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NO faith in the BOARD anymore

Manchester City
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That's it, the final straw.
I give up trying to find any respect or sympathy for the board of misdirectors the club have in place.

How on earth can they still be even considering a takeover from T. Shinawatra when he has been ordered back to Thailand on corruption charges (real or fabricated), he is obviously in no position to continue any takeover. Yet we still have the comment that the takeover is still on track.

My guess is thet after announcing an interested party today, that Blackburn will be taken over long before City, and that my friends is the last straw.

I don't care who takes their places but almost anyone else would be better that the shower of s_ _ t we have controlling the company at this moment.

Bring back David Bernstein, call Ray Ranson, I don't mind but get new people in NOW.

Taxi for Mr Wardle and his ASSociates.

a not too pleased City fan

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posted Jun 19, 2007

I cry and I cry. Amateur upon amateur. Please rise again Peter Swales... all is forgiven!!

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comment by ukridge (U8276142)

posted Jun 19, 2007

Read the article in Wikipedia for a balanced view of what Shinwatra has done. I'd rather he ran City with $1.5bn in the bank than be part of a leveraged private equity deal like Man U (or like Ray Ranson was proposing). Funny how they have so much to say about it all - you'd think they'd be celebrating having spent another 50m to add to their squad of millionaires.
The fact is, City need the investment or face continued mediocrity. If Shinawatra wants to buy us - I will be happy to welcome him. I suspect he's every bit as honest as Abramovich!

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posted Jun 19, 2007

ukridge, The very mention of the word "Wikipedia" makes my blood boil. I would certainly NOT describe them as "balanced". They have reported peoples' deaths on that site when they are alive and well.

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posted Jun 19, 2007

But everyone knows City count the season ticket holders as attending even if they don't go. Was this approach what tempted the ever so democratic Mr Shinawatra in the first place?

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posted Jun 19, 2007

Vertigo...ever wondered why,even with all the trophies,glory,showbiz weddings,superstar "glamour" players and planet-sized,graceless ego's that surround the "entity" that is Manchester United,you still can't kill off local support for a skint club that has won nothing for 31 years,shoots itself in the foot at every opportunity,sells it's best players and yet is somehow still one of the best-supported teams in England..??I'd say that says more about YOUR club than than OURS..Supporting City is typically Mancunian,backing the underdog in the face of adversity,knowing that one day soon,"our time will come again..."Supporting United is heroism in a can,the refuge of the characterless,the humourless,the bland,the footballing epitome of "blending in"...though I guess you'll just NEVER understand..that's what seperates US from YOU,and long may it remain so...THANKS FOR REMINDING ME WHY I'M A BLUE!!

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posted Jun 20, 2007

Robbie Brewer

I am guessing your just a kid. when many utd fans started following the club, including me, city were manchesters successful club.

yes, our club has been well run for a couple of decades and they have maximised the commercial potential. is that a reason for me to stop supporting them ?

my family have been watching utd since the 1930's. there are many mancunians who will tell you the same.

ive watched city no less than 50 times. and i would rather the club was competing at the top. its bitter ABU's like you that gives the club the bad name.

right now, city are a club like a piece of paper blowing in the wind.

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posted Jun 20, 2007

Kreme...a couple of points.Maybe you are a "reasoned" United fan(I do believe the rumours that they exist...somewhere...)but sadly,many of the ones I encounter are similar to our friend Vertigo,and have a particular armchair smugness that marks them out from other fans.I'm afraid that even when Denis sent you down,many of your fans were still spouting the "biggest club in the world" line,that even to this day,despite all the Trophies in the last 20 years is totally unprovable..many of the reds I encounter know very little of history pre-Sky,ie OT being bombed and hiring Maine rd,the rebuild of part OT with government money before '66 etc and the fact that without the generosity of City,United may not have even survived as a club.So far as "ABU"S giving City fans a bad name,you have to wonder why so many exist in ther first place??Only with the emergence of Chelseas' cash has the general dislike of United and their fans subsided...You're right about us being rudderless,it's a shambles.I'll be there at CoMs next season though,supporting the team,glory or not...most probably NOT!

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posted Jun 20, 2007

ok. i know what your saying. but you have to accept that the jongoism exists on both sides of the fence and they feed off each other.

i was at the game where denis law scored the back heel (only a kid). the people i went to the match with had no interest in whether we were the biggest club. still dont to be honest.

But the ABU comment is a result of many visits to watch city play. half the crowd are listening to the radio to cheer if utd lose a goal or better still, a match.

its a bit embarrassing to be honest.

some of my best friends are city fans and some of them are the very ABU's i'm talkin about. some are not

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posted Jun 21, 2007

Yesterday, my copy of the Daily Mirror had a pic of Pervez Musharraf ( President of Pakistan) mistakenly captioned as City's new bidder.

Now, here's a guy who knows a thing or two about discipline. Barton would have been up the Khyber Pass fighting the Taleban instead of being sent to Big Sam at Newcastle. On second thoughts, it'd be hand to hand combat with a crazed fundamentalist whatever way you look at it....

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posted Jun 21, 2007


'Was this the approach what tempted'?....

Good Grief.

Surely you mean 'that tempted'?

For someone with the temerity to attack the odd 'tautology' or two you display appalling sentence construction.

3rd rate stuf I'm afraid....did you get a 3rd?

Even definitely has the sniff of southerner at any rate.

('Paaaht, it waz Wicky what dahhhn it!')

This possibly (certainly?) makes you a Utd fan. Who don't seem to post anywhere other than here.

Why don't you just retreat to the bedsit and reread back issues of 'When Saturday Comes'('philosophy and football' - I bet you're a hit with the ladies!), some Heidegger primers and 'Nuts'?


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