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liverpool beaten by fulham

Premiership Liverpool
by shankly75 (U8201432) 05 May 2007
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some of them players dont deserve to wear the red of liverpool, gonzalez is awful, he cant even play a pass 5 yards, and paletta isnt much better.

How a linesman never seen browns butt on alonso is staggering and he should have had a red card.

Yes im all for change seeing as we in final, and champs league football is secured, but if that is the best the liverpool 2nd string have to offer then i am very very worried.

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posted May 5, 2007

I take your point about testing out different players but he did it already at Pompey and it backfired badly. But some people said that his main objective is to rest this players ahead of the Milan game. That's something I won't accept. The game is on May 23rd and by then some of his players can lose their match practice if he carries on.
I'm also talking about one's responsibility to other teams. I'm not a Charlton supporter and I think they will get relegated on Monday but if they manage to win against Spurs they have to travel to Liverpool for their last game of the season. Surely they would like to get a similar chance as Fulham got today?
To make things clear, I have absolutely nothing against Liverpool and I admire their european exploits but the Benitez' approach towards domestic football is hugely unprofessional and annoying (probably to Liverpool fans too) and unless it changes I can't see Liverpool leapfrogging Chelsea or Man Utd in the near future.

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comment by RM9ECs (U8278256)

posted May 5, 2007

I think it's a combination of both. He wanted to give his players a rest (remember that Carra, Gerard, and Agger, to name a few, played 120 minutes of very intense football on Tuesday) and he wanted to try some "reserves." Also, I would hardly qualify Reina, Arbeloa, Hyypia, Pennant, Alonso, Sissoko, Gonzalez, and Bellamy as rarely used subs with no chance of winning the match. You would have to agree that that team can beat Fulham on any given day. In fact, the match was very close and could have been won by either team, so I don't think he disrespected anyone. Also, in terms of responsibility, Benitez's should be first and foremost towards L'pool, not any of the other teams. He needs to do whatever he thinks is best for L'pool. I don't think you can accuse him of breaching that responsibility.

BTW, I don't agree with your assessment that Benitez doesn't care about the EPL. In fact, about a month and a half ago when L'pool was closing on Chelsea on the PL, his attention was completely on that competition. The results didn't follow and Chelsea and ManU distanced themselves again, so he switched back his attention to the competition where L'pool had a chance. Extremely sensible approach, in my opinion.

Finally, great display by Carlos Tevez today. West Ham had a magnificent match against Bolton. Congrats.

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posted May 5, 2007

I think it was a very shrewd move by Rafa to play the side he did, though not entirely for the reasons usually cited.

Rafa played his second stringers, yes, to give the first team a rest, but it also served two other purposes.

The second team gets a chance to show what they can do, to show they deserve a contract and a shot at being regulars. If they play well, then Rafa is happy, as he will feel he has a good squad.

If they play poorly, Rafa sends the message to the owners that he wants to send: namely, that while the first team is among the best in Europe, you win the league with a strong and deep squad and that this is where some investment is needed.

It's a win-win situation for him, I'd say.

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posted May 5, 2007

Tbh, i don't care about the result much. It's gutting to get a loss, especially against a team that has been struggling lately like Fulham, but there really isn't any incentive to win now (i'm sorry, i know that sounds stupid).

We're in the CL final in a few weeks and Rafa simply can't afford to risk the likes of Gerrard and Carragher on games that will by no means shape this season or the next.

I'm sorry for the other teams who are relying n us getting results for them but the truth is it's their fault for being in that situation. We've got bigger fish to fry i'm afraid.

Rafa will not ruin our CL chances just because Wigan and the like need us to beat their relegation rivals, and i'm happy he feels that way.

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posted May 5, 2007

It's not just about resting players, it's about protecting them!!!!
Alonso getting his face busted UNPUNISHED has proved Rafa totaly correct for his team selection today!
Although I think that he should have also rested Reina, Alonso & Pennant too.
Nuts to Pardew and the rest of the survival fighting whingers!
There's no sympathy for any teams in this country and Liverpool realise this through first hand experience!
If you don't collect your 60mil next season then tuff titty!
If you do, then by this time next season you will have forgotten about Rafa's selections but will be still singing to his fans about how they will "ne - ver get a job" and "sign on" and all that!
Liverpool are part of the top 4, simply because of the love for them that exists throughout this world!!!!

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posted May 6, 2007

LFCFAN101 and RM9ECs, nice to see some people talking sense on here.

There is no way people can claim that liverpool, or any team, have an obligation to any other team facing relegation, UEFA qualification, or anything, especially if the obligation involves going for an all out win in what is a meaningless game for the club, and therefore playing the strongest team. The injuries picked up during the Fulham game more than proves the point - Rafa would have been aware that Fulham are in the relegation battle and are likely to get physical on the pitch - so Rafa chose to protect his key players.

But aswell as all this, Rafa will be buying new players this summer, including the possibility of a top class striker. That means that some players will be sold. The squad that Rafa played yesterday should have been capable of winning the game. I think Crouch and Kuyt have played well enough and converted enough chances this season to deservedly keep their place in the side. Fowler, great as he once was, just isn't as sharp as he used to be. And I'm still in two minds as to whether Bellamy has done enough to stay, if another (in addition to Veronin) striker comes.

Fulham scored due to the inexperience of some of our back four. Paletta needs educating on the offside rule.

Benitez has every right to use a game like this to test his squad out, and find the weaknesses. Even so, I have absolutely no doubt that he intended to win the game.

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posted May 6, 2007

What no one seems to be considering is how well would the CL semi-final team have played anyway, a full match, extra time and penalties - they'll be on a massive high, mentally and physically exhausted and Fulham is a game that doesnt really matter (3rd vs 4th is 500k to the club but same entry to the qualifying rounds of the CL). The reserve players have the incentive to play well - they might get in the squad/on the bench for the CL final.

Anyway, you could also argue that its unfair for Sam to leave Bolton, because it gave west ham a better chance against them etc etc etc.

As for the Brown thing, i havent seen it, but apparently it was 6 of one half a dozen of the other, but Alonso got caught on the nose - or so Kamara was saying. Admittedly i'd be surprised if it was because Brown's a thug, who is a useful midfielder, but his maliciousness has a habit of backfiring and is utterly unwarranted. One of the few players i want to leave fulham for his attitude in spite of his utility to the team. Much rather have a team full of McBrides, Bocanegras and Roseniors - fair, physical and full of running but in no way malicious or cynical, playing to the spirit of the game.

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posted May 6, 2007

1. Liverpool have no responsibility to anyone except Liverpool. I fully support the line up picked yesterday.

2. It was hardly a 'reserve' team. Alonso, Pennant, Arbeloa, Alonso, Sissoko, Bellamy, Hyppia are all first team or thereabouts.

3. From what saw on the highlights Fulham were battered, and extremely lucky to get the win. Fowler's miss, in particular, was criminal. (Has anyone else noticed how many of those chances have been missed this season? Ronaldo and Rosicky have missed several each).

4. I was asctually quite pleased at the performance. Unlike the author of this thread, I thought Palletta showed some good touches, and Insua looked like a player with a LOT of potential.

I also thought we played good, flowing, possession football. We looked more like Rafa's Valencia today, and that can only be a good thing.

5. The only manager who mentioned something about a weakened line-up was Warnock, who did so for 'selfish reasons' in his independent column.

Seeing as he has done the same himself this year, then I think Liverpool were well within their rights to pick this team, and I;m surprised we're even arguing about it.

6. Liverpool's lack of key injuries vs Man U and Chelsea at the moment is vindication of our selection policies anyway.

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posted May 7, 2007

Lets put this another way ....would Charlton, West Ham or Watford field a weakened side so Liverpool could bring back the champions league!!!!

I think NOT! Liverpool did not field a reserve side anyway, they still cost more than Fulhams players put together!

These relegation threatened teams are blaming everyone but themsleves for their position, first they want to take West Ham to court now they are blaming Liverpool for fielding weakened teams ...which was not the case.

They should take responsibility for their own performances and grow up!

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comment by Limmtec (U6879381)

posted May 7, 2007

Surely avoiding relegation should be the job of the teams facing it not the teams at the top of the league. A team was fielded that could have and SHOULD have beaten Fulham, it's not an awful back up team if you consider, Fowler missed a sitter, Brown should have been sent off and Fulham have been playing together for god knows how long, a lot of the youngsters have only been here a season and haven't played in the Prem before, try and put some more thought into some of your replies.

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