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Wasps need investment - Dallaglio

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Wasps captain Lawrence Dallaglio says that the club needs greater financial clout if they are to maintain their present run of success.

Wasps beat Leicester to win the Heineken Cup for the second time on Sunday - their sixth trophy since 2003, including three Premiership titles and a domestic cup.

"We don't have the resources Leicester have and it is something we have got to sort out," said the Wasps captain.

"We've got to examine ourselves off the field because there are clubs out there who have a lot more financial clout."

What do you think of Dallaglio's comments?

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comment by AB (U8169746)

posted May 21, 2007

..I agree about not doing a Srries or Northampton and getting has been New Zealanders or Aussies to the clyub, just so they can boost their pensions..but just to have a little bit more financial clout, so that we can develop more within the club would be great..why on earth you get 37000 for being EUROPEAN CHAMPIONS..and 2000,000 for being relegated like Saints makes no sense..surely it should be the other way round.
But you are right, aside from Leicester, the other clubs must look at Wasps with jealousy, and rightly so, imagine how great this club could be with the budget of Leicester.
I believe that the crowds will come back more, and that we will generate more support. We are new in the Wycombe area, and its trying to get people away from football and into rugby that is the hard part..but we have a community team that should be out there getting into the schools and clubs, and generating that support, and also the players should attend the schools as well..imagine how awe inspiring it would be for kids to meet the legend himself, Lawrence..

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posted May 22, 2007

Andy -the wasps community team does more to promote Rugby and their team than any other premiership team in the south east. Our family discovered the game through our (then) seven year old son playing Rugby in Brighton RFC in 2003 - we ended up supporting Wasps because of the spirit that others have mentioned and the consistently high standard of community coaching and support provided to grass roots rugby by Wasps. Its still one of our proudest moments the picture of him being held high by Kenny Logan and Peter Scrivener to receive his certificate at the first coach class he attended up at Aylesbury that year. At the time I didnt really know who Kenny or Peter were....but I have learnt a lot since then!! We came to this with a completely open mind - we tried the other clubs but the whole family of 5 are now passionate Wasps supporters and we frequently make the 170mile round trip to watch home games.

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posted May 22, 2007

I read in the Evening Standard that Dayglo was whinging about the 37000 wasn't enough for winning the ERC. He went on about a lack of investment at Wasps. It said the Wasps don't own their own ground and do not have regular 16000+ gates.

Considering they were founded in 1867- a few years before the Tigers, they have had even chance of being where Tigers and Toulouse are now. It was their choice to move to a small soccer ground in Buckinghamshire and so who is to blame?

It may be the lack of strong support for any 'London' team and so the problem is therefore perpetual.

When you look at the great teams Tigers have knocked out of competitions this year - Sale, Ospreys, Cardiff Blues, Munster, Stade Francais, Llanelli not to mention the little matter of denying Wasps a play off place they have had a brilliant season. Compare that to Wasps who have seen off the "mighty" Perpignon, Castres, Treviso, Leinster and Northampton - they had an easy run to the final and had a three week holiday.

In addition to Ref-Link, may be a Dallagio-link could be purchased to hear all of his daft comments on the field

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posted May 22, 2007

Hey corrysguidedog - get over it. You lost on Sunday to a superior team on the day. End of.

Not sure how you've construed Dallaglio's comments as whingeing. They seemed like valid points to everyone else, and are basically nothing to do with any other club or their supporters. We know we have a fairly small fanbase, but Lol wants that to expand - what is wrong with that.

Surely you don't actually believe that lifting the Heineken Cup is only worth 37k, do you???
Are you jealous of someone with ambition for his club - hardly being selfish, is he, bearing mind he'll probably be hanging up his boots after next season.
And please stop bleating about Wasps having an easy run in the cup and a three week "holiday". (How have you decided that all the teams Leicester beat as "great" anyway???)
Before the final all we heard was how Leicester were on fire, on a roll, and steaming towards the final in full throttle, whilst Wasps were getting rusty, twiddling their thumbs for 3 weeks.
Now, all of a sudden, AFTER the Tigers have lost, all we get is contradictions to the guff we got BEFORE the final. It's laughable.
Tigers had a fantastic season with 2 trophies. End of. So get on with your life and look forward to next season. The rest of us are!!!

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posted May 22, 2007


So why do wasps have a small fan base?? i guess 37k is a lot to the wasps by comparison to other teams - it'll pay for Dallagio's press team

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posted May 22, 2007


Come back when you have something interesting, relevant or even mildly entertaining to say guidedog.


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posted May 22, 2007

So your answer is 'yawn' as the reason for a small fan base? I can understand what you mean watching the "London' clubs

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posted May 22, 2007

"Yawn" as in "what a utter bore you are refsguidegog". Stop wittering - no-one's taking any notice of you. And I think I'll make this my last comment on this boring thread you have dragged out.
So carry on talking to yourself if you like. You're probably the only person who takes you serious. Or alternatively, go back to the Leicester board - enjoy yourself - get a life. Go on, have some fun for a change instead of moaning to a disinterested audience!
Oo, I feel a song coming on. It goes:
"We won the cup,
We won the cup,
We won the cup"
All together now..............

Bye bye.

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comment by AB (U8169746)

posted May 22, 2007

..Gosh we cant get 16000 fans into a 10000 capacity and safety would have babies if we tried that..
also, in the papers, Mr Wright has written of the sports minister about us getting a ground to be built in London...and as for a small, we're not..cos once back in London, which we will be, we'll be saying to you lot, why dont you get 20000 gates like we do?..
and we averaged 2500 less crowds than Northampton, and Northampton is damn site bigger than Wycombe...and frankly, do you think that Wasps give a sh*t, what Tiger fans think?
Just for once, have some decency to stop being arrogant for a least a few minutes and realise that you aint better than us..10 years 10 trophies, including 2 European Cups..the same as Tigers, so how come you're better than us..oh yes..Stuart Barnes says so...
But there is one thing you Tigers should a brand name Harlequins are a much bigger club than you..


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posted May 24, 2007

Wasps didn't have a break before they beat gloucester, bath and leicester in the premiership finals, but we managed it anyway. Leicester had plenty of options they could have chosen that hadn't played the week before and weren't tired, they just assumed tuilagi would be invincible, but he clearly wasn't. People say that leicesters win that kept us out of the playoffs would have meant that wasps would lose in twickers, but wasps lost at welford road before the 2005 final and still destroyed leicester. what have tigers got against us this season? 3 games, you've got 9 points, we've got europe.
6 wins in 6 trys, twickers belongs to wasps.

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