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Can anyone catch Lewis Hamilton?

Formula One
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Lewis Hamilton raced to brilliant back-to-back victories at the Canada and United States Grands Prix - two circuits where he has never raced before.

The 22-year-old also stretched his lead over double world champion AND McLaren team-mate Fernando Alonso to 10 points at the top of the drivers' standings.

In two weeks' time, Hamilton returns to familiar territory in Europe at the French Grand Prix.

Can anyone stop Hamilton making it a hat-trick of victories at Magny-Cours?

Alonso has already spoken about his fears of McLaren favouring Hamilton, so will the team allow both drivers to race to the best of their abilities as the season goes on?

It certainly looks as though Hamilton and Alonso will continue to play out a private duel for F1 honours unless Ferrari can fight back.

And if things remain as they are Hamilton could become world champion in his first season.

It's all go in F1 - your thoughts please.

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comment by emf1fan (U8436679)

posted Jun 19, 2007


this is the way that Mclaren has always operated. Kimi was equal with Montoya, Coulthard was equal with Hakkinen. No-one complained when those guys were all at equal status in the team! Why should the fact that 2 world class drivers now have equal status make a difference? With equal access to data, resources and support we get to see who is the real driver of the team!! Three guesses who that is so far this season!

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posted Jun 19, 2007

I have the greatest respect for anyone who drives a F1 car, but after 7 races Hamilton is 10 points ahead of Alonso.

They are equal partners with the same backup and resources, which means that driving skills are the main criteria that separates the two team-mates.

Alonso has to accept the fact that possession is nine tenths of the law and barring a major disaster has his work cut out to catch Hamilton.

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comment by emf1fan (U8436679)

posted Jun 19, 2007

here here :)

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posted Jun 19, 2007

Job well done LH, and congrats to RD and Mclaren! Yes, any of the other 21 teams could suddenly emerge and catch LH, but as of today, not likely; the fight is between LH and FA, but LH is destined to win because he's not easily rattled.

I understand why RD gets nervousness when his drivers race each other closely; look at photos of both cars crashed at the 2006 USGP; all because one Mclaren driver acted like a bull in a china shop. That being said, RD is human, but I think he pulled the trigger too soon in Monaco and deprived us of seeing strategies unfold like we saw at Indy. That's why Lewis drove so hard and masterfully in Monaco, he wanted to improve his lap times so he could get some advantage through his expected strategy. It was exciting at Indy to see if FA's strategy would allow him to emerge from the pits ahead of LH and take the lead. He didn't, but atleast he had a go; something LH didn't, even while leading in points at Monaco. I still can't comprehend the "comfortable" and "English team" stuff...and by the way, the tail does not wag the dog. I like FA anyway, rattled nerves and all. He's a great asset to the team.

Los Espanoles o Hispanos claim Mclaren's success is due soley to FA, but LH, the rookie, has been racing 13 years, about as long as FA. He is intelligent and articulate and knows the rule book too. Let's not forget the 3 locations developing those "packages" to make the MP-24's better. Whenever a new package comes onboard, the MP-24 gets quicker.

Final note: All in favor of keeping America's politics and her black & white race issues in America and out of F1... say aye!

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posted Jun 19, 2007

In response to sensationaljohn, who obviously knows very little about aggressive drivers...accuses LH of being aggressive...well maybe, but not overly aggressive to wreck, cause harm or excessive danger through wrecklessness. LH is a clean driver.

One can't win races from behind, one must be in front in order to be declared a winner. If FA could have pulled ahead by a foot, then he would have taken the advantage; he couldn't, so how can the 2xWDC be declared a winner by an overly exuberant fan. He's a great driver with a quick pace, but he came in second. Perhaps you are of the mind that LH should pull over or stop and let the 2xWDC take the checkered flag? I don't think so!

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comment by emf1fan (U8436679)

posted Jun 19, 2007

Aye :)

Can we call him the first rookie to win the USGP? The first Englishman to win the GP? The youngest to ever win the USGP?

Culture and color have no baring on the situation and should not be brought into it unless the subject himself decides to bring it up!

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posted Jun 19, 2007

Really, VirginiaF1fan, F1 is not about America, it transcends America and can't be paired down to petty American politics and American racism. F1 and it's drivers should be judged on merit, not on their ethnicity. I for one, don't want to see F1 Americanized so America could take credit for its success; it's already successful; remember! Let's keep it International where it belongs, a sport for all nations to enjoy, not just some Americans at the exclusion of others. Formula one is a sport of the people, for the people, and by the people of the world, maybe some governments too, a concept of inclusion not fully appreciated in America.

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posted Jun 22, 2007


" Alonso was the faster and should have won this one, hamilton was so agressive towards alonso, and fernando simply had to slow down to avoid a crash within both maccas. I hope Mc Laren says thank you to alonso because this time he has been a team player when he could have crashed into hamiltonīs car for his agresivity. Alonso was the quickest driver of the race and he should have won this one. Itīs My opinion.

It sounds like you want LH to pull over and let FA thru?
Everytime FA went fast, LH went faster..
You can check the replay if you like..


Alonso will resign and go out of Mc Laren because itīs too much a british team and they donīt seem to value him as the sort of driver he is.

If FA was at any other team in F1 this season he would not have as many points..
Alonso isn't stupid enough to want to leave MM..
McLaren are the Class of the Field..


Alonso deserves the number one spot of his team because heīs the current champion. I think alonso will go to ferrari next year and Mc Laren will be a loser team again.

see previous comment.
Also the reason why MM had problems the last few years, was the powertrain, from Mercedes.
They had KR as driver and we know he's quick.
Now the MP4-22 is the best because it has the full package and that includes the drivers.
FA & LH have to find the balance between themselves.
That means EQUAL RIGHTS for all in the team...


They needed to sign the spaniard to end with 8 years of ostracism. I

Please explain this..


One of both drivers will have to go to another team, they cannot drive for the same team. It is not fair that hamilton drives into the same team of alonso, and itīs not fair to share strategies and to share engineers, data, he cannot get advantadge of alonso. Alonso is very important in order to develop the car, and we all knwo heīs the best at it after Michael Schumacher, Hamilton gets benefited by that. I think into Mc laren there has to be two diferent strategies cars and engineers, and hamilton cannot have alonso data. I predict a lot of problems within alonso and Mc Laren if they donīt sort this problem soon."

It's normal for teams to share the data, anyway Alonso is Double WDC, so even if Hamilton has the same car , FA should be beating him..

But he's not..
Definately, in the last two race FA has made mistakes that have cost him points..
In Montreal, Alonso had a 'meltdown, eventually, even being overtaken by Sato..
This is not LH's fault..
This is not McLaren's fault...

You sound so desparate to keep everything for Alonso and give nothing to Hamilton..
This is not how F1 works, it's a team sport..
What generally happens though, is one driver is more dominant than the other...
This is something that FA is known for, having a 'wobble' , if he is outperformed by his teamate..
You cannot expect MM to favour one driver, unless he's totally dominating the other [a la FA & GF]
Alonso has to prove that he is as good as, maybe the Renault Mass Damper, made him look in 2006..
There's no I in Team...

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posted Jun 28, 2007

It is well to remember this is a team sport data has always been exchanged between teams, If LH is beating FA with his settings isn't it clear that LH is the fastest.

Furthermore FA is fast but he has been very fortunate to win two titles don't forget that GF
his team mate for the last two years wans't really competition?

I think LH is as fast if not faster than FA but he is also more consistent take a look at his lap times.

And finally most of you out there griping about LH getting preferntial treatment, fortunaltely RD is not blinded by colour your only gripe is that a black man is beating a white man, sorry people but this always happens when a black person is given equal treatment as a white person, get use to it?

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posted Jul 11, 2007

Well clearly the answer to the original question is 'YES'

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