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Well done oldham, despite the outcome

League One Oldham Athletic
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Although Oldham didn't reach Wembley, I think we have done incredibly this season. We have had our ups and downs but Shezza and the lads have done well. I cant help walking away from the play-offs feeling very disapointed and hurt as the real rason we crashed out of the semi-final was referees and linesmen.

The justified score on Saturday was 4-3 to Blackpool because there was three perfectly good goals stupidly dissallowed. We were the best team throughout the game, although the tangerines looked dangerous in the box. We just couldnt manage to shoot on target and we wasted a few good chances.

There's something to work on next season. Well done Latics and thank you for a great season.

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posted May 19, 2007

Cant disagree with anything said. We just needed the 1st goal. Hopefully we will come back next season with the form we had around christmas. Hope our august looks like this

Leeds A
Nottm Forest H
Huddersfield A
Swansea H
Tranmere A

fingers crossed well done all fans and players of oldham its been a good en.

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comment by Dave (U1913358)

posted May 19, 2007

Let's be totally honest, Latics weren't good enough. Pogliacomi made some awful errors through the season and Blayney is no replacement. Charlton's best days are behind him. In midfield, what does McDonald do? Where's the killer ball? If you've got a talent like Taylor, give him the ball and run with him. Up front, Warne runs his tripe out, but so would I if I was out there. It doesn't mean I'm any good. And Porter's ability to be offside is amazing. 20+ goals masks a lazy striker who, if replaced, won't be missed. The big problem, however, is strength in depth. None of the Latics substitutes bring anything different. There's no way of changing the system and none of them improve the team, so as soon as injuries and suspensions hit, the team worsens.

It's better than it was, but when we destroyed Forest at the start of the year this season promised so much more.

Strength in depth, tough on crowds of 5,500, and new goalie, left back, central midfielder and strikers is needed.

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posted May 19, 2007

Totally gutted we havent gone up this season after promising so much .Think next season might be a struggle to finish top six again unless we get better quality up front. Warne isnt up to scratch and Porter is just a lazy striker despite his goal ratio

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posted May 19, 2007

Lets hope that Micah Ricards is sold to the highest bidder, the 15-20 million being quoted would mean a nice little windfall for Latics which would mean a huge difference to our chances next season.

Remeber throughout a season some decisions will go your way and some wont, I was at todays and last weeks game and haven't had the benefit of TV replays, but Blackpool proved to be the better team over the two legs. I thought we were the better team today but we don't create enough, Blackpool still created chances although they didn't play that well.

The team that starts the new season will probably be a lot different as if the rumour mill is to be believed Wellens is going (probably to Sheff Wed), Haining and Porter will head off to pastures new.

Agree with the comments above about Charlton (Edwards should start) and the midfield, heard a rumour that Leon Clarke is on his way from Sheff Wed, would like to see him up front.

Ah well, August will soon be here and another crack at promotion will begin.

Keep the faith

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posted May 19, 2007

Unlucky today Oldham; I thought you were the better team.

...However, I'm a Forest fan, and I will say this: I thought that linesmen and the referee contributed to at least 3 goals on Jan 1 (even if we were appaling on the day) and that was a defining point in our season - that we weren't gonna be automatically promoted... point is, is that I was bombarded by your lot when I moaned and groaned about the sendings off, and now we have a bit of a double standard...

..then again, the best football fans are hypocrites...we'll see you next season

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posted May 19, 2007

I am proud the way the Latics have played this seaso, even though I put 20 on us going up this season. I never expected us to be in the playoffs this season, so it was a pleasant surprise to be there this season. opinions4u I understand your concerns regarding the squad, but we are in a much better position at the end of this season than last season. I personal think that come this time next year we will be in the playoff final or promoted.

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posted May 21, 2007

I'm not too disappointed with losing to Blackpool, the better team did win in the end. Looks like Porter will be on his way, but based on his performance in the last two games, there is no way that guy will score 20+ goals in the Championship. Couldnt believe 4 goals disallowed, nothing wrong with any of them, it would have been a nice finish to the game if our second had beed given. Next season, unless Micah is sold from City, I cant see where these better Quality players that JS wants will come from? Defensively apart from Gregan, we look awful at the back and we have no strength in midfield, I dont rate Rocastle at all.

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posted May 22, 2007

Well, ummm, yes, I'm not sure I would describe this season as 'incredible' after we showed so much promise after an awful start.

Our main problem was we had no subs worth bringing on. One player suspended or contiually injured like Porter and we look spineless.

The fault has to lie with Shez, I'm afraid. He's done really well overall, but teams like Pool, City & Scunny are where they are because of their strong squad.

Let the clearout commence...

What do you think?

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posted May 23, 2007

let wellens GO he's no were nere as good as he thinks he is!! greedy, inconsistant and NO LOYALTY. glad blackpool didnt get the casinos he may have wanted to come back(even though he's not good enough!!

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