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Why have we been fined????

International football
by tyza06 (U6284472) 13 July 2007
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England & Serbia U21 hit by fines

Uefa is to look into the abuse aimed at defender Onuoha
Uefa has fined the Serbian FA 16,000 after misconduct by players and fans during the European Under-21 Championship match with England.
England's black players, including Manchester City's Nedum Onuoha, were racially abused by Serbian supporters.

Trouble then broke out between players at the end of a game which England's youngsters won 2-0.

The Football Association was fined 2,000 for the "improper conduct" of England's players during the fracas.

Serbian fans were heard making monkey chants at England's black players, leading the referee to hold up the match while an announcement was made over the stadium's public address system.

Players from both teams then clashed as they left the pitch, with the English FA later saying there had been further racist abuse from Serbian players.

Tempers had already been frayed on the pitch with the Serbians protesting against England's controversial second goal.

The Serbians felt that English goalscorer Matt Derbyshire should have kicked the ball out of play after one of their own players went to the ground injured.

Serbian FA officials can appeal against the fine within three days of receiving the written grounds for the punishment from Uefa.

The decision against England is final as Uefa's disciplinary regulations rule out appeals against fines of less than 3,385 or 5,000 euros.


Why the hell have we been fined about what went on during the course of this game from the discusting behavior of the Serbian animals (both on and off the pitch)?

Can someone explain this to me? Are we just paying the price for our history whilst once again the true culprits walk relatively scot-free?

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posted Jul 13, 2007

It's because FIFA & UEFA are always idiots with England. It's true, we're always being targeted! All nations who have fans that haven't been dettered to racism should be kicked out of competitions until they fix their problem.

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posted Jul 14, 2007

Yet again the double standards of Uefa are once again evident. Had the situation been reversed the punishment would have been far far more severe. Shame on the Serbian FA and shame on UEFA.

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comment by ntowghi (U2206287)

posted Jul 14, 2007

One of very few times I have to side with England.
Why was Englandfined?
Force of habit to fine England in any disturbance in Football matches involving England or English teams?

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posted Jul 14, 2007

unbelievable,fifa and uefa always seem to miss the point on racism, this time its uefa more or less saying to a NATIONAL TEAM please try to curb it because we don,t want to much fuss,this has seriously backfired,if they were honestly prepared to combat this disgusting behavour they should expel serbia from all major competion for five years,the england players were wrong to react but how much were they provoked?

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posted Jul 14, 2007

The English FA should adopt a policy of abandoning games the moment racist chants appear, no matter what the situation.

And that's it. Any resulting fine to be refused and EUFA taken to the European Union Court of Human Rights.

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posted Jul 14, 2007

so Uefa and other governing bodies make a big deal out of kicking racism out and thenfine Serbia 16k.Thats letting them get away with it.Almost encouraging it because they may gain an advantage from it as opposing players will be destracted by it.To a certain extent its worth it!an absolutely appauling decision.

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posted Jul 14, 2007

Now it is clear. If you have 16K in your pocket then you can afford to racially abuse a black person - sanctioned by the Union of European Football Assocoiations! A black person's dignity is worth 16K! Shame on you UEFA and FIFA too!

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posted Jul 16, 2007

1 million fines are needed, send some national sides to the wall.

16,000 most of serbias first team squad earn that a week.

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posted Jul 17, 2007

This is a farce. 16,000 for a disgrace to the sport!!! I'm sorry, but FIFA and UEFA have lost the plot if they think this will have any effect on the conduct of the fans involved.

In my view they had options:

Ban Serbia completely from all football competition for a period of time.

A heavy fine with the warning of a ban for any subsequent offences.

A heavy fine with a dictate to play a number of home games 'behind closed doors'.

A heavy fine which is a 'material' punishment to the parties concerned. Conbined with heavy publicity concerning the sanction.

The choice of a insignificant fine and little publicity shows that they just want to turn a 'blind eye' to racism and white-wash any the whole affair.

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posted Jul 19, 2007

Im 16 and to be honest at this rate we may see fans sneaking in banners rapped up saying "ALL BLACKS OUT OF FOOTBALL!!" omg is Fifa and Uefa's official taking drugs? 16k? even players from south american leagues can pay that without problems financially.

I can guarantee you that this has just motivated serbian fans to carry on as they please and did see in the article that the Serbian FA got fined 16k? oooommmggg i bet you they will just walk upto the Fifa and Uefa and say there you 16k in a tin and their off laughing. Rivaldo got that much i think in the world cup that is insane and he even paid it from his back pocket so how can Serbia struggle to pay this amount which is pennies for them!!!

1. Fine heavily, 1 million first offence 2 million second and keep rising in same order up intil 3.

2. From the first offence Ban Serbia or any other team that does this from all competition for 1 year instant and rise it depending on how serious it was.

3. In future any Racism spotted during a match from a teams supports, Abandon the match and give the win to the Oppositon who suffered this racism by 3-0 winkeye

Now my 3rd point is the best because it conflicts with fans "directly" winkeye because they pay to see their team win and they will know that one racist chant and its Adios Amigo they wak home not only losers but the FA will be ashamed too!!! winkeye

Micheal Platini and Sepp Blatter are seriously a set of Idiots that even i could do better to prevent this. whats the point with all these 'Show Racism The Red Card' campaigns? might aswell dump them and sit back and watch these innocent players suffer who deserve much better because they fight for their team!!!

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