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Kevin 'Prince' Boateng

Tottenham Hotspur
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I've done a survay on German papers about Kevin 'Prince' Boateng. First thing is that they confirm the transfer to Spurs for 5 M (7.4 euro). Hertha BSC needed the money because they found some new players to strengten the squad. Boateng was more of substitute last two seasons, he played 21 matched each year and scored 4 goals in 42 matches. He's well known of his really great talent (only 20 yet) but he seems to be a sort of 'trick pony' with more eye for the public than for his fellow players.

He also is known of a bit of an 'attitude'. He was a model for (workmans)clothing. But he also has a reputation as 'boulevardguy' as well as 'Ghettoboy'. The first because of the attention he likes (German talent of the year 2006) and the second because he grew up in the neighbourhood 'Wedding' in his words: a Ghetto.
He also wares 13 tattoo's, and that is something in Germany!!!

It's seems that Martin Jol get's a new very talented 'project' that can succeed or fail!! Maybe we're in for a new kind of 'Gazza'. He also picked up a lot of yellow (one every three games).
Nevertheless everybody in Germany knows he's a real great talent, seen as one of three best in his generation out of all Europe (that's what they claim in Germany).

It's up to Martin to let the guy see what he really can do, as a teamplayer. His position in Germany? Attacking midfielder.
COYS and BMJ!!

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posted Aug 2, 2007

Pointless discussion Spurs much, much higher than Newcastle who will be relegation fodder

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comment by Son_Of (U6749828)

posted Aug 2, 2007

Martin Jol - dutch fu**
Big Sam - English

you're an idiot. and are you named after joey barton? that says it all <doh>

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posted Aug 2, 2007

lets be fair, what have spurs got to shout about? so the qualified for uefa cup in 06 (as did newcastle)and again in 07, but they haven't actually done anything of note. at all. throwing away leads aganst chelsea in the fa cup, and against arsenal in the Carling and then pussying out when they came up against sevilla in the uefa. You'll never break into the top 4, you were destined to come either 5th or 15th

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posted Aug 2, 2007

careful joey

apart from your comments that can't be justified, you're also bordering on the offensive.

You seem to be inferring that Sam can spend and manage players, but Jol can only spend?

On what do you base this rash assumption?
Can you give an example of Jol's non managemnt?


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posted Aug 2, 2007

the prince has arrived

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posted Aug 2, 2007

Newcastle has the better History... Are you having a laugh

These are the clubs Domestic Honours

1950-51, 1960-61
1921, 1951, 1961, 1962, 1967, 1981, 1991
1901, 1921, 1961, 1962, 1967, 1981, 1982, 1991 LEAGUE CUP WINNERS
1971, 1973, 1999


1904-05, 1906-07, 1908-09, 1926-27 CHARITY/COMMUNITY SHIELD WINNERS
1910, 1924, 1932, 1951, 1952, 1955

Add to that Spurs won the Cup Winners Cup in 1963 The First British Club to win a European Trophy, won the U.E.F.A. Cup in 1972 & 1984 we were also runners up in 1974
Oh we are also the ONLY CLUB EVER to win the F.A. Cup as a non League Club

Most of your League Championship wins were around the time The Royal Engineers were winning things
The last time you won a trophy was 1955 We have only won 18 YES EIGHTEEN trophies since then!!!!!

Yes we have the better History as well.

Doing the Double... You'll never do it

Being the first British Club to win a European Trophy will stand for ever

Winning the F.A. Cup as a non League Club, will never be done again.

Mind you, you might do that in 6 or 7 years if you are lucky.... most successful British Clubs with Trophies... Says it all. Spurs above Newcastle, same as they will be this season, and every other season onwards.

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posted Aug 2, 2007

Risky Robben....

At least we were in a position to throw those leads away, we made Chelski look ordinary for 70 mins in the F.A. Cup, then an injury to Berby changed the game, same in the Carling Cup 2-0 up and Berby had to come off.

How far did Newcastle go in the F.A. Cup, Carling Cup, UEFA Cup??????

Weren't Newcastle 3-0 and 4-1 up in the U.E.F.A. Cup v AZ Alkmaar

They went out of the F.A. Cup in the 3rd round (first round for Prem Clubs...pmsl) 5-1 to Birmingham... pmsl even more

Although I thought they were unlucky in the Carling Cup and it took Drogba cheating by moving the ball about 8 yards to a shooting position to score the free kick (cheating Chelski almost as bad as the Goons)

In the Seville games, Robo won the ball and was penalised with a penalty, then we were denied a blatant Pen at White Hart Lane.
The Central Defender should of been sent off for elbowing Berbatov and another player should of been sent off for stamping on Jenas.

Yers we lost but even the most biased of fans (even Gooners) know we were cheated and ripped off.

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comment by MiCulo (U8495597)

posted Aug 3, 2007

He has picked up a lot of yellow cards playing in Germany. A card a game by my reckoning, he will need to calm down a little in the Premiership. Flash he might be but maybe a liability!

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