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Burnley v Coventry

Championship Burnley
by BBC Sport (U3702819) 04 May 2007
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Fifteenth play 18th at Turfmoor on Sunday in one of the day's 'dead rubbers'.

Are you hoping the managers play any particular players or formations?

With the season coming to an end, how do you rate your team's 2006/07 campaign?

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comment by edison (U1748439)

posted May 4, 2007

"Fifteenth play 18th at Turfmoor on Sunday"

Turf Moor is two different words.

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posted May 5, 2007

i want to see branchy play his possible last game for burnley ever playing up front and have lafferty,spicer,foster(if fit) and garreth o'connor
it wuld luk like this overall

(CB)McGreal for his last game 4 burnley as well
(CM)Djemba Djemba

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posted May 6, 2007

Burnley fans were atrocious today, we were the away team yet it felt like a home game.

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posted May 7, 2007

You know what, I live in Coventry but I come from Burnley and I was so hoping that Burnley wouldn't play their usual complacent game of 'couldnt give a monkeys it's only Coventry and they're below us' type game...and they did! They should play every match as if it counts if only for those poor succours who pay 20 week in week out to watch them. I think Burnley should be ashamed of themselves for the pathetic effort they put up against a side who they should have easily beaten. Burnley can play good football as they have proved when they're up against the tought teams yet against the poor teams they just can't be bothered to even look in the right direction. It makes my blood boil. These guys get paid a lot of money for that poor effort they stumped up yesterday, and all the other poor efforts they stumped up this season. Apart from that, I now have to buy the biscuits at work again!

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posted May 12, 2007

a Burnley fan who can spell as well? Is there no end to the world's mysteries?!

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