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by dannydegoon (U8257421) 14 June 2007
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With David Beckham in the form of his life many papers have been documenting the fears of deep-vein-thrombosis and fatigue inducing flights across the globe, my friends; A solution. Lets petition British Airways to sell Becks a concorde and the necessary engineers to keep the plane working. Although this would not reduce the airmiles it certainly would help reduce the fatigue. Now i have done a little research into DVT and apparently its the the lack of movement for long periods of time in confined spaces that are believed to cause this condition, so give him a private super-sonic jet where he can move around freely during the flight and be in the air seems to be the perfect solution! If anyone reading this has any influence in the media or anywhere able to facilitate this idea to the necessary people then i implore you to do so, England needs you!

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comment by Tony_D (U6069886)

posted Jul 25, 2007

I don't believe the decision to bring Beckham back was McMuffin's. I think it was forced on him by the FA. I'm hoping that the same deluded idiot who made the decision will do it again and back McMuffin into a corner force him to do the decent thing and quit.

Beckham may hold his form and fitness for a while but he's always been a player who needs to be pushed and he won't be getting pushed anywhere near enough in LA. If there is an international in the very near future against average opposition he may do OK but that's about it.

He should have stayed in Europe, gone to a club with a strong manager, who could work him hard and keep him focussed, and had another 3 or so years at a reasonably high level.

However the celebrity lifestyle has had a hold on him for a number of years now and football is merely a means to an end for him.

He was good while it lasted but David Beckham is over. Get used to it and let us all move on.

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posted Jul 25, 2007

Come on guys!the guy is badlock.He's never won even brass or copper for england.The earlier you discard him into the trashcan the better.catch my drift.devil,devil,devil

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comment by U8150492

posted Jul 25, 2007

The idiots on here will still be crying out for Beckham to be in the team even after the next World Cup!

Pathetic bunch of morons who know nothing about football and only what the papers tell them!

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comment by juuce79 (U7400950)

posted Jul 25, 2007

why does everyone keep saying Beckham has won nowt for England? If I recall correctly the only players that ever did win owt were the 22 from the '66 squad, and at the end of the day, they had home advantage... just look what home advantage did for a very young and unfancied Germany side at last years world cup, semi-finals. Venables is overrated because of his Euro 96 exploits due to that little home advantage... anyway, back to the point, not very many England players have won anything, it aint just Becks.

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posted Jul 25, 2007

Keep Beckham, and bring in a coach from the Mediterranean area, to teach his teammates to lose the 'stiff upper lip' attitude, and flop to the ground when looked at cross-eyed from the other team's players. This should slow the game down enough for our aging star to remain in the game, and if the anti-thrombosis meds are effective, perhaps we'll see him bend it like only Beckham can - into the opposition net.

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posted Jul 25, 2007

Becks is QUALITY

....much poorer team without him, when he was dropped England had no one else of the same class which is why he was recalled.

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comment by elcielo (U8942507)

posted Jul 26, 2007

I don't know how anyone can say he's failed at major tournaments. OK he didn't have a great world cup last time but apart from Owen Hargreaves, who did? Most of our goals still came through Beckham.

And those that say all he can do is cross a ball, this is rubbish. It's certainly the strongest part of his game but there is so much more to him than that.

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posted Jul 28, 2007

of course they should keep beckham, if anyone should go it should be Mclaren. Hes the donkey who dropped beckham and where did that get us..nowhere.

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comment by Pico69 (U6683563)

posted Jul 29, 2007

I personally think becks has to be in the england team but it does amuse me how his doubters blame him for previous failures at other major tournaments, he's not a team on his own!! Although the fact that they think he is maybe a compliment in itself. The other thing that is funny is the way people says he's a 1 trick pony and to be fair he is but it works, crosses and free kicks mean goals and wins, the fact that lennon (and I like the kid) can beat a man but can't cross to save his life never seems to come into it, I can't work out if its jealousy or just our english pessimism that makes people talk garbage

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