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Formula One
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Former world champion Jacques Villeneuve has accused Lewis Hamilton of being too aggressive in his driving at the start of Grands Prix.
The Canadian said Hamilton's behaviour was similar to that of former champion Michael Schumacher, who was widely criticised for dirty driving.

"When will these chopping moves stop?" Villeneuve told Autosport magazine.

"Lewis is not getting penalised and his behaviour off the start has started to look the way Michael used to."

Hamilton has begun his Formula One career with greater success than any driver in history, and his ability to make places off the start is one of many ways in which the 22-year-old has attracted attention.

Lewis is very fast but he still has to step up to the plate and beat Alonso

Jacques Villeneuve
But Villeneuve said he was surprised race officials had not waved a black flag at Hamilton, calling him into the pits for potential disqualification for dangerous driving.

"So far, he has been lucky, so we'll see if it carries on," said Villeneuve, who won the title for Williams-Renault in 1997 and whose F1 career ended last season.

"He makes progressive moves that would have got some of the other drivers black-flagged."

Hamilton heads into this weekend's Canadian Grand Prix tied on points at the head of the world championship with team-mate and double world champion Fernando Alonso.

And he has been faster than the Spaniard in the last three races, beating Alonso in Bahrain and Spain but being asked by the team not to challenge him for victory in Monaco.

Hamilton's moves at the start are unfair, Villeneuve believes
But Villeneuve believes Hamilton still has some way to go before he has fully established himself as a leading contender.

"Lewis is very fast," Villeneuve said, "but he still has to step up to the plate and beat Alonso.

"And we still haven't seen how he reacts under pressure - that will be interesting to watch."

go hamilton dont listen!!!!!!!!!

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posted Jun 8, 2007

Villeneuve does this every so often, just to remind everyone he still exists! What speaks volumes is the fact that Massa has no problem with Hamilton. Raikonen has said nothing and if he's done it to Alonso Ron would make sure he didn't do it again! Like he said, if there is a problem the FIA will have a word, that's there job. Look forward to hearing from you again next year Jaques! I'll put a fiver on Montoya piping up before the end of the month!

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posted Jun 8, 2007

Hamilton has done nothing wrong in his racing moves. The guy really talented. You think Ron Dennis would have signed him for a team like McLaren without noticing anything?

Alonso is definitely good and it's too early to make comparisons between Alonso and Hamilton. Hamilton would not have had any podium finishes if here was driving for any other team than Ferrari. That seems to be conspicuous. But, you need to remember that he drove flawless races with a flawless car. Which means he DESERVES the car and is also lucky to get the RIGHT CAR!
But he hasn't had a bad day till now and we shall wait to see how he reacts. Hopefully he will handle that well too.

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posted Jun 8, 2007

havnt seen ny reckless driving from hamilton yet, like vryones said so far, think hes jus tryin to let vryone know hes still about. with regards comparing alonso to hamilton - far too early, give it a couple more years and we can compare em properly, but what is clear is that hamilton has the talent to challenge him for world championships. yes he is in one of the best cars on the grid, but hes deserved it - hamilton has been a class act throughout his career, through karting, f3, and f2 - and the fact mclaren have stuck by him since his karting days prooves what a talent he is - rem, ron only chooses the best drivers.

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comment by Cinders (U8228814)

posted Jun 8, 2007

There was only one thing JV was ever really good at, and that was slagging off drivers who were better than him. Michael, Damon, Jensen, et al; if you know how to drive a car Jacques sure knows better. His whine is louder than any manual gearbox, and then some. Lewis, you're in good company. Wonder why JV can't get an F1 drive any more, even at the back end of the field?

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posted Jun 9, 2007

As Damon Hill famously once said to Jacques Villeneuve and Michael Schumacher in a press conference in 1996 "Do you want to be quiet lads...because you might just learn something". With Villeneuve making idiotic comments like this, it seems Hill was probably right smiley

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posted Jun 10, 2007

Sour grapes, JV.

Good luck,Lewis.

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posted Jun 11, 2007

Get a drive JV - Get a drive

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posted Jun 12, 2007

Villeneuve was a good drive for 2 years, in the best car around, then faded into obscurity. Now the only way he can get into the news is by criticising better drivers. He did the same to Jenson Button, who repeatedly outperformed him at BAR.

Leave the criticism to the stewards Jacques, they'll punish people who deserve it (i.e. Schumi in 97...). If you want a fight with Hamilton get a drive, take it to the track and enjoy watching Lewis streak off into the distance!

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posted Jun 13, 2007

Come on, what is motor racing all about, what would be the point if you couldn't put in moves like Hami does, it's not dangerous driving, it's racing, they get paid a lot of money to expect that sort of driving on a racing track.

if they start to punish drivers for this sort of thing, then they may as well be put in rails on the track.

When I heard that Schumacher was leaving, I thought; that's it, F1 is now dead, but Hamilton has boosted this sport back up to font page news again, and F1 needed this, I've got people at work talking about this chap, and they hate F1.

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comment by nickvai (U7172006)

posted Jun 13, 2007

This is the same Villeneuve who said last year that Michael Schumacher would be no more than a footnote in the history of F1. A bitter and twisted underachiever who won his only world title (by the skin of his teeth) in a car that was superior to all the others at the time. Villeneuve opens his mouth and spouts utter rubbish again.

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