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Mad Dog will make Foxes hunt for glory

Championship Leicester City
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Martin Allen

Martin Allen's arrival marks a significant change for Leicester.

With all due respect to Rob Kelly, the honest but limited previous incumbent, the club was crying out for someone with personality and drive.

Like another Martin who managed Leicester, former Barnet, Brentford and Milton Keynes boss Allen wears his heart on his sleeve and has worked his way up from the lower divisions.

He had the nickname Mad Dog as a player, but like Martin O'Neill he comes across as intelligent if slightly unorthodox.

Allen will also entertain us on the sidelines and if he can prove half as successful as O'Neill, we will be in for some seriously good times again.

A tigerish player with QPR, he created teams at Brentford and MK Dons in his mould, and that kind of battling attitude will go down well at Leicester.

The Bees and Dons played direct football and fans of those teams are split as to whether he is a messiah or madman.

But he does get results and it would be nice just to be in the right half of the table for a change...

The future is bright - Leicester have just won the FA Premier Academy League - but major surgery is required on an underachieving first-team squad.

Owner Milan Mandaric has lofty ambitions and unsurprisingly the club have already been linked with a host of Premiership players in the last few days.

Indeed, how Allen works with the chairman will be interesting to see.

Both are confident and hand-on characters keen on open communication with fans and Mandaric has openly stated he has no patience for mediocrity - which we have had plenty of recently.

I have a feeling the coming months will not be dull and for that, Milan and Martin, I'm already grateful.

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posted May 27, 2007

Anyone doubting the signing of Martin Allen as LCFC's new main man really should consider following another sport. Martin Allen is exactly what the club needs. "Trying to be Ian Holloway"!? He quite clearly dosent pretend to be anyone but himself, which is a great new manager. The foxes have never had the desire since O'neill left, and in fact many people at the club have seemed to think they are owed something. martin Allen will certainly dump some egos on the ground, and bring in some players who with be hounered to play in the blue of leicester. Doubters be ready to eat humble pie...................Milans first signing will prove to be the best, well done Mr mandaric

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comment by paul (U8482798)

posted May 27, 2007

martin sounds like a good appointment , i like what he says and we need some fighting spirit, i dont think any of the other managers ahve the desire he has he,s young and hungry its either him or the other go arounds who wander from club to club i feel there wasn,t much choice available apart from martin allen, has anyone heard about any players we,ve been linked with apart from ngotty, de zeeu, lee hendrie and carl cort ?????????????

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comment by Hobbsy (U8166493)

posted May 27, 2007

I think it is a good appointment. Allen seems like a hard-line manager and will take no crap from players or below par performances, of which there have been far too many in the last four years. Looking at MK Dons stats last year they scored plenty but conceded a lot as well, and im not sure about his tactics, but weve got to give him a chance. I'm not expecting great things straigtaway, all i want is players who care about the club and supporters, and hopefully some home wins!
Also one other thing, are we still paying Rab Douglas?

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posted May 28, 2007

I'm looking forward to seein what Allen can do for us, I think he has acheived a little more than the others on the 'shortlist', albeit not on the same sort of level. I have got no doubt in my mind that Milan knows whta he's doing and Allen is the right man to take us forward....

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posted May 28, 2007

Martin Allen will be out of a job by Christmas

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comment by MadLiam (U4665577)

posted May 29, 2007

Not paying much attention to the fortunes of either Brentford or the Team Once Known As Wimbledon, I know little about Martin Allen as a manager. However, a friend of mine who supports Walsall had this to say:

"His ‘tactics’ are so negative that when I’ve seen either of his teams at Walsall it has ended a stifled 0-0 draw, his favoured away result. His ‘tactics’ are so long ball that he buys long-armed players specifically to take throw ins and do nothing else. His ‘tactics’ are so violent that half his players are on 6 match suspensions from February onwards. And, most importantly, his ‘tactics’ are so readable that he couldn’t even get the richest club in the bottom two divisions out of League Two.

I wasn’t joking with commiserations… if he became Walsall manager I would stop going to matches. Imagine Neil Warnock without charisma, intelligence or the last million years of human evolution and you are only half way to understanding what Martin Allen is".

Given such advance warning, I can't say I'm quite as delighted as many others seem to be.

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posted May 30, 2007

Describing Taylor and Worthington as "out of their depth" is just plain stupid and makes any further comment by that writer as unworthy. Kelly, however, is a different matter and even he admitted management was not his best role.
I am very doubtful about Allen and, for sure, he would not have been my choice. But we must give him a chance. We have to also accept that getting out of the Championship is extremely difficult and will rely primarily on the quality of the players we can bring in rather than on the quality of our manager.

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posted May 31, 2007

Good Luck Leicester. You will need it. Listen to this very carefully, because Brentford fans told me the exact same and foolishly I put it down to a bad case of sour grapes.

Martin Allen is a top guy and with a good team around him he has some fresh and innovate ideas, techniques and approachs. BUT... He is the absolute King of Lower league hoofball. That is all he has known as both a player and manager. He is way, way, out of his depth. See you in league 1 season after next!

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comment by poppy (U8532438)

posted Jun 1, 2007

When Martin Allen managed Barnet we all fell for his spin. His final act was to go onto the supporters coach after an away match, thank everyone for their wonderful support and to talk about us all pulling together towards promotion. 2 days later he was off to Brentford.

I work with a Brentford fan. He knew my veiws on MA but like us, he was taken in, until MA similarly dumped them. In that case he'd been told the money at Brentford had run out so he jumped ship before anything could stick to him.

Barnet played MKD last season, MA's tactics for both 90 minutes were dirty & dishonest, the worst was when Dean Lewington went down clutching his head following a challenge at waist level, which resulted in our player being sent off for head-butting. The most underhand, unpleasent team we played all season by miles.

Having said all this, most Barnet fans would tell you that we enjoyed having him as manager. So will you Leicester fans - just remember, don't trust him.

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posted Jun 1, 2007

I just want to tell you about Martin. Get ready for long ball tactics & then very late subs when a fresh set of legs were needed 20 mins earlier. Oh, plus publicity stunts to keep his, sorry, the club's name in the papers.

I swallowed his schtick when he was at Brentford & believed him when he made promises. He did a great job saving us from relegation & getting to the play-offs. However, he never had the tactical acumen or ability to react quickly.

What has he managed so far? Play-offs with above age resources in the bottom three divisions. Sorry bud, you need tactics & skill to succeed.

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