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Shorey starts!

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by JPS (U2573214) 24 May 2007
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Nicky Shorey is in the starting line up for England B's game tomorrow! Fantastic news for one of our best players - let's hope he goes on to contend for the full squad.

Personally, I'm hoping for Owen to score a couple - how fantastic would it be if Shorey gets an assist for him!

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posted May 25, 2007

What a nightmare from Downing. The nightmare being the fact that those two easy goals will mask yet another display of appalling passing and positional indiscipline.

Almost every pass made by Downing hit the nearest defender. And why was Owen often found filling in wide left where Downing should have been?

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comment by U6602115

posted May 26, 2007

"We did everything right and the players can be proud"

you havin a laff? since when was conceding a goal considered right?

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posted May 26, 2007

When we compare Downing with Lennon

1) Lennon has lightning pace but does not cross a ball - result no feed to the forwards. However he appears to be the tabloid darling

2) Downing's main thrust is to ensure crosses are made to the danger area (this is why stats. show he made he most crosses of ant player in the premiere league last season). However no matter how well he has played fickle fans make him scapegoat.

If you don't feed your forwards regularly and accurately and get the ball in the target area your team will not score!

Downing scored 2 against Albania and yet (some) comments on this message board believe he had a nightmare!

Personally I would suggest waking up before commenting like this.

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comment by elleys1 (U8367979)

posted May 26, 2007

i was never a huge fan off david bentley but he had an amazing game last night and credit where credits due - i would still play beckham tho

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posted May 26, 2007

i dont see why people who have commented futher up are slaging off downing he had a brilliant game he messed up a fee crosses and thts about it i watch him week in week out at the boro and he certainly has the potential i think he is a better player than lennon coz dowing actually can cross the ball and passes

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posted May 26, 2007

west ham hoping to get nicky shorey so that cud be good

plz help me out though how can u not pick robert green as the first goalie
carson over green i dnt think so
Robert green is much better and his form over the last 7 games was amazing clean sheets against everton, man utd twice, arsenal twice and he played well making great saves all the rest wot is mclaren thinking carson over green doesnt know wot he's on about

yes i know i am probs biased but the facts are that towards the end of the season green has been one of the best goalies in the premiership

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posted May 26, 2007

comment by JT_bestever

Is he looking to move to premiership? I`ve heard rummors Hamburg wants to sell him

I dunno, they said he was using this game to show european scouts what he is about. Have there been any Albanians in the Premiership before?

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posted May 26, 2007

I believe Kuqi is Albanian, He played last season for B`Burn, never played for the Albanian team, he opted to play for Finland instead.

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posted May 26, 2007

What a game.
I partly agree that Downing had a bad game. His goals were good, but some of his passes were terrible. Ledley King, I though had a great game, and dominated the back line, and Dawson had a good game. Owen wasn't that good, but he has been out injured so that could have distracted him.

Sitting right next to the tunnel at Turf Moor is the best. After having met Mr Maclaren, and have him sign my program, I tried to get Paul Robinson to sign my program as well. He was taking his gloves off, for what I thought was to sign with, but insted he threw them into the crowd, and my friend got one.

After his substitution, when Gareth Barry was walking towards the tunnel, a group of us shouted for him to sign things. He sign my program, and I just said to him "Gareth, give us your shinnys" they were in his hand. They stunk a bit, but I still got them. At the end of the game I was the geezer next to me got Kieron Dyer's shirt as well.

Cheers Gareth!

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posted May 29, 2007

can you lot stop going on about all these rubbish players, and fek orf to some other thread

this one is about sir nicholas of shorey
and he played a blinder if you ask me

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