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The Green Green Grass and a Andy Murray!

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When you first read the name of my article you might have thought that Roger Federer's name should be in their instead of Murray's!

Anyway, as we all know the british tennis season is about to kick-off. The Stella Artois Queen's Club Championship starts in a couple of weeks.

Recently our beloved Andy Murray injured his wrists in a clay court championship. We know that he will miss the French Open, but will he bit fit for Queens and Wimbledon. I think that he will be!

Even if is fit for Wimbledon and Queens, people will still question his match fitness.

I think that Murray will prove any doubts about his match fitness wrong and I think Andy will go to Wimbledon and make the quarter finals, although I wouldn't rule a semi final for him. Murray making the semi finals would depend on which half of the draw he is in, Federer or Nadal!

Realistcly I think he will make the quarter finals of Wimbledon, but I would love to see a Murray-Nadal semi and a Murray-Federer semi would be interesting viewing.

This all ofcourse depends on the draw and who Murray might play in say the quarters, fourth round!

At the Queens Club in a couple of weeks time I think that if Murray plays in it he will make the semis or quarters!

Ofcourse when it comes down to it we all know who will conquer the mens game at Wimbledon this year, Roger Federer, who else!

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posted May 22, 2007

Just to correct a couple of mistakes- Murray's weakest surface is clay and not grass. The assumption that Wimbledon is still a largely serve, volley tournament is absolutely incorrect. Federer has had to adapt his game to the slowing down of the surface and now he predominantly stays back off his serve. Likewise, Nadal made it to the final last year and he's as far away from a serve volleyer as you can get, whilst genuine serve volley players like Ancic don't tend to compete as effectively as they used to.
Also, to expect Federer to win the Grand Slam this year implies that he is favorite to succeed at Roland Garros- again not entirely correct. O.k so he ended Nadal's 81 match winning streak on clay a couple of days ago in Hamburg, but Nadal was mentally weary and you can expect him to come back and be even more of a force in the best of 5 set format.
Finally, IF Murray is fit for Wibledon then I think its absolutely fair to expect him to get into the last eight. He will after all be seeded, probably number 11, and playing in front of a, pretty much, home crowd (before any persnickety individuals pick up on the fact that he isn't actually English I've already defended myself by saying pretty much), so lets hope that that wrist heals quickly.

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posted May 22, 2007

Go on then ksoap. Find me three independent references to that nickname. Should keep you out of trouble for an hour or two.

Although I don't recall Woody ever saying anything like: "One real positive from the injury is that I can get in the gym six days a week and work on my cardio and my leg strength." On the plus side it looks like he's finally taking the advice of the perfectly sane and rational wingfields. Whodathunkit.

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comment by TheJags (U3787459)

posted May 22, 2007

"Why so much hullabaloo about a foreign tennis player anyway? Would we be paying this much attention if it was some player from Finland?"

Well who the hell are you going to support then? Henman? Stop being a jealous wee Englishman and just accept that Murray is the best thing you've got.

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comment by Panora (U5465134)

posted May 22, 2007

Murray at Wimbledon or the French Open? Who cares? He is injury prone or perhaps uses it as an excuse if he is not playing well.

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posted May 23, 2007

"....or perhaps uses it as an excuse if he is not playing well."

Yeah, he was really on the rocks when he got his wrist "injury" against Volandri....

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posted May 23, 2007

Woody Allen?
More like Stan Laurel. Or Norman Wisdom

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comment by Ian B (U3864728)

posted May 23, 2007

Some of the comments on this thread just beggar belief. Murray's current injury is just one of those things that can happen to any player, and certainly wasn't a fake to hide his poor performance or related to general physical fitness. Hopefully he'll give himself time for it to heal properly before coming back rather than risking a recurrence; if that means missing Queens and Wimbledon so be it.

He probably is a couple of years from being a decent GS contender, and his game is probably best suited to the USO and AO surfaces, but with current playing conditions hard court players generally go well at Wimbledon, so he should do well there also. RG may be more of a problem, less because of Andy's abilities on clay, but because of the abundance of southern European and South American players whose game is ideally suited to clay and for whom this is THE big target tournament of the aeason.

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posted May 23, 2007

I think he has seen sense at last biccy. He is at ther gym !!!Thats what I think. Sensible lad.
Seriously though. ( No room for wit or banter on here. Slapped wrist time. Excuse the pun )
He definitely needs to improve his fitness , strength, poise and muscle tone. Which will all help to avoid injury. I am sure he is working on it. I think that part of his game does not come naturally though. He was a lazy junior in the fitness dept.
He still has time though. Look at the work ethic of Andre Agassi for example and look were it got him. Back to the top.

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posted May 24, 2007

In all honesty though he has time on his side still. At his age most of the talented future top players are hovering around the 1000 mark

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