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Re Shevchenko Eyes Future US Switch

by Stuey606 (U8185148) 21 May 2007
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So Shevchenko wants to play in the US before the end of his career...

Oooops - seems to have missed the deadline!

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posted May 21, 2007

shevchenko should be allowed another season at chelsea cos he did score some important goals. drogba was just as bad his first season sheva could still be good


only joking sheva was even worse than drogba was. he's going in the summer! should go back to italy or maybe finish his career in ukraine

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posted May 21, 2007

I seem to remember watching Drogba in his first season with the blues and he was rubbish!
Give the guy another season and we'll see!

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posted May 21, 2007

Give sheva one more season play him as the main front man as Droger is going to miss the important part of the season . sheva should/wil be over his promlems crespo will not be coming back mrs crespo will not let him

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comment by Francis (U8237842)

posted May 22, 2007

I think Sheva should have done the US move from AC Milan and skipped the Chelsea bit altogether. Honestly, I'm not suprised with his performance over the season just gone past, after seven seasons in Seria A and being there since he was 22, 23 would make him practically cemented in the style of play. Adapting immediately to the very different English game would be near impossible, especially since he's already about 29, 30?? I'm not expecting much difference next season from him, even with all the quality he posseses. 30 million pounds spent on Sheva, I'm afraid to say looks like money elegantly wasted!

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posted May 22, 2007

Money waisted on Shev....

And Jose isn't quite the man not to rub it in the owners face. If Jose could learn anything about being a manager it would be how to win friends and influence people. Esp people who are paying him.

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posted May 22, 2007


I agree with the report what sheva has spoken about which is not performing at his best, Due to carrying an injury through the world cup and the 1st season with chelsea so he had no time to rest the injury off.

I think that sheva is worth 30milllion. AC Milan brought shevchenko from dynimo kieve for $26million and i truley still believe that he is the best striker in europe and in the world.

Sheva will be a huge threat next season as he will be the main striker as drogba, kalou and essien will be going to african cup of nations. Sheva would have had plenty off rest which will gain that extra pace he had with AC Milan before he got injured so he would have rested the injury off in the summer break before pre-season training.

14 goals in his 1st season with chelsea and 11 assists isn't bad at all in my opinion as sheva hasn't been at his very best as he has been with AC Milan for 6 years so this might have effected his performance and has had alot of things to deal with, new country-living situation, friends-new team mates can all effect your confience.

So next season sheva will might have gained alot of confidence as he knows what the english football is all about and we might see the real Andriy Shevchenko in action

All what we need is cover, a striker mabey David Villa, Sidwell is on the list for midfield and a Centre Back which might be Alex.



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posted May 24, 2007

C'mon give the poor guy a break. One okay season (i wont say bad) is too soon to judge him, 30 mils or not.
By the way why do I always see other than blues fans critisizing him more.
You have to admitt there were flashes of brilliance from him in the season when he wasnt been tackled hard (which he aint used to). Give him a season and if hes an average guy (average by the standard of 30 mils, coz he still was better than jerking dancing crouch)may be then you guys can go on and bash him. BTW didbt you all call lamps, frank the shank before this season?

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posted May 30, 2007

sheva did quite well dis season i agree dat he shud hav anotha chance. hopefully he will do evn betta nxt season so chelsea can win da champ league!

.....COME ON CHELSEA!!!<bubbly>

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posted Jun 7, 2007

I can tell you've been drinking, lol

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posted Jun 11, 2007

i think sheva should move back to ac milan or he should just stay in chelsea!!!!!

plz don't move to US!!!!!!!

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