestes on 2 missed test (shhh...don't panic) have learned from this.

p.s. I don't see much uproar about Tim Donn being back competing?

Not that she will read these pages ..But good luck Christine - and here's hoping BOC see sense and re-instate her.

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posted Aug 23, 2007

With Christine she missed three test that she was not told about. I used to live with three sports people who were subject to random drugs test. Plain clothed people would turn up to our house and ask for one of them. If the athlete was out when they said they would be at home it was a missed test.

What Rio missed was a test that he was told about before hand but forgot about. Christine had no idea she was going to be tested. Anyway, what is really unfair is when athletes like the two above get longer bans than athletes who have FAILED tests ie Mutu!!!

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